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    Hello everyone I'd like to introduce awesome summer location with all possible facilities on site. Multiple aircrafts, Hotel from 15$ for bunk house to 50$ per night for bungalow, nice restaurant with home made Russian food, wind tunnel 24/7 from 100$ per hour on site with view of landing area, jump altitude is always 14000ft. All rental equipment is brand new Javelins and Icons. We work with Sigma tandems only. Transfer Price 2018 | Start skydive season in May month SKYDIVE 1 slot = 1300₽ ( ~20$ ) AFF Program– the full cost of the course 65.000 ₽ ( ~1000$ ), the course fee includes 30 minutes of flight time in wind tunnel. Windtunnel per 1 hour Prime time – 11.000₽ (~180$) Day – 9.000₽ (~140$) Night – 7,000₽ ( ~110$) Coach 5000₽ per 1 hour Ih you want a block time - Pay 10 hour + 1 bonus Special offers for group.Peace, love and freeflying to you all
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    "Dear Sir: My standard fee is $600/hour for time spent in court or depositions, regardless of whether I am actively involved. Other time is billed at $300/hour, exclusive of additional expenses including but not limited to travel and lodging. In all cases, the minimum billable time is 1 hour, which resets daily. Please let me know where I should send the invoice for the time you have required so far. Best regards, ..."
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    Examiner: Melissa Tsouhnikas Requirements to attend course: Minimum of a B license and 100 jumps Visit our Facebook event!
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    I couldn't begin to tell you how many times John Sherman saved my stupid ass. I BASE jumped with Racers. And used it doing AFF Cert Courses. As you never know when that 2 or 3 seconds extra time John and Nancy crafted into that rig will save your life by basically making either container disappear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3WvlG6F2aI NickDG
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    Where is Debbie Schmidt these days ?
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    By Dr. Eco Bob Buquor, first 6 man star, early D-License Holders with comments, Up date from the Pacific Northwest. I had about 50 jumps with Bob Buquor at the Arvin DZ. With most of them, Bob was taking photo's with his motorized 35 mm Nikon mounted on his helmet. I knew Bob from San Antonio, Texas before we both ended up in California. Bob had a low C license number C-150 but never got around to applying for his D license because he thought that C-150 would look better than a higher number D license (ahhh, vanity). Bob was trying to make it in the movie business. He shot freefall sequences for part of the "Rip Cord" series and for several movies. At that time, I was a 1st Lieutenant in the USAF at the Flight Research Center at Edward's AFB Calif. I had applied for my D license earlier while still at the University of Texas working on my PhD. I did most of my California sport jumping at the Lancaster DZ which was close to Edwards AFB. However, Bob and I would get together at Arvin to jump. Bob shot the photo's when we made the "First Six Man Star in the World" September 6, 1964, at Arvin, California." The photo of the Six Man Star was the centerfold of Skydiver Magazine. Another Skydiver Magazine centerfold showed the same group of jumpers leaving the Twin Beach. After 1965, I did more flying than jumping and got my commercial, instrument, multi-engine