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    If SWAT shows up, I start to wonder what the hell is really going on with this DB Cooper case.
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    Oh, my God....just when I had written OFF the idea of a search in June in the placard area...(you aren't going to believe this)... I just got a message from the Land Use Manager at Weyerhauser. It says: What did I do after seeing this message? You're not going to believe this either. I told the manager we would do the search. I must be crazy. And I think some folks at Infamous Nissan are going to be disappointed. I decided even if we only get four people for the search, since we have permission (and no fee) to enter and search the land, I'm going to go ahead and take a chance on it. Especially since I get the gate key for free four-day use. Geez, Louise. Now I have to delete the current Oregon trip WordPress post and write up a new one. Have to give the bad news to Infamous Nissan. Have to change some entries at the main AB website. Reminds me of the scene with actor Steve Buscemi in the film, Armageddon. I guess we're GOING. If anyone in Cooperland is interested in participating in this campout/search, it will run from Friday morning, June 21 until the following Monday morning on the 24th. And even if no one else goes, I am not passing up this opportunity. I'm told also there may be a deposit required for the gate key, but no permit fee. It was a no-brainer. I had to say yes.
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