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    I don’t take your comment the wrong way at all. I’m all about downsizing appropriately and safely. I am completely aware that I have no business jumping this rig any time soon. I’m really just trying to set myself up to have my own gear that I’m happy with once I get quite a few more jumps under my belt. I had planned on continuing to rent for a while and work on my canopy piloting skills as much as possible over the next couple seasons. To be completely honest I have no desire to fly this katana 107. I got ahead of myself buying gear a while back before I was more educated in the sport. Expensive mistake yes but now I know better. I have a second rig at my dz right now getting inspected by the rigger before I pull the trigger on it so I’ll hopefully be in the sky with my own (appropriately sized) gear soon. Don’t worry about sounding like a dick when you’re keeping people safe. I appreciate the feedback
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    On this June 5th, I remember Jim Dishroon, WWII Paratrooper, my friend, fellow skydiver who died several years ago. He was one of those brave paratroopers who jumped behind enemy lines on the night before D Day. I think when I knew Jim he weighed about 100 lbs, if that. I don't know his story of what he did after jumping out of the C-47 Dakota, but a friend of mine said Jim once said the "Germans were shooting at us while we were coming down under parachute." Or words to that effect. I jumped a bit with Jim (he didn't jump too often). Jim drove an old Volkswagon (Hmmnn.. never asked him about that), chain smoked, pretty salty guy. He got his JOE (Jumpers Over Eighty) patch and I sewed all of his patches on his parachute container. Sides - flap- everywhere. After he died his son gave me his old helmet, gloves, dirt alert, goggles, etc. He was the real deal. I still have the stuff. Here's to Jim Dishroon. The real deal.