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    Please see this guys post in the main forum, we shouldn't be encouraging him to show up anywhere. There is a golf bag in his future , but in the mean time it really wouldn't be fair to the drop zone that we guided him to.
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    You need a real rigger. A rigger that puts a 20 year life span on a reserve is a rigger to run away from.
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    Yep this guy is a f u c k w i t as we Brits say.
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    Hello everyone I'd like to introduce awesome summer location with all possible facilities on site. Multiple aircrafts, Hotel from 15$ for bunk house to 50$ per night for bungalow, nice restaurant with home made Russian food, wind tunnel 24/7 from 100$ per hour on site with view of landing area, jump altitude is always 14000ft. All rental equipment is brand new Javelins and Icons. We work with Sigma tandems only. Transfer Price 2018 | Start skydive season in May month SKYDIVE 1 slot = 1300₽ ( ~20$ ) AFF Program– the full cost of the course 65.000 ₽ ( ~1000$ ), the course fee includes 30 minutes of flight time in wind tunnel. Windtunnel per 1 hour Prime time – 11.000₽ (~180$) Day – 9.000₽ (~140$) Night – 7,000₽ ( ~110$) Coach 5000₽ per 1 hour Ih you want a block time - Pay 10 hour + 1 bonus Special offers for group.Peace, love and freeflying to you all
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    Well since you are fucking deaf you would not realize how loud the Skyvan is, it is "deafening", therefore the "Dive 'til you're deaf".
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    I am not entirely sure about moderators, but I know that admins can select the best answer in threads where the OP doesn't select it. This is something that I will occasionally do, if I see that a thread has been without reply for a week or so, I'll then select a best answer to assist those who come to the thread in future.
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    Not when some manufacturers are no longer servicing their own gear past 20 years. For myself, it became as much a question of where I drew the line on liability as much as function. I jump with a reserve that's over 20, but I've also had a long talk with that mfg and its on my back (no one else's). And FWIW, while I have helped folks purchase gear, and technically Strong has me on their books as a dealer, I am not in the business of selling gear. Just my $.02 JW
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    Hey everyone, my darling wife bought me a tandem jump for my birthday this past January and one for herself essentially for our anniversary. Our anniversary happens to be the day after my birthday, so it is a little bittersweet for me in a way lol. So now we celebrate a "birthaversary". Back to the story, she bought the tickets to go to Skydive Spaceland here in Houston for this past Friday. Had to get a rain check due to fog and overcast that would not let up. 1hr 20 min drive each way. So Saturday we drop the children off with the in-laws and head back down to the DZ because the weather was clearing up nicely. Got all checked in, suited and geared up, and waited for the next plane to go up. Wasn't nervous at all, just an odd thought in my mind that once I got into the plane I knew I wasn't getting out of it on the ground like a typical flight for work haha. We fly up to about 13.5-14,000ish and the plane levelled off and slowed down, keep in mind this is new to me. Typical plane rides don't really level off and slow down like that, it was a mild oh crap here we go moment in the back of my mind that brought a smile to my face. Door opens and the solo divers all jump, then the camera man that jumped with my wife and her tandem instructor, then myself. I got to the edge of the door, looked down, smiled and we rolled out. I couldn't believe after leaving the plane how calm and relaxed I was freefalling towards the ground. No screaming or shouts of joy or anything...am I broken? lol we reached 7,000 ft locked on to the altimeter til 6 and pulled. It was at this moment that I started laughing when we started doing controlled turns and spiraling left and right, ok maybe I am not broken? We fly in the holding area for a bit then come in for landing and stick the landing. No sliding in or running like a madman. Just a nice buttery landing on our feet. Go inside and take care of the log book and walk to the smoking area to have a cigarette, and that was when the adrenaline kicked in. OK maybe I am broken, I mean delayed reaction much? Anyway, my wife comes out to me and is like we should do the second jump. I think to myself we are already here why not? I say to her lets do it. I paid, but we couldn't get onto the last flight due to a totally awesome memorial jump for one of their people that had passed due to illness. My hats off to that BTW. We went back first thing Sunday morning and got logged in and on the first flight up. Make an already long story short, had more stuff to do during freefall and we had another butter landing. Now it is safe to say that my wife an I are officially hooked, just need more money LOL. Her grand idea/plan is we should both get our solo license, so on our "birthaversary" we can both solo together, rather than doing tandem jumps. I like the idea, but money especially for 2 people to try to do at least 2 jumps a month would be really tight. I gotta give it to her though, in my early 20's I kept saying with "friends" we would go do it, but it would never happen. Everyone was always more interested in drinking and nightlife. Now I am 32 (not claiming to be old) and have yet another expensive hobby x2. If it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't know what it is like because it had fallen off of my priority list of things to do for fun. Anyway now I am interested in pursuing this and will be looking around the forum for next steps to take other than the class and jumps, more like when to buy gear and what to buy like should I bother with my own student canister or not. stuff like that.
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    Thanks! We did some testing yesterday and came to the same conclussion. There's some permissions either in the database or the file server that need tweaking, which will also help a lot of the spam issues. Since the issue is preventing us from adding plugins. Our dev is working on it trying to find the area to adjust and then things should be better.