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    ...can learn to skydive this year. Now do ya feel old? I recently went back to my very first posts here. I'm glad they all didn't go away in the transition to the new format, they bring back a lot of really good memories. Agree 100% with you Bigun. Thanks from me too, HH. But I still want that giraffe bbq.
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    My Grandfather and Uncle put together some of that information. My grandfather's life work was to establish the material composition of the surface, lake bed and bedrock within the Great Lakes. https://www.amazon.com/Geology-Great-Lakes-Jack-Hough/dp/0252724410 What took him decades with a drill rig on a research boat could probably be done in about a year with today's tech.
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    If I could like this a hundred times I would. And I hate the “like” button. Wendy P.
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    Why don't cannibals eat clowns? They taste funny. The world has just changed, and not for the better. Dave was one of the greats.
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    There is a (US based) Korean instructor who runs bespoke AFF courses for Korean students at Skydive Elsinore. Not far from Perris but the views are, IMHO, somewhat better. But I guess you should be concentrating on your drills in freefall and airspace/landing pattern under canopy rather than the view.
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    Before my surgery my anesthetist offered to knock me out by gas or a boat paddle. It was an ether/oar situation
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    He's truly one of the best human beings in our sport. He will help and jump with anyone. And, he owes beer !
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    Here I go again, breaking another cardinal rule which is to avoid engaging people who are breathtakingly ignorant. That said, I will clean-up the mess that Blevins is making with his reckless and false comments. 1) Given that I founded, organized and paid for CooperCon, how is it that you have the stones to suggest that Brunberg "assigned" or "gave me" any job? I own the damn thing. 2) If you listen--not even very carefully--to the June 6th Daily DB Cooper Bite, at the 2:25 point, I clearly state that CooperCon will be taking place in both Portland and Vancouver. Get your facts straight before you comment. I have no problem with people who aren't very bright. However, when ignorance is laced with malice, then it becomes inexcusable.
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