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    Always carried my rig with me in a bag, hook knife in checked luggage. Once about 8 years ago, they had me unpack the main at JFK. They took a look at the canopy and I repacked it on the floor. Not sure why they wanted that but I thought it was better not to argue with them.
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    I've only once in I don't know how many flights had anything close to an issue. I always tell the screeners what it is beforehand in case they've never seen a rig before and the most they've ever wanted to do is swab the outside of it. I do tie my handles with pullup cords and have the covers from the RigSleeve on as well, The two funniest things that have happened doing so were on the same flight. I was on the exit row of a puddlejumper from Monterey to Phoenix, and literally had to buckle the rig into the seat beside me as it would not fit in the tiny bin on the plane. Someone passing chuckled recognizing what it was and said, "Nervous flyer?". Then someone else, do a degree I couldn't entirely assess, was unnerved by the "REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT" warning on it, I just told them, "Not this kind of flight".
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    I don't hide it, tie both handles with pull up cords and don't take your eyes off of it while it gets handled... I've only done this twice from BWI to Florida... No issues to report. Obviously, check the hook knives.
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    Pat, I have some old slides that I just found. Many are from the Truckee Airshow and Pope Valley. I used to jump 4-way with Paul Landry, Dave Correa and Bob Patrick at Antioch. Just wondering if anyone has contact info for Dave or Paul. Bob is no longer with us. I wouldn't mind making contact with any of those people you mentioned in your original post in (2011). Vinny Salemme D-5468
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