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    Last year we spent a week on the Silver Bank - a humpback whale breeding area some 70 miles off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Even there we spotted plastic garbage in the ocean.
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    I agree. Fortunately the sort of alarmism you describe is very rare. (Alarmism is not exemplified by someone who quits smoking because of the health risks; alarmism means that someone can't sleep at night because of the fear that someone else might smoke near them.) Excellent point. And concordantly, we all thought that all those advances came for free; that we wouldn't have to pay for them. Turns out we do. The mines, the oil fields, the atmosphere and the oceans are not infinite, and we are reaching the limits of what they can do for us. The cool thing is that now we know better, and can get that same quality of life without polluting the oceans and skies, and without exceeding the carrying capacity of the planet. If we want to, of course.
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    I can get used to the new [general] visuals, but I'm still very dissatisfied. The new site was a hot mess at first, has gotten a ton better, but it would be very inaccurate to say that functionality is nearly the same (I've held my tongue, big time... don't desire to be negative). Within using BJ and DZ concurrently, I'm thoroughly annoyed and am happy to unload; if we're now at that point of the process. -- I'd be happy to articulate, but I will need some time. I'm super busy, and haven't been making a list as I've cursed those shortcomings, but, I'll start; given that several were addressed, as expected. You have, however, been made aware of ALL my sent message being gone... sigh.
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    We don't utilize recall elections in Virginia... VA Code: 24.2-233
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    You came here to be entertained. No-one forces you to be here and read Bill's words.
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    This is entertainment. You can't have a real discussion on an internet forum.
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    It's better for using a mobile, imo. Easier to read.
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    Welcome Bobby! I'm pretty new also. I just received my A license last month. I'm no expert by any means, but I had a similar problem with my first few AFF jumps. Do you have a wind tunnel near by? I spent 30 min in the tunnel after AFF level 3 and after that I had no problem with staying stable and on heading. Does your AFF instructor video the jumps? Post reviews of each jump with my instructor also helped me improve my body position. Overall, just keep jumping and don't get discouraged. The more you jump everything just starts to "click". Just my two cents.... Blue Skies
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    Ya know what, I had an epiphany this past week while driving 1200+ miles and putting in sixty plus site hours in Northern Iowa. Dealing with the freezing wind chill, ice spikes so I don’t bust my ass, blizzard white out conditions. I’m just sick of doing it. I’m tired of being away from home and friends and family. I’m tired of having to go out and earn a check to survive being a producer and providing a service. AOC is the best thing to ever happen to this country. I want my free shit. I want my government guaranteed house. I want my free health care so I don’t have to pay $400 for these inhalers that only cost that much because the last “great left hope” banned CFCs for medical applications and everything went back into patent. I want my “unwilling to work” guaranteed economic security. SOMEONE ELSE can come up here and deal with this crap. I just want some of the money that THEY went out and FROZE THEIR ASS OFF to earn. And I should get some of EVERYONE ELSE’S MONEY because we’re all part of one big happy collective and we’re supposed to share everything. Fuck this crap.
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    So then, it does not mean what it says? Can we move the topic into SC then?
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    I bought my safire2 189 (WL ~ 0.97) used with 200 jumps on it. I have put about 10 jumps on the canopy thus far. The openings are as everyone has stated consistently extremely soft and on heading. I have not had an opening more than 500 ft with a normal pro pack (not messing with nose). Maybe I am just a shitty packer but I have a hell of a time putting the canopy in the bag / closing my mirage g4 m6 (mirage recommends a safire2 189 to be the smallest "soft" fit). You would think it would have no problem fitting??? I have also put about 15 jumps on a sabre2 190. The sabre2 was much more responsive to toggle inputs, and riser pressure was much lighter. However, the glide slope on the safire2 is much flatter compared to the steeper sabre2. Openings on a sabre2 are complete shit when compared to a safire2. Amount of flare was very comparable, not much difference. The biggest selling point of the safire2 to me were the amazing openings. I am a rather conservative pilot and don't plan on changing for a while. When I downsize to a 170 I will probably be going with more aggressive sabre2 or nitron.
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