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    I’m afraid i find engaging some people in some discussions to be pointless. Because they only see inputs by others as springboards for what they want to say or do, and not as data to be evaluated. Wendy P.
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    You're mistaken. https://climate.nasa.gov/evidence/
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    Ain't that the truth.
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    I decided I was tired of paying for pack jobs and wanted to re-learn how to pack. I watched a bunch of videos on youtube, and then went and asked a packer who is close to the same build as me if he'd take some time and assist me if I get stuck during any part of the pack job. He was really cool about it, and while it wasn't a true "packing class," I learned everything I needed to know just asking him to help me through the parts that were the most vexsome for me. I skipped the important bit: I asked him beforehand how much he charged for a packing class. He told me $35. I gave him $50 up front that morning, and asked much less of him than a dedicated packing course. I got what I needed, he got way more than he expected, and everybody's happy. Take care of your riggers, and they'll take care of you!
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    Its a small skydiving club, non-commercial, driven by people who is jumping there. That the reason for very cheap prices. They charge only to make club go around and not to earn money. The club-house is right next to Molde Airport, which they use for jumping. On weekends there only 2-4 planes a day, that use it, so they have whole airport for them self. HUGE landing area (about 1.5 km long and 500m wide), impossible to miss. People are super friendly and nice, trying to do their utmost best to make you feel welcome and home from the minuet you get there. Most of them jump RW (FS), but you can find someone to join you for FF, wing-suit or tracking jump. You find people of all level of experience, so there will be always someone to join you. As well, if you pay a bit extra, they can fly you and drop off close to The TrollWall. SuperB experience! Just a must to try! After jumping, there is a good chance to take a beer or two, join people for diner and a night out at Molde to make your experience complete! As well, there is tons of places to BASE jump and many experienced people, who will help you. If you are somewhere close and want to have amazing jump, that the right place!
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    The best view in the world :)