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    Bigun, I'm emphatically pro-choice, but not with abortion as a desirable method of birth control. And, just as "ban guns" legislation will NOT eliminate guns or gun violence, neither will legislation eliminate abortions. Providing better, more effective, means to desired ends (reduction in gun violence, and births that are wanted) is a better approach than the punishment method -- just as rewards are generally more effective than punishments with students, children, and employees. Because then the people who are impacted feel as though they have some investment in the end goal. And end goal of "no guns" and an end goal of "no abortions" are win-lose ends, from the point of view of a significant portion of the population. We want goals that we can agree on, and that are important enough to work across aisles. I thought your gun proposal was well-thought-out, and a good start to getting a conversation going at the legislative level. Obviously, like the meat in sausage, the end result will not resemble any inputs in the least.... As far as abortions are concerned, is it more important to reduce unwanted births, or to punish "careless" sex? I'm hoping your goal is the reduction of unwanted births, with abortion as a medical procedure only, not as a birth-control procedure (and knowing your level of thoughtfulness, I'll bet if it isn't that, it's for some reason I didn't anticipate, not just knee-jerk reaction). So; how do we get our congress-critters to start defining goals that people can get behind, in ways that people can get behind them without too many of them being driven away by the dividers who only think they can grow if someone else is diminished? I'm addressing this to you because, frankly, you listen. And thanks. Wendy P.
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    I am purchasing a new container (jav, icon or vector) I want to get as much life out of the container as possible before downsizing. What containers will allow me to pack a 190 main to a 150 main. 176 reserve. For example j3k container lpv 190/ 170/ zp 150. I appreciate any advice.
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    Or you could read the rest of the paragraph. The part where he explains that he did think about his kids. Like he wants others to be able to.
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    Good morning Ron. Enjoy your Sunday.
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    Buy a container that holds the canopies you are jumping for the next couple hundreds jumps. You can downsize to a 170 in most if not all containers built for a 190. Then when you are ready for a 150, sell it and buy something smaller. If you think you will be downsizing quickly, buy used gear now then buy new custom gear when you are down to a 150. Something else to think about - if you are flying a 190 main, why a 176 reserve? Ever jumped anything that small? Ever jump a 7 cell? Want your first jump on anything that small to be on your first reserve ride? Into a shitty landing area cuz someone screwed the spot?
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    I spoke with Gary many, many times by phone before we ever met in person. We discussed an array of issues in the sport and also discussed numerous folks that were running some scam DZs. When we finally met at a DZO conference we laughed over a few beers about all sorts of stuff and hit it off even better in person. We had some difference of opinions but we respected each other’s positions. We continued to speak often about all sorts of issues. He had the backs of small DZs and USPA members for sure. Fly Free my friend...
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    See you in the next world Ian; loved your bar in Z-Hills 1993 - 94 and the murals on the walls from Rickerby - fly free amigo - BSBD - Frank D-8200
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    Damn, first Gary, now Flip. Enjoyed skydiving with you over the years and your jokes, mi amigo - fly free - BSBD - Frank D-8200
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    Fly free Gary - I enjoyed our time at WFFC with your Load Organizing tent next to my AFF tent 1993 - 1998. Thank you for inviting me for input with the single AFF instructor/wind tunnel training approval in the USPA regs last year. You gave a lot to our sport and we appreciate it; sorry I did not see you recently but at least we spoke on the phone in the last year or so. BSBD - Frank, D-8200
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    Soooo...social policy should be based on something that only 11% of people with no religious leaning can even attempt to justify on secular terms? Don't like abortion? Don't have one. As for the trip out of my theist upbringing, I admit it was painful, and is still. But to pigeonhole my motivations based on some silly quote is inappropriate. Imagine waking up every day in a world where most people you interact with on a daily basis are absolutely convinced that there are invisible unicorns all around us. You don't buy it, and try to go about your day, but the overwhelming majority of people in your country not only believe in these unicorns, but they try to enact laws that you have to follow in order to avoid upsetting their invisible unicorns. You see where I'm going with this... It's painful every single day. Because of my lack of belief, I'm in a minority group so discriminated against that I'm less likely than any other minority group to be elected to office were I to run. But please, go on with the condescending "crusading spirit of the professional atheist." I wasn't around for it, but I'd bet that was the same condescending attitude that was prevalent in days past with women's suffrage, civil rights (still a problem today; can't those blacks just know their place and stop being so loud about 'injustice'?), marriage equality (I was around for that one). So yeah, when people are legitimately discriminated against because they don't believe the same mythology you do, we tend to get real loud and pissed off. Because I don't want anyone in this country to be limited by their fairy tale of choice (or those without one). Just be a good person, and that should be it. No religion needed. Funny, I hear a lot of christian angst about the "Muslim Brotherhood" infiltrating our government. Rules for thee, but not for me, right?
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    I've had someone else's ligaments in both my knees since 2010. Still jumping
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    I find the Perris bunkhouse to be disgusting. Last time I was in there was 2 springs ago (2017) ago so maybe things changed. It has terrible ventilation, it’s dingy, it smells, it is hot, the kitchen area is tiny. They seem to always stuff everyone in one room instead of spreading them out between all the rooms. They are small, not much room to store gear. I would stay in an air BB or go to eloy.
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