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    You need to sit down and discuss this with the DZO. Some operators will understand your point. Especially since you prepaid in good faith. A good operator should listen to your story, apologize and offer you something to make it up. DZs and instructors make their living mostly from tandems, and experienced jumpers know which DZs to avoid or what times to avoid. I know there are operators who will think nothing of doing this to you. They are out there and I have met them. If this has happened to you and you have no other options because you prepaid you are probably in for a world of frustration. Is it normal? Unfortunately it is in some places. If a frank discussion does not result in a reasonable answer I would ask for my money back. But if they are the kind of place that will not give you a firm commitment they will probably strong resist refunding you. Let us know how it turns out. And if it turns out badly don't be shy about telling us where it happened.
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    I remember Howard owning a succession of Ford products. Trundling between Deland and Z-hills on I-4 the other day, creeping along in that perpetual parking lot that is Orlando, when a crimson Ford Explorer with Mass. plates went by me at ludicrous speed, all I could think to do was scream "Damn you Howard!... Blue skies old friend, you are missed, but never forgotten.
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