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    That will be the result, yes. That's reality. ?? Of course it's been neglected in the name of profit. That's why we are seeing all these problems. So the solution they will see is to concentrate on their high-return accounts (i.e. inner city) and abandon the outlying high-risk areas. It's the best way to return to short term profitability and get out of bankruptcy. What, you say? You want power for everyone, implemented in a forward-looking responsible manner, rather than just short term profit grabs? You want the PEOPLE to have a say? You socialist you! Sort of. More like Atlas Shrugged than Anthem. And perhaps the future is a set of small, distributed private generators running microgrids, like Hank Reardon's "atmospheric electricity" generator, described in Atlas Shrugged as the solution to the energy needs of Galt's Gulch. (Wind turbines, anyone?)
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    The factory mark is set at a little more than 23 inches, so you're about 6 inches short. You'll probably be able to stall it, but you might not get full flight out of it, and the canopy is likely to buck and shudder if you try conventional front riser dives.
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    Some won't. But I don't think a lot (enough to matter). The 'shades of Hillary' would have to include E-Mails, Benghazi, Pizza parlors with child sex rings in basements that don't exist (both the basement and the sex ring), murderous plots and all that. Hillary didn't lose because she was a woman. As noted above, she lost because she was on the receiving end of one of the most viscous and protracted character assassination efforts in modern history.
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    People are forgetting how much main canopies have diverged from reserve canopies over the last 30 years. Many younger riggers refuse to repack reserves older than themselves. Even grumpy, old, grey-bearded Master Riggers like me (62 years old and rigging for the last 35 years) want nothing to do with reserves built during the 1980s. Heck! I no longer even have the tools needed to inspect round reserves made during the 1980s. Back in 1989, zero-porosity fabric and zero-stretch suspension lines had only been recently been invented. Most skydivers loaded their 7-cell, F-111 fabric mains about 0.7 pounds per square foot. The range of main sizes was severely limited and only petite women jumped 176 square foot mains. Only a few brave souls loaded their reserves more than 1:1. Early BASE jumpers just used their regular skydiving canopies (e.g. 7-cell, 220 square foot Cruiselite made by Para-Flite). Anyone who expects soft landings under a 7-cell, sub-150 square reserve more than 30 years old should ..... buy the best medical insurance available.
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    I used to go into a spin as well when I first started. Here are a few tips my instructor gave me that helped me tremendously: 1) Heel checks: these help you bring your legs to level and easier to take it from there. 2) Practice leveling at home: when you're home, watching TV, playing video games or reading a book, arch on the floor and keep an eye out on your legs. You don't really have to arch too hard, just lay on the floor on your stomach holding the book or controller and lift your legs as if you are skydiving. If you have a mirror that allows you to see your legs at least it would be great, if not simply look back every couple of minutes and see how your legs are positioned. Fix them as needed, You can heel checks here as well. 3) Straight stand (just came up with the name): when you're not doing anything but standing (cooking in the kitchen for example, or standing at the DZ having a smoke, stand straight with your legs and feet touching each other. Looks funny I know, but it helps programing your brain to get used to the level or center point of where your legs should be in comparison to each other. I did those 3 after my 3rd jump, came back for the 4th I think a week later and haven't span since.
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