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    Even IF it was true, it’s still not why he’s being investigated for impeachment. Didn’t you read my last 2 posts on exactly this subject? The president doesn’t get to try and dig this up by withholding aid during an election. That’s illegal. THAT’S what he’s being impeached for. If Biden has done something illegal or sketchy there are other avenues to investigate it. care to comment?
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    Nate Pond, D-69, passed away at the age of 87 on November 3rd after a period of declining health. Imagine the changes to the sport this man was able to witness. There will be a service for him today, November 23 at the community church in Andover Vermont. There is talk of putting together a memorial event for him at OSPC in the spring of 2020.
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    Years ago I purchased a new rig that included a Spectre 190 canopy. I ordered that canopy because I was getting a bit "long in the tooth" and the Spectre had a reputation for nice soft openings with long snivels. Well, that canopy never lived up to that reputation. It would usually open without hurting me but never gave me a really soft opening. On some occasions it would really slam me! That wasn't what this old man needed. I sent it back to PD for a checkout and after a number of test jumps and trying a larger slider they decided it wasn't worth the effort of trying to save. They told me to choose the new canopy of my choice with the colors of my choice and they would put it at the top of the production list! No charge! I chose a new Storm with Dacron lines and that canopy really does open nice! Just what this old body needs to keep me in the air for a few more years. The Spectre was produced in Honduras and I have a suspicion that their quality control was not as good as that of the US manufactured products. I don't know this for a fact. I am just guessing. Whenever I compare an old US made product to it's now foreign made counterpart that is "made to our exacting specifications" it is never as good.
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    Nate in a Noreseman cockpit.
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    Here is a link to an article about Nate. Sounds like a great guy! https://uspa.org/p/Article/skydiving-pioneer-nate-pond-passes-away
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    That is the first time I've ever heard someone say they didn't like a Havok. What didn't you like about it? I love mine. Good range, easy to fly, versatile... it's a great suit, but each to their own I suppose. I can't speak for the Barracuda as I haven't flown one but I haven't heard of them being terrible.
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    Yes, we voted to allow our State to tax us on most plastics,to the benefit of the environment.To the benefit of our poor, well that's up for debate.As concerned citizens we do our part separating,ignoring the refund the bureaucracy eats everyday.We allow our gov't to regulating our trash company.State,Federal and local regulation on landfills. My backyard is fine.
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    Hi OWB, For the trivia folks: Nate got that D number when you could request any number that had not been already taken. In other words, that is the number that he wanted. Jerry Baumchen
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    "This came up on FB today???" Without any further reference to what source this came from, that's like saying "This is what grandpa mumbled this morning:" Or: "Newsflash! Some dude just said:"
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    May I suggest that you visit a doctor who examines pilots for the Civil Aviation Authority? I have sent several aspiring tandem instructors to the same doctors who do Transport Canada medicals for pilots, but I told them not to bother with the paperwork needed to get an official aviation medical certificate. Both Strong Enterprises and I were satisfied with a doctor's note saying that the TI was healthy enough to skydive. You will probably still have to pay out of your own pocket.
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    Hi Mr C348 Second time I heard so much detail about the rumble seat bar. The pilot chutes and the owner wearing the frencies is priceless Owe you one for that, we want more, please stick around, Scratch lurks DZ .com, at least some times. Maybe one of the computer wizard's can hook you with a email address. R. One Jump Wonder
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