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    It was just a matter of our worst enemy...."Time".... Criss has had a bout of serious battles with his health lately... came down to a "Cerebral hemorrhage" a couple of daze ago and his sawbonez said,"He ain't gonna make it..." Criss went Trackn' up to that "Eternal Star" at 19:48 (EDT) on 05MAY2019.... this past Sunday!! Up in Va. he was stayin' with his sister... was just admitted to Hospice and he left us shortly after.. When he was still down here in Louisiana I was fortunate to visit with him... 'Found out from Sandy Callahan that he was in "Port Allen!!" just across the bridge from Baton Rouge... I'm in Hammond.. just 65 miles away!! Went to visit.... Brought him a "Fresh" "AIR TRASH" hat!!...when he was in the hospital over here... He had some serious complications from surgery... fortunately came out of it but it was scary!! He went up to Va. to live with his sister... anyway he's in that "Eternal Star" now!!! Fly on Buddy.... you will be missed.... skybill
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    There are a number of references to that jump in the History and Trivia forum; do a forum search for "Lake Erie" and you'll get a lot of information, including the names. Bill Cole (who was on dz.com for a long time until his death a few years ago) was around at the time, and knew pretty much everyone. I tried copying a link to the thread, but it showed up as something else when I pasted it. Just do the search, and the thread title is "Lake Erie B25." There's a second thread, "Lake Erie Incident" with Bob Cole posting in it directly. Wendy P.