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    Exactly. She should instead tell people that we desperately need a wall to stop all the drugs, rapists and MS13 gang members coming over the border. Why, the lack of a wall is a threat to your very well-being! Tens of thousands of Americans will die! THAT sort of panic is all good.
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    If the right wingers and deniers hadn't decided to bully her over and over again in the media, she would not have gained any prominence. Every post like yours adds a little more to her credibility.
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    College definitely isn't for everyone. Have you considered trade school or an apprentice program? Or how about the military? After 3 or 4 years in the service you will have learned a helluva lot about yourself and have a much clearer idea about what you want to do. In the meantime, whatever you are doing at the moment, give it your full attention and do the best job you can, whether it is class work or a part time job flipping burgers. If you focus on what you are doing NOW you will worry less about what you will do LATER.
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