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    As did many many others I got my Rigger Rating from Handsome Dave. I came back to his loft for several years after to help teach. Dave loved jokes, but wasn't the best at punchlines. One night after class, Dave was in the loft, (which was in his basement), and he heard two jokes back to back. The first was "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous" and the second was "I'm an atheist, Thank God!" He bounded up to the kitchen and loudly announced "I'd give my right arm to be an atheist!!!" The next year I taught I was looking in his desk for something and I found 3X5 cards of jokes with the punchlines,,, He will be missed.
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    Tipping everybody is an American thing...
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    Just another boogie pic......
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    Sunpath wants the rig back for testing. (will do that at the end of the season)
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    True. Comey has worked for the rule of law for decades. No wonder the GOP thinks he's not "one of them."
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    What’s the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping tom? One of the two will try to snatch your watch.
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    I assume you know how to recognize the A lines since it’s not mentioned here. If you follow the seams that the line is attached to, you can go from A-b, b-c, c-d. Another thing that helps if you have it on your shoulder is when you look down on the slider the a & b lines go through the two grommets closest to your body while the c, d, and steering lines go through the other two. (This is assuming you already set the brakes, checked line continuity, found the nose and have it tucked between your legs at this point) as mentioned above it is best to have a rigger around to watch over you while you practice.
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    >What's the best way to practice packing? With a Professional Rigger watching over your shoulder. Find a local rigger and ask if you can practice packing in their loft. You can do your thing and develop practice and muscle memory, and they can do their thing - rigging and paying the bills - and provide oversight and guidance as you go. Pay Them For Their Time. It will take practice and repetition, but with the right amount of guidance, you'll both come out winners in the end.
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    Simply mark the tags at the attachment points with colored markers. Sure, it may not be "cool" but why worry about this part of packing when "getting it in the bag" is usually stressful enough (especially if your canopy is large and brand-new!)
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    Your AFF Instructor is much more highly skilled, gets paid less, and spends way more time with you than a TI.. yes, a tip is well appreciated and deserved.
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    My second Gopro hero 7 will be here today(their trade up thing took about a week and a half ) so I will have mine on line this coming weekend. I took it up with just one in shooting video on a couple of tandems this past weekend and it works great. Camera locations are almost identical to the pivot dual stack housing for the Gopro3-4.
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    It was just a matter of our worst enemy...."Time".... Criss has had a bout of serious battles with his health lately... came down to a "Cerebral hemorrhage" a couple of daze ago and his sawbonez said,"He ain't gonna make it..." Criss went Trackn' up to that "Eternal Star" at 19:48 (EDT) on 05MAY2019.... this past Sunday!! Up in Va. he was stayin' with his sister... was just admitted to Hospice and he left us shortly after.. When he was still down here in Louisiana I was fortunate to visit with him... 'Found out from Sandy Callahan that he was in "Port Allen!!" just across the bridge from Baton Rouge... I'm in Hammond.. just 65 miles away!! Went to visit.... Brought him a "Fresh" "AIR TRASH" hat!!...when he was in the hospital over here... He had some serious complications from surgery... fortunately came out of it but it was scary!! He went up to Va. to live with his sister... anyway he's in that "Eternal Star" now!!! Fly on Buddy.... you will be missed.... skybill
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    The other part of the solution is to address what's going on in their countries of origin, and work to make life better in those places so people don't feel the need to risk their (and their kids') lives to migrate to the U.S.
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    Kind of like saying "Bless her heart" in the South... Wendy P.
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