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    No, I am referring to the words of Jesus. He was talking to multitudes - large numbers of people, some of whom would later betray him and lead him to his death. And he did not "deter their advance and neutralize them as efficiently and as quickly as possible". He spoke to them of love. Of not fighting, even when someone attacks you. Of not "taking eyes and teeth" even if such is done to you. And he made it clear that the poor, the disadvantaged, the desolate, the weak - immigrants, refugees and the nonworking poor in your world - are the true children of God. If Jesus were alive today he would not be separating kids from their parents and putting them in cages. He would not be "neutralizing" border crossers. He would not be "protecting the sovereignty of the United States." He would not be protecting the moneychangers from the liberals who want to increase taxes on them to pay for education for the poor. If he were here today he'd be in jail for leaving water and food for border crossers. He'd be beaten by guards while trying to help the kids dying in US custody. He'd be hated by conservatives everywhere for his PC snowflake bullshit about loving and protecting the weak. And if he was crucified again, it would be done by people who fear such a message of love, because it erodes their privilege - just as the Pharisees feared for their power in the time of Jesus.
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    Absolutely - Inclusive of "all that they approve of." by . . . you know - the party of tolerance. "Inclusion and protection for ALL . . . except those guys - we don't like them . . . anymore . . . I mean - they used to be ok . . . but not anymore - they must be excluded now." They have lost their right to be part of all.
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    Lot’s of contradictions in your posts. First, your reserve is NOT 189 or 190, Decelerators come 180 or 210, so with a 180 your reserve wing loading is about 1.4. Second, you say you have a small reserve because that’s the biggest that would fit your rig, then say you bought new gear, so you CHOSE to get something that small. You consult with the elder because “ you don’t want to get on a shit list”, then complain that you got some grief when you bought your new gear. Maybe their disapproval was based on your gear choice (small reserve) rather than the fact that it was new. You talk about your textbook flares, yet admit you sometimes “trip over your own feet”, your accuracy is bad, and you haven’t done a some very basic canopy drills. You have one year in the sport, only did 60 jumps over that year, but now want to step outside the generally accepted guidelines. Your ultimate reason for downsizing, easier front riser turns, makes no sense. You come on a public forum looking for strangers to recommend what the locals apparently won’t. I think it was Mark Twain that said “It is often better to remain silent when accused of stupidity than to speak and remove all doubt.” Ultimately, you are a grown up skydiver with an A license. You can do what ever you choose.
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    Electric aircraft can also have something like regenerative braking for cars, and recover some energy on the descent, reducing the recharge needed between lifts and reducing total fuel cost even further. Regular engines can't do that. The charging time is still a problem for quick turnarounds common in skydiving, but battery tech is improving quickly.
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    L55376548B was the bill on the top one of the of the packets the Ingrams had that Ralph Himmelsbach Id'd as matching the FBI list. This top bill is NOT blackened, if the FBI did use Silver Nitrate to fingerprint bills they would have fingerprinted this bill, the top one, they didn't. There was no record of SN being used and this bill would have been the primary target for fingerprinting.
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    Your choice of canopies and sizes should involve a lot more than wingloading, especially at your weight. From other posts, you wingsuit. This means you want a canopy known for consistent, on heading, no drama openings. This should eliminate all the more highly elliptical canopies. At you weight, things are more complicated when looking at wingloading. Once you get below 150’ canopies, the shorter lines change the canopy flight characteristics rather dramatically. It’s not just about the turns you choose to make, it’s more about how the canopy flies in ugly situations. A bad opening spin happens faster, a reaction to poor body position on deployment can go from interesting to cut-away, coming out of deep brakes asymmetrically can put you on your back withline twists and a canopy diving at the ground, what would have been a mildly embarrassing mis-judgement on final can become a femur or death. I would recommend something like a Pilot 150 or 135.
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    Hey Neko! The school here in Eloy is Adventures In Skydiving. They regularly see students who travel to Arizona specifically so finish AFF in a week. If you have already done some jumps and tunnel time in Perris, you will be able to count those jumps towards your license. The best time to jump in Eloy is between the months of October and and March. During these months, it is absolutely possible to make 4 jumps a day. There is also a wind tunnel on site that you can practice in to help you pass your levels. There is a bunkhouse to stay in which is $8 USD per night with free hot showers and free WiFi. The view at Eloy is also a desert but we have beautiful mountains (Picacho Peak and Newman Peak) that look like the desert scenery in old Western films. You can email the school to see about their winter schedule: [email protected]
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