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    I watched it the 1st time it was posted here and went back and watched it again. The only mention of the BSR for the AAD fire was rolled into the conversation about getting the incident reports. He said no disciplinary action if it is reported but didn't mention anything about what happens if you don't and then get reported by someone else. He also said he wanted to get an exemption from being subpoenaed by anyone to get that info. As of rite now, that doesn't exist and if a lawyer wanted it, they CAN subpoena for it. Firing an AAD goes without saying. Show me anyone that WANTS to do that. Everyone of these folks talking about the need FOR knowing this and we still don't have anything resembling a reason for why a BSR is needed TO get it. Or why all of a sudden now. We as members agree to abide the BSR's. As elected members of the board they also have an obligation to the members to justify their actions and why. If they can't/won't or simply refuse to follow their obligations, we not only have the rite but, the obligation to question why and shude hold them accountable.
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    they feel similar and out the door you will notice the glide improvement.It will feel "big on you" in the air, because the ATC is such a compact feel. Cloud surfing comes to a new level At deployment time you will appreciate the significant increase in flarepower probably the thing you will love the most! From what you write you are good to go
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    If you don't understand the value of beauty, either male of female beauty, you are just not paying attention. It has always been valued and it always will be. You likely possess a fair amount of it yourself. That undermines your ability to understand what it is like to live without it. It goes hand in hand with youth many times, especially for women. But I don't blame you for being sick of the way we worship beauty. It is truly a subjective thing and is only of value in a narrow sense.
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    This was covered in the videos posted upstream if you would watch them. Ron Bell talked about why he wanted this change in the video.
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    This thread started off utterly ridiculous with the original post and has devolved into full on crazy.
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    Why not anytime in the last 25 yrs, what changed?
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    I realize Americans don't see Canada as any more than a State they need paperwork to visit, but we actually are a separate country that is not AAD mandatory.
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    Since no one else has bitten, I'll take a shot. What do you mean by canopy burn? Set fire to your main and chop it? You won't find anything in the SIM because it is a stunt, not the kind of skydiving that 99.5% of jumpers do. If you are serious, start by talking to people who have done it or been involved in doing it. Bryan Burke from SD AZ comes to mind. From what I know, you will need to find a dz to jump at and an aircraft to jump from. Understand that many dz's are not going to want to take the chance of your melting canopy starting a fire on the ground - I believe this is why Troy Hartman did his over a lake. Aircraft might be an issue, as having the canopy sitting in a bucket of jet fuel on the way up to altitude is one way to ensure that it's going to catch (I'm sure there are other ways; this is the one I know about). Aircraft owners tend to get a bit worried about things that might destroy their airplane, like buckets of jet fuel in the cabin. You will need an intentional cutaway rig, or at a minimum have a rig modified to suit your purposes. Regardless, you need to leave the airplane with three parachutes - the one you are going to burn, a main and a reserve. Hope this helps.
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    Excuse me, but what data have you provided to refute? You’ve also provided vague statements. The problem with assumptions about others is that you begin to box them into a corner, which means they may have to work harder to overcome those assumptions and complete whatever they think their task is because of it. Maybe women let men lead because it’s just easier than always arguing about what to do. And maybe those are the only types of women who interact with you on a deeper basis Your same arguments about who’s “succeeded” are flawed; the people doing the recognizing are (white) men. Is it surprising they’d value the contributions of others they identify with easily the most? Wendy P.
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    Hahahahahaha!!! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the coffee squirting out of my nose and covering my phone!!!! Keep going - this is fun
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    LONG POST: So, I put my AFF on hold for a couple of months because I wasn't really confortable in the DZ where I did my Level 1/Tandem thingy. I switched to another DZ and started all over again. Did Level 1 and 2 last weekend (no tandems, 2:1 exits). I think I did a decent Level 1 jump (followed instructions, pretty stable for a first timer and I deployed by myself), except that I totally fucked up my landing. Have you seen those videos in which a driving student hits gas instead of brakes and they just keep on doing that until they crash? well, that happened to me on my first landing, I did a pretty good landing pattern, I was heading towards the landing area, and WHY OH WHY I made a right turn.... and I knew that I was going in the wrong direction, but kept doing it (just like those driving students). I landed on my ass and my instructor told me "thank God you are in a forgiving student canopy, otherwise we'd be waiting for an ambulance right now". So my confidence got pretty broken, that was so not what I had pictured for my first jump, I fucked up, and felt SO stupid. Then I get on the plane again for a second jump, and I was so focused on trying to understand the signals from the instructor flying in front of me, that I totally forgot to check my altimeter (*major facepalm*), so my main instructor that was grabbing me had to shake me to make me focus, and it was time to deploy and I did. But then, I fucked up my landing again!!!! I couldn't hear well on the radio in which direction I should land, and instead of checking the direction of the wind (another facepalm), I went where I "thought" I had heard. So.... I made my landing pattern, and I missed the landing spot, I was still too high, and I was heading towards some cars and a hangar.... I started to make the same mistake as the first time (turning right), but then realized what I was doing and corrected it and landed on my ass again on the driveway (luckily a car that was coming in saw me and stopped). Ego severely bruised, but no scratches. Still, I felt pretty frustrated and my confidence went to the floor. I didn't want to continue for the day. Later, I went to have dinner with my instructor and 3 other diver friends and they told me I should focus on what I did right, instead of what I did wrong, just learn from my mistakes, they were pretty supportive but at the same time very honest. I had a meltdown as soon as I got in the car and cried all the way back to the hotel (I'm a crybaby). I was still pretty bummed on Sunday, so I just hung around at the DZ, watching/shadowing my instructor teach a kid who did his last 3 levels that day and graduated. Two days later, I am still struggling with my confidence, I want to do level 3 on Saturday and maybe just do one level each weekend... take it very slow, as I seem to get new information slower than other people. Please, tell me your struggles when you were doing your AFF course...!! I need to hear I am not the only shitty student out there!!! If you were the perfect student, I don't want to hear from you, seriously!! I kind of need stories of shitty students that finally made it and are happy and safe divers today, please!! If you made it this far in this rant, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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