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    Congratulations! Big times in front of you now...stay concentrated, plan your jump carefully and jump the plan!
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    even when I called it an excercise pole my wife was against the idea
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    not really. as i said earlier, all of my information was recalled from over the years. when i began jumping in '98, we were using fxc's in student gear and the cypres was relatively new. there were issues that they had fixed and some that had not been addressed yet. it had been mentioned that there was a 10 errors from one unit and i mentioned that was not the case. weather the issue had been corrected or not does not negate the fact that it has happened. yes my information is old and yes they have corrected the issues. no there is not a 0 incidence of misfires (firing when not supposed to or not firing when it was). i much prefer to err on the side of safety, so even though firing when not supposed to is dangerous, not firing when supposed to is worse. i have NOT heard of that happening, ever. sorry about the other account, i had a second when when i got locked out of the first (this one) years ago and was using it for email. and to gowlerk, i was not posting anything i was unsure about as it happened. yes they are all three great, yes they are all dependable, but no, they are not foolproof and are subject to fail at any time with no warning whatsoever, just like anything manufactured or electronic (even though they are pressure operated, there are electronics inside, hence the batteries). if one were to read that particular post and choose to think an aad is not safe, well, in a sense, they aren't. they are well suited as a backup device but ultimately, the canopy pilot is responsible for getting a pilot-able canopy out in time to fly it safely to the ground, including deploying the reserve. personally, i am not going to use one, but not because they are unsafe or of any issues i have heard about regarding them.
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    Hi Suszki! Welcome!! I'm an AFF student and already had one tandem and one training tandem jump. Going to do my first solo jump soon! Blue skies!
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    Madigan... I'm over 50... and one of the things that makes me most nervous is listening to someone tell me how they have it all figured out. Do you know what you can teach someone who's got it all figured out...? Not a damn thing. Where as someone who is teachable, never has to stop learning. If I thought there was a trick to all this, I'd say the trick was to learn to love learning. I had to put booze down about the time I was 24. It was a problem for me. At 24, I wasn't a grownup and I wasn't a man. Not by any definition of those terms that I was able to articulate. I'm past that now and that particular story is perhaps long and boring to anyone not in a similar situation. The point of THAT... is I believe I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I believe that today. I also believe that I'm gonna be fine. As long as I remember a few things. What those things are might vary a little from person to person. What they are for you, I don't wanna speculate, since we don't know each other. But I don't think you can't go too far wrong if you start with these 3 things; 1-try to remain teachable. If you have an interest in skydiving, I'd say that's a good start. Not because skydiving is great... tho I think it's pretty great myself and I'm pretty new to it. But because I THINK there's a LOT to learn about it. 2- find the willingness to ask questions. There is nothing wrong with the answer "I don't know", and it's not a bad way to find out what you don't know. 3- happiness is an inside job. If I can't find a way to be happy on my own, no person and no thing is gonna do the job either. Last thing I'd like to say. I'm not sure about other families, but in my family I'd guess that what they find irreplaceable about me isn't any THING I'm outstanding at... except for maybe being me. No one else could do it nearly as well. Blue skies sir. Hope to meet you up there sometime.
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    I'm old now. I'd fall off. Pain hurts. The closest hospital is 30 minutes away. So, yeah, no stripper pole. But the cable spool table is spot on. Going on the project list now!
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    Love it. Years of both Harley & skydiving shit would go in mine. The "Last Load Lounge" would HAVE to have the requisite cable spool table for ambience. My only question is - Where ya gonna put the stripper pole?