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    HIPPI CHONKER ADVARNING Oof. This is a big topic. Hits me right in the chonkeratøs. When I was in my 30's I decided to tell the "fuck offs" to a well paid and "highly respectable" career path, went back to college, sold my city apartment and moved my shit back to my parents house. Wish there was some kind of training on this. There isn't. You want advice on how to determine the future. You can't have it. You won't know. You might do 100's more. You might do 1000's. Who cares. Just exit the fucking plane. Do what you enjoy. Feel it. Appreciate the sensation, the people you meet, the places you visit, and those you connect with. Tell them. Accept what you cannot control but take charge of what you can. And if you ever get caught up in a waterboarding situation, good luck with that.
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    Many people dont last 5 years, Very few last 10 years. On this site you'll find people who have been doing it a long time (18th year for me) but we are not the majority.
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    <s> Clearly no need for a Sarcasm tag in this thread. <\s>
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    Skydiving came into my life when I officially turned 18 last year. I have a long way to go!
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    I made my first jump in 1980. still not sure if I like, so I better keep trying.
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    Which reminds me - Anyone done any cat chasing lately? I used to throw my cutaway pillow at them in freefall to distract them so I could grab them without getting scratched. Sorry...
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    Seriously? After all the jumper was dealing with, let's not encourage people to worry about their handles. Saving your life is more important.
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    I did not want to be limited to just one hand when I was trying to get out of the situation alive...
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    Thank you for this! These angles are not pics I'd seen before.
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    I tend to agree with you. I grab the Strong with a SET366 first because the majority of my tandem jumps have been on that exact setup, but I really like the Sigma 340 and that would always be my second choice. I don't like the A2's, I think they fly lousy in turbulence and I don't like the way they are prone to go through very pronounced unintended flight cycles. Too flat for my liking, and I think that is what contributes to the flight characteristics that I don't like.