and flight instructor pilot ratings. Richard Economy D-115 See List of Early D license holders below. The Bob Buquor Memorial Star Crest The Bob Buquor Memorial Star Crest (BBMSC) is a perpetual memorial to commemorate the efforts of the late Robert H. Buquor who played a major role in the origin of star formation relative work. Bob Buquor initiated and photographed the majority of the star attempts at Arvin, California in the early 1960's and was successful in capturing the first 8-way star there on film on October 17, 1965. Bob drowned off Malibu Beach, California in 1966, while filming a dangerous movie sequence for a major studio. It is to his driving enthusiasm in this aspect of the sport that this membership is dedicated. Note: Bob was a good swimmer and would not have drowned if he would have dumped his helmet with a large 35mm movie camera mounted on it and the large heavy battery pack attached to his waist. But good jumpers never dropped ripcords handles or dump large expensive cameras in the ocean. The camera and battery pack were recovered along with Bob's body. http://www.scr-awards.com/ Star Crest Awards See below for all Star Crest Awards http://www.scr-awards.com/bbmsc_the_beginning.html The was no Accelerated Freefall program, no AAD's, no Dytters, no altimeters and no packers. Your main canopy was a 28-foot round. Your reserve was a 24-foot flat circular canopy. All of which were purchased as "military surplus." And then, you had to convince some pilot that it was a good idea to take you up to five thousand feet, open the door, fling yourself out and learn... See below for all Star Crest Awards First 6 Man Star Photo by B Buquor September 6, 1964. Arvin, California John DePorter Mitch Proteet -Black on left Richard Economy -Yellow Lou Paproski Don Henderson -Purple Al Paradowski List of Early D License Holders Note: I do not have all of the comments from other jumpers entered into the list. You could update the list with the additional comments from other jumpers. DrEco Dear Dr. Economy: It good to hear for an early D license holder. We are working on the electronic version of the "A", "B", "C" and "D" License holders. I was able to complete the list for D License numbers 1 through 400 for your use. Please see list attached. If you should have any further questions, please feel free to contact us. Blue Safe Skies, April 20, 2003 Michelle Garvin Director of Membership Services USPA Alexandria, VA Note on D-License numbers: By December 1961, I had over 200 free fall jumps (I had no static line jumps) but had never applied for PCA (later called USPA) membership or for an PCA: A, B or C Licenses (Note: In Central Texas in early 1960's, no one paid much attention to the PCA, their safety rules, or their license) I had all the requirements for my D-License and applied to the PCA for membership and my D-License in late 1961 when the D-License numbers were in the 50's. I got my D-License over six months later in May 1962 with a D-License Number of 115 over 60 numbers higher. I talked to a guy who had been at Orange, Mass. (the old PCA headquarters) and he told me that Istel and the other officers at the PCA had given priority for low D-Licenses to 1) their long term PCA members with A, B, C License, 2) jumpers from the major PCA approved DZ's i.e. California; 3) their buddies at Orange and other New England DZ's; and 4) to the Army jumpers e.g., Golden Knights. Based on my application date, he said my D-License should have been in the 70 to 80 range (oh well!!) Note:I