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    James Madison agreed that election of the people at large was the best way to go about electing the president, but he knew that the less populous slave states would not be influential under such a system, and he backed the Electoral College. Another factor here was the so-called Three-Fifths Compromise, which gave added power to the slave-holding states under the Electoral College which they would not have had under any likely form of popular vote. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Federalist_No._68
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    Firstly, why the fuck would any normal person choose to watch it??? Second, I applaud the NZ prime minister for stating that she will never mention the shooter by name or give them any moment of fame. We should all do the same. Sharing the existence of links like this is pretty despicable, Billy. Even for you.
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    He's not being very subtle. This is a clear threat to law and order, and a clear green light to any nutcases out there. Mob boss talk. He really needs to see the inside of a prison cell sometime in the future.
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