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    Keep it civil or it's all going to be trashed. If you'd like to discuss this topic without my moderation, Yahoo.com makes "groups" all day long. Feel free to use them. quade - The World's Most Boring Skydiver
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    Robert, you are wrong. These so called allegations from an anonymous emailer to you are none of mine or anyone else's business, including yours. They have nothing to do with the DB Cooper case. If Eric has done something wrong, then someone should go to law enforcement. Otherwise, people need to mind their own damn business. I know that's hard for you.
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    Speaker Pelosi: "I moved on him like a bitch. I don't even ask, I just start impeaching. And when you're the Speaker of the House, they let you do it."
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    We were taught also for third scenario,... High speed partial malfunction : Locate and grab ripcord with right hand, cover your face and eyes with left hand while looking trough open fingers of left hand, and then pull ripcord. This way lines would burn your hand not your face. I've never done this.
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