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    The site is basically unnavigateable (Is that a word?) on a mobile browser. The forum is clunky as fuck now. Speaking as a guy who has run several websites like this with forums, I get "user resistance to change." This isn't that.
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    You basically made too many changes too quickly and I feel lost.. Hate to say good by...
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    Still having lots of difficulty navigation on the new improved site ! There is so much white space I waste time just looking for the last reply to anything. I'm presently looking in the classified section for a new AAD and can't look at more than 4-5 items at a time on a page. Seems like the summery is missing. The site is loosing me and it's a shame because I used to looks at DZ.com pretty regularly. I feel like I've lost a friend.
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    I just posted a Complete Systems Classified Ad and paid the $7 for a Featured Ad. My listing does not show up in the Featured Ads Slider. Since its the most recent, I would expect it first or the ads in the slider to be randomized in viewing. They are not, ads are always in the same order. Please look into this and let me know whats up. Thanks!
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    Most of the Darwin Awards stories are true. They do a fairly decent job of fact checking. However, they do tell 'unconfirmed' and "urban legend" stories (the .22 fuse replacement/frog gigging story is one of those). The list above, however, is not new. That's an older list with a more recent date tacked on. For example, #4, the lawyer in Toronto 'testing' the window strength, is both really old and true. It happened in 1993. https://darwinawards.com/darwin/darwin1996-01.html
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    I'm going cause it's practically right in my back yard.
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    Not just you. My usage of the forums immediately went from daily (or more) to practically zero when the new design launched because of exactly this. I’m curious how forum page view stats compare before and after this redesign. My vote would be to please put the site back just as it was and go back to the drawing board (in a test environment) until a new design is found that adds some value. Sorry, but at the moment, in my view, it’s a really, really big negative. I would love to support something new, but this just isn’t it.
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    Depending upon the system there are, in fact a limit on component age and/or usage. Strong Enterprise http://www.strongparachutes.com/library/Documentation/Tandem/Recertification Requirements.pdf UPT https://uptvector.com/tandem-rigging/ (although the link appears to be broken) These detail the service life and usage limits before being put back into service. The container should have a packing data card - this is where you should find the data. If the DZO doesn't have the card in the rig - sounds like something shady going on. They can always maintain a copy of the card so if it gets lost a rig history is preserved. How are you as an instructor meant to check if the reserve is in-date prior to jumping it. if there is no packing card present?
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    There was something going on with the "hamburger" and the responsiveness of the site (I navigated to several other sites to make sure it wasn't my connection or my device, and it didn't *seem* that way). Took on the order of 3-7 seconds to get a drop down to display. The forums, it seems to me, as too much flash or chrome where none is needed. Reading the forum on mobile shouldn't require me to scroll 2-3 times more than on the desktop because we're taking up far far more precious real estate with white space.. Any thought to a Tapatalk plugin for the forum? All the forums I participate in are Tapatalk enabled, except DZ.com. Which is why I have participated less and less. The modern mobile audience wants that "app-based" experience (ie. the various reddit apps)
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    Can you please elaborate on the inability to navigate on a mobile device? There may be some bugs we're unaware of causing this problem. The main menu on the right should provide the same top level navigation as any other desktop browser. And the breadcrumbs should provide the low level reverse navigation. Where are you having problems navigating?
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    I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the format change has turned him off, particularly if he logged in right at the beginning before they started to work the bugs out. Some folks get to a point where the next change just isn’t worth it. Wendy P.
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    The previous layout was much better and easy to navigate. Newer does not mean better.
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