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    I live in Lake Elsinore Marty. Lyle Cameron who was running the paracenter at the time was the guy who told the fbi this when they came to the DZ shortly after norjack. Lyle passed away in a plane crash in Honduras in 93. I talked to his son Lyle Cameron Jr. I read him the fbi 302 and he said he heard the exact same report verbatim not directly from his dad but one of his dads skydiving buddies (couldn’t recall names thinks maybe Jerry Tyson) matching description, smoking Raleigh’s, Cochran boots, asking questions on how to jump out of a Jet. I asked if he made a jump he said no just came asked questions and left. He also added that the jumpers described him as being geeky looking same terminology Mitchell used for describing cooper. I asked Cameron jr if any of those guys there that day might still be alive he said most likely there all dead. Another interesting tidbit, Mark Metzler said at the conference that Elsinore was a known recruiting hub for the CIA. One of the last two people jack ruby called before he killed Oswald was Lyle Cameron Sr. It’s in the fbi files. I brought this up with his son and he also knew about this and has also been puzzled...to quote him “what was ruby doing calling my old man.” He believes his dad worked for the government and was killed by them. My guess is cooper wasn’t a sports jumper and wasn’t a regular jumper in the military, most likely a fighter pilot who had one emergency jump or something so he was sent or advised to go to lake elsinore and talk to Lyle (pioneer of the sport, started skydiving magazine) to do some homework for norjack. That could explain why Tina saw cooper look at the packing cards. That’s something a sports jumper would tell him to look for and where there located. This Elsinore incident is too big of a coincident to me, a guy matching description smoking Raleigh’s and asking about jumping out of jets 3 months prior, it has to be related. I believe this incident and the incident a week before norjack where there was a report of flares being dropped from a low flying plane in cottage grove Oregon to the Eugene are both directly related to the case.
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    Some people don't finish AFF. Some people never get their license. Some people get their license and drift away soon after. Some people jump for a year or two and then disappear. Some do it until they decide to become 'responsible' and quit. That may be their own decision or they may have 'help' with it. Some jump until they realize how much time & money it takes to stay current and reasonably safe, or to progress beyond 'sorta good'. Some jump until they get hurt, or see someone they know get hurt or killed. The danger isn't 'real' until then. So they quit. Some become Tandem Instructors (or packers or even DZOs), then get burned out by the grind. Of course, some of us keep on despite all of the above and refuse to quit.