had between 20 to 50+ relative work jumps with the following Bold Underlined D license holder. List of Early D License Holders: No. - Location - Name 1 MA Lewis B Sanborn 2 MA Jacques A Istel 3 MA Dana Paul Smith 4 MA Darius Vakharia 5 PA Steve Snyder 6 MO George P Taylor 7 AK Heisel Christian 8 VA Verlin Glenn 9 CA Lt. James P Pearson 10 NY Robert M McDonnell 11 GA Danny Byard 12 NC Loy Brydon 13 NY Jim Arender 14 Ernest Lynn Pyland 15 NC Merrill L Shepard 16 MA Edward F Strong 17 Ray Love 18 KY Michael Kremar 19 Jack Helms 20 NC Herry E Arter 21 MA Mark Schmidt 22 NC Gerald F Bourquin 23 PA William C Edge 24 PA Robert Spatola 25 NC Harold R Lewis 26 MA William G Jolly 27 Lee Ray K Smith 28 GA Elfers, William 29 KY Kirtley, Thomas 30 NY MacPherson, Allan 31 MA Straus, Bradford 32 Unziker, William J. 33 CA Hulick, Gerald W. 34 PA Bahor, Erick M. 35 KY Meyers, Lee A 36 OH Reed/Sherman Wilson 37 TX Duncan/Edmond C 38 NC Fortenberry, Richard T 39 NC Jorgensen, Keith C 40 NC Dunphry, Richard 41 NC Martin, Roy D 42 TX Jacks, Clyde E. I had about 50 Jumps with Clyde who had Gold Wings 1 or 2. With about 1500 jumps he was killed doing low altitude rolls in his stunt plane near Houston, Texas in Nov., 1962. 43 CA Pol, James E. 44 OH Harding, Daniel E 45 CA Skinner, Robert W. 46 IN MacPherson, Dennis H 47 FL Poppenhager, Paul J. 48 VA Hale, Roger, C. 49 MA Moge, Maurice R. 50 NJ Guilfoyle, Lee 51 CA Stevens, Perry D. 52 CA Murry, robert A. 53 CA Duncan, Edmond C. 54 CA Williams, Verne 55 CA Kilsow, Arthur 56 FL Brezin, Ben 57 MN Mathwig/Jerry E 58 MO Williams, Douglas E 59 CA Kochenberg, Dale R. 60 IL Stoyas, James C. Creamed In 1982 61 APO NY Chace, John P. 62 NC Ward, Richard F. 63 CA Simbro, Henry L. Jumped with Hank and Muriel at Lancaster, Taft and Arvin DZ's 64 CA Percival/John Moring 65 WI Goetsch/Phillip L 66 APO NY Charland, Normand E. 67 GA Edwards, Roy L.D. 68 OH Beyan, Dennis P. 69 VT Pond/Nathan 70 KY McDonald/Coy O 71 NC Letbetter, Bobby W. 72 SD Smith/Richard Nelson 73 NC Hollis/John T 74 AZ Hirschberg/Kenneth Allen 75 NC Perry, James M 76 CA Buckner, Robert H, Jr. 77 NC Norman, Joe 78 CA Muriel, Jean Simbro Wife of Henry Simbro D-63 79 NJ O'Reilly, James J. 80 NC Yost, Charles E. 81 FL Benoit, Chritten P. 82 NC Cole, Ray S., Jr. 83 CO McCarthy/William E 84 CA Cupp, Jack M. Jumps with Cupp at Lancaster, Taft and Arvin DZ's. 85 OH McLean, Howard 86 CA McClellan, Haynes, F. 87 NC Mills, Wesley G., Jr. 88 FL Horvath, Martin J. 89 TX Fitch, Edward D. Dr. Fitch (C-198), a friend of Clyde Jacks, was a Heart Surgeon in Houston. Had about 30 jumps with Fitch at Bee Line and Midway DZ's near Houston,Texas 90 NC Charette/Wja 91 OH Gates/Dale V/ Jr 92 NC Webber, Claude A 93 OR Scott, John A 94 MO Garrison, James W. 95 CA Molitar, Don Jumps with Molitar at Taft and Arvin DZ's. 96 SC Coleman/Maurice C 97 OH Draper, John D. 97-A NC Palmer, Ralph K. 98 PA Pasquale, John F. 99 NC Williford, Sherman H. 100 FL Shuford, Richard H. 101 PA Yurchison, John 102 NY Markhoff, William C. 103 WA Ady, Jack 104 NY Feeney/Gene F 105 NC McCusker, James 106 MI Allen, Fred L. 107 MI Raddick, Robert A. 108 OH Baron, Mark 109 CA Sellers, John M. 110 CA Haring, Robert 111 CA Carpenter, Frank Jumps with Carpenter at Taft and Arvin DZ's 112 FL Wright, Harold L. 113 CA McDonald, James P. 114 TX Anagnostis/Constantine B 115 TX Economy, Richard First Jump: a jump/pull from J3 Cub April 1960 at Casterville, Texas. Third Jump:12 second delay freefall from 3500 ft from J3 Cub with no sleeve (hard opening). Fourth jump:15 second delay freefall from 4000 ft from J3 Cub. Used a sleeve for the first time (big difference). Jump 7: Landed in Mitchell lake. Jump 8: a night jump. Spotted for myself the first 10 jumps. 