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    They had someone "repo" Lodi plane. Apparently they had to jump out of it to "get familiar" and sneak away after landing the canopy in a way that people on the load won't start wondering where this guy went. Entire show is heaping pile of shit.
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    Bill, you are right, I missed that one. I think though that any type of communication with any of these individuals would suffice, and with the communication options available nowdays, that it could be done. (Even defining "the appropriate" might be a challenge. Since the defacto Regional Director for foreign DZs is the USPA HQ Director of Safety and Training, I guess he gets the email or the text!)
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    Which makes it sound like it is not actually TSO'd (although I can't tell for sure from this info). It sounds like they used the TSO list of requirements, and did drop tests etc. to satisfy Australian requirements. That could be reassuring to an Australian customer. BUT... the gear wasn't actually entered into the US TSO system. Nor is there any sign that an Australian part 103.18 certification is automatically accepted as equivalent to a TSO by the US. Then you get into the issue, "But what if one is talking about a PA rig that was a license built copy of a US TSO'd Rigging Innovations rig?" That's certainly worth something to a jumper, but if it isn't actually produced in a TSO approved production facility, then it still can't count as having a TSO even if the design is TSO'd. (As a similar example, for one Canadian rig that was TSO'd, it was done through Transport Canada according to bilateral agreements with the FAA, so the FAA accepts it. So it has a real FAA TSO. Then the production plans and facility were approved & inspected so that it was run on a TSO approved production line. Years later, the company owner gave up the formal TSO certification as he wasn't selling many to the US anyway, so it wasn't worth the money to pay for the inspections the Canadian authorities were doing for the production line. A jumper can be reassured that the design actually went through all TSO tests which were accepted by the US, even if a current production rig doesn't actually have a TSO. An earlier rig could be jumped by a US resident, but the current ones can't.) Correct me if I'm wrong about TSO'd production lines -- I'm a bit hazy on that aspect and what formal terminology applies.
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    yep. Years ago, for a customer who needed mid-season service.
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    I have a Aon2 brilliant pebbles in mine. It works flawlessly for me. You need a 3D printed mount to fit it but the drawing is available on Aon2's website. The only annoying part is that you need to remove it from the mount every time you want to set new alarms since it use a cable and an app on your phone to setup. For the price it can't be beat though.
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    If you can do three to-the-floor pushups, you're ahead of me (can't do them to the floor any more). There are plenty of typical nerdy guy types, and skinny is better for being able to fly relative with other people (the long-term goal of most skydiving disciplines). Go for it. Wendy P.
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    Hello community! I did my first tandem skydive at Pacific Skydiving in Hawaii and fell in love! Came back to the main land and did 2 more tandems at Skydive Spaceland Dallas and decided that it was time! I have since then completed an additional tandem as well as solo STP / AFF 1 to 6 and absolutely love it - I also started purchasing individual components for my gear and own my own jumpsuit, gloves, goggles, G4 Cookie (pre-order) and Stella analog altimeter. My latest AFF/STP level 6 Jump from Tuesday consisted of solo exit, solo stabilization and practice pull, leg turns, docking and deployment: I am also a private pilot and can not wait to become a jumper pilot once I have my instrument and commercial rating! I love this sport and everybody who shares the same passion!
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    I have jumped a Batwing 153 over 4500 jumps, mostly video, AFF and Records. Love it! See no reason to change to "keep up with the Jones's"