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    I went home today. Hop and pop from 6k with my awesome hubby. Almost got blown off the plane because I forgot about the prop blast. Perfect exit, perfect deployment, almost perfect landing. If only the winds hadn't gotten all weird, I'd have done at least one from full altitude. But that's okay. There's always next weekend. Life is good again.
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    Please see this guys post in the main forum, we shouldn't be encouraging him to show up anywhere. There is a golf bag in his future , but in the mean time it really wouldn't be fair to the drop zone that we guided him to.
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    Yep this guy is a f u c k w i t as we Brits say.
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    If their opinions are important enough to go to the trouble:- Invite these people to spend a day at the DZ. Let them chat to other 'family and friends', as well as other jumpers. Perhaps walk them through the various areas - training, packing, manifest. From the ground, talk them through a jump - show the aircraft running in, the exits, the openings, the pattern, the landings.
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    Yeah it’s funny one of my Grandmas is the most supportive, although she would never even consider a jump. Blows my mind that my roommates who dirt bike/ rock crawl (rock buggys) and race cars claim that skydiving is sketchy (definitely is a little) but I’ve had friends die in the other sports we partake in, even still knowing the risk. I’m just sick of the reminders of Eric Roner or whomever. I take great precautions and read the Uspa manual during work breaks lol I’m over preparing for a malf I’m always trying to learn as much as I can.
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    Hey everybody, I completed AFF and all other requirements except the 25 jump requirement. I'm on jump 15 and I need 10 more to get my A license. Pretty stoked about getting my license. Any advice for a newbie?
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    I jumped and used the tunnel there, last year when I was training for the USPA National Speed Skydiving Championship, and plan to return to Krutitcy this year around July. Great facilities, great staff, the rental gear is in great shape, etc. They also have some bungalows, and the nearby town is big enough to not lack any of the basics. The drive from Moscow sucks a little, but the skydiving experience more than makes up for any other shortcomings. Cheers to Yuri, Nataliya, and Nastya (with the gear/apparell store) -- everyone made me feel super-welcome :* <3
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    My best vertical speed run up high is 105mph at 9k on a Petra 68 at 3.3ish. I haven't had a chance to take my Petra 62 for a high pull loaded up to see what I can get it to. My best ground runs on the 62 have been peaking in the mid to low 90's vertical on the roll out. That's at a 3.4-3.65 WL doing a 630. For a work wing I just moved from a JVX 72 to a VK67(non-hybrid / not full rds) loaded at 2.7. I have been doing 630's and getting in the low 80's on the 10 or so turns I have done with it. The DZ's I have been jumping at are all about 300ft MSL. 17-15-14 Petra 68 3.3.CSV 17-58-58 VK 67 2.7.CSV 19-32-27 Petra 62 3.65.CSV
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    If you search for Neumann gloves on Alibaba there are a few listings. They all have embroidery in the pictures, but that can probably be negotiated.
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    Bought my first new rig a couple of years ago. I went with Wings because of the instructor deal offered and there were quite a few of the rigs at my DZ and everyone had good things to say about the gear. When I received the gear in the mail, i tried it on and the MLW was too short. I couldn't stand up straight in the thing. I wrote Sunrise and explained the problem and they told me to send it back right away. I did, didn't cost me a thing. Got the new rig back, had a res installed and guess what,,, the mlw was too long. the rig sat really low on my back, huge gap between my shoulders and the rig under canopy. Anyway, i figured i screwed up by not having the res installed before i sent it back the first time. I didn't contact Sunrise again about it until about a year later when i was ready to get rid of the rig since the fit sucked so bad. So I wrote to Sunrise again and explained my situation to them. Reply,, send it back to us.. So i did, the new (third) rig sent to me fits perfectly. I didn't get charged for anything (shipping, new res repack, they thought the main risers were a little frayed so they gave me new ones, and a t-shirt!) Every email I received from the company was very courtious and professional. Same for every telephone conversation I had with them. They treated even a pain in the ass customer like me very well and I have nothing bad to say about this company. Five stars.