116 CA Sewell, Ronald D. Jumps with Ron Sewell at Lancaster 117 JAPAN Adair, Willie (Duke) 118 FL Mathews/Robert Anthony/Jr 119 APO NY Lanier, Robert H. 120 WA Peterson, Cal 121 FL Kruse, Edward P. 122 FL Picard, Harold W. 123 NM Mulcalry, George R. 124 CA Martin, Coy D. 125 AZ Jenkins/Steve 126 FL Godwin/Jimmy F 127 FL Gaffney, John D. 128 VA Waugh, Leonard A 129 CO Smith/N Ray 130 CA Flick, Leslie L. 131 Johnson, Howard R. 132 CA McRae, Monte J. 133 TX Lewis, James E. 134 WA Johnston, Howard r. 135 FL Wenk, Peter, J. 136 CA Gividen, George M. 137 CA David, Harold L. 138 WA Gainor/Denny Bear 139 KY Howard, Michael 140 KY Allsopp, Leonard E. 141 SC Selby, Edward B. Jr. 142 TX Fowler/James Floyd/Jr 143 CA Freeze, Ronald S. 144 NC Baker, Alton, W. 145 FL Dupuis, Lawrence 146 CA Lizzio, James R. 147 MA Soutter, Nicholas B. 148 NC Duffy, Ray 149 APO NY Stroughbaugh, Donald 150 NC VanderWeg, Phillip J. 151 KS Passailaigne, Edward P. Jr. 152 TX Wallace, Carlos, G. 153 VA Jones, Sonny 154 HI Gough, Harold W. Jr. 155 NC Saunders, Joseph G. 156 NY Wild, Frederick W 157 AK Sisler, G. Ken 158 IL Morrow, Don 159 FL Addison, Wilbert E. 160 MA Doolittle, Lewis E. 161 NV Evans, Hal 162 CO Driver, William K. 163 KY Kidwell, Jerry G 164 HI Galbraith, Lachlan, N. 165 CA Rinder, James, E. 166 NC Pronier/Robert Anthony 167 NC Thacker/Gene P 168 NC Larry Schell 169 NJ Charles Seymour 170 FL Thomas Rudder 171 CA Padayhag/Stan 172 MS Jerry Price 173 CA Joe Tiago Jr 174 TX Max Schetter 175 KY Lyon/Michael E 176 MI McTaggart/Robert E 177 OH Nininger/Paul W 178 NB Clarence C. Peters 179 IN Jonn Findley 180 AL Buddy L. McCoy 181 CA Doyle Fields 182 FA Ronald G. Diebold 183 NJ Hugh M. Hilden 184 185 PA Fritz A. Muller 186 FL Bob Collinsgru 187 PA Carl E. Blessing 188 PA Owen M. Curran 189 CA Walter C. Scherar 190 NY Philip F. Flynn 191 WA Jim Jacobs 192 FL Norman Roy Johnson 193 TX John Miller 194 MA David B. Jansen 195 NV Robert Archuleta 196 CA Carlyn Olsen ~20 Jumps with Carlyn Olsen at Lancaster, Taft and Arvin DZ's. 197 CA Albert R. Barry 198 WA Ledbetter/William R 199 TX Malcom Thompson 200 NJ Thomas Murray 201 CA Forrest D Castle 202 CA Tyson/Jerome P 203 NB Jay O. Emery 204 CA Denny M. Manning 205 CA Roy A. Fryman 206 TN Dennis T Rhodes 207 NJ William W Bohringer 208 NC Charles L Mullins 209 TX Bobby Dean Crump 210 WI Falconer/Robert Davis 211 OH Raymond M. Starnes 212 NB Stanley Searles 213 CT Ed Vickery 214 NC Paul S Newman 215 NC James C. Lane 216 NJ Theodore O. Taylor 217 FL Gutshall/George A 218 OH Joseph J. Giel 219 FL Charles McSwain 220 FL Potts/Len 221 MI Kim Emmons 222 NB Lowell A Ham 223 NB John Timothy MacFerrin 224 MD Jimmy Grant Roberts 225 TN Bud Sellick 226 CA Enarson/Richard L 227 FL Anthony C Riek 228 FL De La Mar/Donald R 229 NC Zacher/George A 230 NY James E Garvey 231 CA Binford/Frank L 232 DC Richard L Myron 233 WA George F. Mitchell 234 CA Lance S. Haserot 235 NV Ridenour Jr/Whitley A 236 PA Joseph A. Nichols 237 KY Henry Nehrbass 238 NY Thomas E. Waldie 239 WA Buford W. Knight 240 CA Richard Pedley 241 MA Edward A Dorey 242 FL Gary J. Dupuis 243 ME Donahue/Robert L 244 NC Robert L. Donahoe 245 MA Ellsworth H. Getchell 246 NY Robert J. Cathey 247 TX George H. Sage 248 CA Young/Ronald Leo 249 IA John H. Talbott 250 CA McNamara/Brian Michael 251 TX Jeannie McComba ~ 20 jumps with Jeannie (the jump mistress) McComba. Jeannie went in at Ellsinore. 