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    Math isn’t racist. Teaching it in a single way, and expecting everyone in class to learn the same way, may not have racist intentions, but it may have racially biased results. Just because something worked for one person doesn’t make it perfect. Even if that person is you or me. Wendy P.
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    “Charity is a cold, grey loveless thing. If a rich man wants to help the poor, he should pay his taxes gladly, not dole out money at a whim.”
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    Ah to be a fly on the wall during the latest White House photo shoot: "OK let's get this shoot on the road. Get the principal in here! Ah, there you are, President Trump. Sit right there at the head of the table, sir. Great. Josephine! Let's get makeup in here. He definitely needs some . . uh . . right there." "OK on it." "OK get the talent in! You guys sit over there. Military types over there. Wait - that guy in the green. Can we swap him out for someone with more badges and stuff on him?" "On it." "OK, great. Hmm. This looks like a board meeting or something. Jerry, can we get some props in here? Some tech stuff. I want it to look like a Mission: Impossible scene." "Let me check . . . OK got some laptops and Ethernet cables here. Let me . . ." "Better, better. But not just yellow cables. Do you have any orange or red, for drama?" "Yeah, got some red cables here. You want me to connect them to anything?" "Well, of course, connect em up." "Uh - I don't have really anything here to connect them to. I can go to the van and get . . ." "Don't bother, no one will really care. Just scatter them around. OK, great. Let's try a few shots. Look over here guys! OK, one, two . . . no, Mr. President, please don't hold up your book. I don't think that sets the right tone. Let's try it again. One, two . . . OK, too much smiling. Remember, we just blew someone up! Look serious!" "Well, he blew himself up . . . " "Whatever, I think we want a more serious approach here. Let's try this again. One . . . wait, where did that guy come from?" "Jared, GET OUT!" "OK, guys, let's try again. Serious faces here. One, two, three - I think we got it!"
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    I'm not sure who authorized that, but it was not the official release:
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    Now who you jivin' with that cosmic debris?
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    So again, your only response to having it pointed out that you keep using the false balance fallacy is to use the false balance fallacy. Just like there's no basis to assume Obama did the same things as Trump, there's no basis to assume anyone else here is as biased as you.
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    Couple quick things from watching the video. First, you are leaning to the right when you pull. You can see the horizon going wonky. That will turn your burble into a big ass vortex which will rotate your bag/packjob before it gets to line stretch like it happened in this jump. It also means that when you get snatched you get ragdolled to create even more twists. If the packjob gets thrown around it will also open harder as the slider will come off the stops before bottom skin inflation, compundng the ragdolling issue. So dedicate a number of jumps to do practice pulls smoothly and slow concentrating in keeping level and being symetrical, as well as getting comfortable with flying the suit during the pull sequence. There's no rush to pitch in a wingsuit, we are falling relatively slow. Also try and make sure you slow down first efficiently without dirtying the air behind you. The link above has some stuff about it The other thing, once the twists are in full flow there's not much you can do to stop them, and all you might achieve by reaching wildly into the risers is getting your fingers trapped between the twists. What you can do though, is prevent the canopy from diving by ensuring the risers are level. So as soon as you see you are getting twisted grab the risers low down or at the three rings and yank the right/left risers as needed to make them even before the twists lock them in an uneven position. Keep the fight to maintain the risers level until the whole thing settles. With a canopy flying level you got more time to get rid of the twists and is way less stressful. Besides that, storms are notoriously bad ws canopies. Just because they are 7 cells does not mean they are ws friendly. Other things you may want to consider are semi-stowless bags, 9ft bridal and big PC if you don't have them already.
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    I have an update from Jimmy's daughter (October 19th). She said he is making great progress. He is eating solid food now and his trach is out. He is able to walk with the help of a walker. He is anxious to leave the hospital and go home but he still needs some rehab. They are hoping he can head to rehab next week!
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