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    Clinton investigation - no collusion. No obstruction. No indictments. No convictions. No jail time. No fines. Trump investigation - no collusion. Obstruction cannot be ruled out. 199 indictments. 39 people indicted, including 6 Trump insiders. 7 guilty pleas. 2 guilty convictions - one for colluding with Russians. Years and years of hard time in prison. More money in fines than the investigation cost to begin with. Trials in the queue. If you truly believe in law and order, Clinton is a saint compared to Trump.
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    Generally, the keepers aren't strong enough to hold the nose of the toggle during opening if it's stowed that way (incorrectly). They just tear out.
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    Depends on the charging system you use. If you have a home charger its just another KW that gets used and put on your electric bill. If you had bought into a Tesla fairly early (Pre 2018) you usually were granted access to their network of SuperChargers for free. In essence they would pay to provide the power to the super chargers and you can use it for free. There are some third party charging networks out there also that you can have access to for either a set free per recharge ($5-7 usually) or a usage rate of about .08-$.15 per kw used. That generally means a full recharge for about $3-4. Lots of places of business have free chargers also to encourage people to come to their location and spend money shopping while their car charges. One of my local malls has 20 charging spaces for free.
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    Federal tax credits. Same ones that every car maker is using right now for their electric vehicles - they started at $7500 and now for Tesla are reduced to 3500 and will phase out in another year or two. Few other makers have created enough volume that they have dropped to the 3500 level. Its the same place that credits like the $13800 adoption credit is coming from, or the 30% towards a solar system for residential use. Same with the $2000 saver credit towards an IRA for some people per year or the $2000 Lifetime Learning Credit or the $2500 American Opportunity Credit for taking a school course. The legislature has created incentives to drive certain behaviors - one in years past is was "Cash for Clunkers" to drive people to ditch old inefficient cars and spend money to buy new cars at a time that the auto industry was having major issues and was facing the elimination of massive numbers of jobs if they did not find a way to sustain demand in a poor economy. At the state level some states were giving credits too but again that no different than some of the other credits like the $4.5 Billion dollars to Foxconn or the $550 Million Amazon got in VA plus the 23 Million in credits from the hotel taxes. Taking that 4.5 billion out of the state coffers means that everyone else gets to cover that loss of income and everyone from the local cities, to the highway department to the schools are all now going to have to go with out that income in the years to come.
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    I don't see any Trumpists clamoring to take you up on that challenge.
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    this site has a list of canopies: skydivekompasroos
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    Hi Gary, In my experience the crwdog Google group (https://groups.google.com/forum/m/?utm_source=digest&utm_medium=email#!forum/crwdogs/topics) and CRW Dogs Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/187049106071/ are the most active platforms. Looking forward to working with you at Nationals! -Sergio
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    You can add to that the fact that 30-odd years ago skydiving use to hurt. As a student parachutist one would jump worn out modified ex-World War II C9 round chutes. Every landing felt like someone hitting you with a lump hammer. The pain on every jump helped reinforce that skydiving is dangerous, you need to be careful up there.
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