252 CA Leigh R. Hunt 253 CA Dennis P. Moneymaker 254 MD Robert W. Hollar 255 NC Dennis N. McCarthy 256 TX William E. Ritchie 257 VA Sutherland/Thomas Ray 258 CA Joseph Mangine 259 NC Clark/David L 260 CA Ludlow O. Clements 261 NV Floyd A. Martin 262 UT Currie A. Harlacker 263 FL Kauffman/Warren 264 FL Christian K. Ebersole 265 FL Coppe/John Eugene 266 CA Lewis T. Vinson 267 WA Drumheller/Ed/II ~ 30 jumps with Ed at Lancaster DZ's. 268 TX Robert H. Sholly 269 WA Peter A. Goodwin 270 NC Patrick G. Murphy 271 AZ Al J. Hoffman 272 MI Sinclair/Bob Camera man for some of the Rip Cord series. (5) jumps with Sinclair at Califorina City and Lake Elsinor DZ's. Bob was a good camera-man but average at relative-work and did not participate in large relative work jumps. 273 NE Janousek/Marion L 274 MN Burg/Gerald L 275 FL Newton Neidig 276 NB John D. Wade 277 AL Sugg/Samuel E 278 CA James B. Cameron 279 NC Kevin F. Brady 280 AZ Jack Ely 281 MN Richard N. Christenson 282 GA Sims/Dave C 283 GA Edward A. Rector 284 NC Hal T. Baxter 285 IL Stephan J. Wilke 286 WI Herman W. Rockenbach 287 SC Mark T. Graham 288 IL Beverly/Elbert W 289 NC Louis Bell 290 NC Richard Derry 291 CA David Barlow, Jr. 292 FL Howard Curtis 293 NY Frank Richard 294 NC James Bailey 295 NC Jeffrey Dixon 296 PA Charles Murphy 297 NY Patrick Lawton 298 NY William Ottley 299 IL William Martin 300 CA Cornelius O'Rourke, Jr. Creamed in 1965 wearing a Santa Suit from [email protected] 301 CA Bill Williams 302 NC Jerry Babb 303 MI Karl Brushaber 304 WA Jens Jorgensen 305 MD Robert Buscher, Jr. 306 OK Gerald Roth 307 IA James De Lap 308 CA David Becker 309 NC Robert McDermott 310 AL Dannie Smith 311 CA Lane Smith 312 CA Ronald Wright 313 CA Michael Clancy 314 NY David Lanzendorf 315 KY Robert Eves 316 VA Ronald Anderson 317 CA Burl Baxter 318 KY Larry Caid 319 NY Alva English 320 NC Paul Mac Lean 321 NC William Duncan, Jr. 322 NC William Lockward, Jr. 323 NC Billy Nolan 324 CA John Harrison 325 CA Anne Batterson 326 AK James E. Pullis 327 CA Larry L. Perkins 328 NC Warren E. Farrell 329 IL Oldrich Olichovik Killed Plane crash, Hinckley 1992 330 LA R.L. Ticer 331 MA William T. Hamilton 332 CA Ralph E. Weekly 333 OH Joseph W. Cooper 334 NY Judy Simpson 335 CA Arthur W. Jarrell 336 CA Arthur E. Armstrong 337 CA Donald P. Woerner 338 CA George I. Nicks 339 NY James W. Shaw 340 NC Robert B. Ferguson 341 NC Tod Smith 342 RI Richard D. Yessian 343 OH Andrew N. Starkey 344 CA Jack C. Smith. Jack was the area safety officer at Lancaster and creamed in circa 1966 while working with a freefall student. Had about 30 jumps with Jack. The safety officer was not too safe. 345 CT Roy Bertalovitz 346 NJ Richard C. Lee 347 CA David F. Perry 348 GA David L. Pride 349 CA Bob Allen 350 KA Lloyd Y. Jan 351 TN Jack Norman Jr. 352 PA Harry M. Burlin 353 CA Donald E. Myers 354 IL Walter Huninsky 355 MA David L. Eisner 356 MI Robert E. Tighe 357 MO Jon L. Bergman 358 IL Robert C. Kellen 359 MI Paul E. Yarnell 360 CA Frank M. Collison 361 AK Johnny M. Davis 362 TX Arthur A. Nelbach Jr. 363 UT Jamy M. Minnock Jr. 364 OR James L. Wright 365 OR Evan N. Hale 366 IL Leon Somers 367 TX Dennis A. Clark 368 OR Morton O. Gossett 369 KY Sherman K. Hawkins 370 NY Robert J. Busch 371 WA Charles S. Wallin 372 IL Wernet K. Roth 373 KY Clarence E. Nugent 374 OH Richard L. Bates 375 FL Charles F. Clifford 376 WA Donald M. Stone 377 ND Peter Gange 378 WA Gerald E. Helms 379 NJ David Wignef 380 NY Rudolph P. Ahlgren 381 NC Richard Stanton 382 NC Harold W. Ferguson 383 CA Daryl R. Galloway 384 PA Ed Marler 385 PA John Higgins 386 CA Charles O. Choate 387 MA Arthur P. Spilios 388 IL Michael Ditzig 389 IL Richard N. Roberts 390 MI Billie M. Dolley 391 WA Rudy Peterson 392 NY L. Stanley Zielinski 393 FL John B. Chamberlin 394 OR Ralph A. Hatley 395 OR Joseph M. Brockway 396 WA Richard W. Carlisle 397 NJ David P. Lithgow 398 AL Thomas W. Pritchard, Jr. 399 WA Frank W. Vogt 400 WA William M. Berg All Star Crest Awards http://www.scr-awards.com/bbmsc_the_beginning.html The was no Accelerated Freefall program, no AAD's, no Dytters, no altimeters and no packers. Your main canopy was a 28-foot round. Your reserve was a 24-foot flat circular canopy. All of which were purchased as "military surplus." And then, you had to convince some pilot that it was a good idea to take you up to five thousand feet, open the door, fling yourself out and learn... Updates on D license holder from other Skydivers Gerald Bourquin - D-22 - lives in CA still active jumping. Steve Snyder - D-5 - died in plane crash Denny Gainor - D-138 - Still active at Perris Richard Pedley - D-240 - died on a base jump in L.A. Jeannie McCombs - D-251- went in at Ellsinore Ed Vickery - D-213 - Retired from Irvin Aerospace, living in Big Bear, CA Ronald Wright - D-312 - went in CA on demo. Larry Perkins - D-327 - working in aviation, Ellsinore CA Art Armstrong - D-336 - died in Ca Up date from the Pacific Northwest to DrEco: Jerry Baumchen D-1543 (a newbie compared to this list) John Scott - D-93 - John died about 10 yrs ago from a sudden, massive heart attack. Jack Ady - D-103 - I was in the Snohomish area yesterday and decided to go to the airport for lunch and ran into Jack. He is retired, living right off of the airport and got married for the first time about 3 yrs ago; a real optimist. Rich Johnston D-134 - Rich had a stroke just after the first of the year and is now slightly disabled. Hi lives near me and we used to get together every month or so for breakfast or lunch; I hate to visit now in his condition, but I do need to. Jens Jorgeson - D-304 - I haven't seen Jens in over 20 yrs but a mutual friend saw him last summer and said that he is in good health. Jim Wright - D-364 - Jim was killed on a jump about 15-18 yrs ago. Evan Hale - D-365 - I last saw Evan at the memorial for Jim Wright; nothing since. Ralph Hatley - D-394 - Ralph still runs a drop zone and is one of the biggest gear distributors in the world. Joe Brockway - D-395 - Joe retired from the gov't about 15 yrs ago; I last talked to him about 10 yrs ago. I need to call him, also. Dick Carlisle - D-396 - I understand he was killed in a plane crash many, many years ago. Bill Berg - D-400 - Bill was killed flying a forest fire fighting aircraft when she came apart in mid-air. Update from Bob Federman To DrEco: Just in case anyone who knew them might be interested. It was fun going through all of the names; I started jumping in early '64 and a few months later joined PCA & subscribed to Skydiver Magazine. A lot of those names were in those mags many times. And I do remember your photos. Jerry Baumchen D-1543 (a newbie compared to this list) D-60 CREAMED IN 1982, D-300 CREAMED IN1965,WEARING A SANTA SUIT, MY FIRST JUMP INSTR.,D-329 PLANE CRASH,HINCKLEY 1992 bob federman FEDO C-2403,SCR-155 Nobody has time to listen; because they're desperately chasing the need of being heard.
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