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    Oh, don't fret, we'll find a way to fuck it up for Canada too. I mean, they weren't with us at Pearl Harbor, what do we owe them.
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    Fed just cut interest rates for the third time this year. And Halloween is when your old tweets come back to haunt you.
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    My husband has a Pilot 132; he likes it, but on no-wind days he's having to run more than he'd like (we're all getting older). He had a Stiletto 120 before that. But if you're currently jumping a 150 and considering you're getting older and jumping less, do you really want to downsize? Wendy P.
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    Perris is awesome for beginners with the free organizing. You will find people at Perris still pay for coaching when you get into 4 way, free flying or wingsuiting. You can also improve a lot in the tunnel with a coach. The basics of turning points in the tunnel is the same as in the sky. Freefly is also good to learn in the tunnel where you can focus and refine skills really quick compared to flailing around in the sky. Generally, if you are stable in the tunnel doing static head down/up you likely won't be back sliding in the sky(if you are solo its still good to set up perpendicular to jump run though). Once you get the basics, europe has a lot of cool skills camps that take all skill levels. You will be in small groups where you can get feedback every jump as a group or some one on ones. Tora Tora puts on a few of these, there is angleweek lite for less experienced angle flying, and probably others. At your level, just keep jumping and get advice when you can or ask for feedback. As you start to gain experience and want to branch out into something like angles its best to pay for coaching. You get the one on one attention and learn it properly. Skydiving is an expensive sport and if you want to be good then coaching becomes one of those expenses.
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    jump. as much as you can afford. be honest with the folks at the dz and you will gain experience by doing it. log them all and don't downsize too early. be safe.
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    Some people are saying that we already have the very very best government money can buy.
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    If there's one thing a multi-time draft dodger understands, it's cowardice. Meanwhile: Russian defense ministry says it doubts whether the operation to kill al-Baghdadi even took place, there were no such strikes in Idlib "de-escalation zone" yesterday and it knows nothing about Russia cooperating with an American fly-over
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    I'm becoming a slacker,I'm down to 2 jobs Medic/Rescue and Teaching in the fall. So, I finally made it official and put in my notice with the Department that I'm officially done. I know the timing looks pretty bad to outsiders with all the fires going on in our state,but I have been on/off training for the last few months and nothings more dangerous then not being current. I've really been focusing my attention on EMS,and haven't felt that strong pull to be out with the Fire Dept. so I knew it was time. Hubby finishing his Fire science degree and accepting a job at another department also made it easier.
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    Nope, not preggers. Hopefully soon!
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