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    So funny clicking this link all these years later to see that Squirrel completely and utterly dominate the PPC charts... Hahahaha
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    You need a real rigger. A rigger that puts a 20 year life span on a reserve is a rigger to run away from.
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    Well since you are fucking deaf you would not realize how loud the Skyvan is, it is "deafening", therefore the "Dive 'til you're deaf".
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    Quite often the product is manufactured in another country and there is a different import fee on top of the item price. You get burn a few times then you start looking into the total landed cost. As an example my last purchase was for a Pilot ZPX. On this particular purchase, I was able to avoid the import fees because I was cooperative with the agent and I didn't tell her that the canopy was made in South Africa. After 15 min of searching, she got tired of looking at websites that didn't provide the country of origin and decided that it was coming from the US. US =1750$ original price of purchase CAD = 2425$ include shipping and paypal fees because transferwise was not available with this seller US import fee 0% Taxes = 345$ Total landed = 2770$ South Africa import fee 10% Import fee = 243$ Taxes = 400$ Total landed = 3068$ And yes the tax amount changes because they tax the import fees. Look at duty calculator websites to see your landed cost prior to purchasing anything in a different country to see if it's worth it. https://customsdutyfree.com/duty-calculator/
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    1) We need competition btw different manufactorers. It's vital for innovation. Innovative features a manufactorer develops, that are that good, will be copied/absorbed by the others - happens all the time. And so innovation is ongoing in order for the manufactorers to stay in the game. Also competition keeps prices in check I am assuming. As for innovation, especially Tonysuits seems to be flying at the moment. None of this will make suits do GR 7:1. We are at 3.5 :1 guys and we will probably stay there? But it will make suits easier to fly, easier to progress in, easier to deploy in, easier to perform in, easier to do acro in, etc etc. 2) The different vendors are differing quite a lot in customer service as said in this topic. Squirrel is outstanding and from experience I know they are in a class of their own. 3) Quality and durability is important for all the manufactorers and they are all good 4) Finally a given suit, flies as its testpilots prefer themselves to fly - and you feel that. So two suits from two manufactorers might look similar but in the air feels different; e.g. The Squirrel suits is all about efficiency in all aspects, PF tends to prioritize easy progression more and more forgiving flyingstyle. Especially the race suits shows this difference in how testpilots wants a suit to fly. A Squirrel CR+ is a crazy race machine, its built for the job and win's all the time, however it is probably not a suit I would take to the dropzone and use for fun bigsuit flocking. Other manufactorers have race suits that are more docile and friendly and thus might also be used on a daily basis. And so on. 5) A pilot invests in a new suit. He likes it no actually loves it. This suit is now "he best suit in the world" and nothing can be said to change that view - for some time. Demoing all suits in that class is very often not possible and so the pilot will vent his opinion and influence others about to purchase. Another pilot is somehow affiliated with a specific manufactorer and all his views is biased from a to z. In time, this pilot will become more open to other flavours and become more balanced, unless $$$ is involved ofcourse. Nof said.
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    I have a Aon2 brilliant pebbles in mine. It works flawlessly for me. You need a 3D printed mount to fit it but the drawing is available on Aon2's website. The only annoying part is that you need to remove it from the mount every time you want to set new alarms since it use a cable and an app on your phone to setup. For the price it can't be beat though.
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    Thanks! We did some testing yesterday and came to the same conclussion. There's some permissions either in the database or the file server that need tweaking, which will also help a lot of the spam issues. Since the issue is preventing us from adding plugins. Our dev is working on it trying to find the area to adjust and then things should be better.
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    Two weekends ago I was in Eloy. Sandy and I had the run of the shop for 3 days with nobody there. He showed me how to pack the mojo. Although I am not totally sold on mards, look's like this one is the best so far. RI is big on exploring new stuff. They seem to go almost over board on engineering if there is such a thing. This leads to coming up with the next step as far as advancing the sport. I am sure that, in time, there will be another model by someone. Keep it up everyone, full speed ahead.
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    I'm leaving this afternoon for the USPA BOD meeting, then I will be at the Symposium until next Friday morning. Why? It is because that is what I have been doing for so many years. The BOD meeting is "challenging" to say the least, but the Symposium is pure fun. I get to see people that I have not seen in 2 years. It is like a family reunion.