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    If you really want to know where you are most at risk of violence in the USA, here is a handy map: https://www.santarosa-lawyer.com/united-states-crime-map-2017/
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    Can I point out again that the pinned posts at the top of many sub-forums are long out of date. They are a distraction at best, and some make the place look really old and abandoned. For example, look at the pinned posts in the swooping and canopy forum. "CP 2014 event master"? "Post your picture threads" (all the threads linked in there haven't had any activity in many years)? Are these and any of the others worth the real estate they take up? In General Skydiving forum: the one on Skyride? Does anyone even remember what that is these days? The "Crowdsourcing" one? The "UPSA role in enforcing aircraft..."?
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    Second the thing about the bridle - it's nice but for small suit not crucial. Open corners, (semi) stowless bag, Snatch PC - also nice to have but definitely not a must for a beginner. For starters - do the FFC course and focus on good body position and good pitch - they have much more impact on openings than the gear. After you get some jumps under your belt you can gradually do the gear changes I have couple hundred jumps on the Hornet and maybe a couple of hard openings - you should be just fine with it as well. Swift, Phantom - whichever you choose will be just fine. Swift will be a bit more powerful with more range but still easy to fly.
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