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    Ouch, so much white space. Did they buy shares in scroll wheel manufacturers? The old school site was good because it was information dense and one could see a lot of topics and posts at once. At least it is better on a phone -- lines wrap instead of being very wide and requiring the smallest possible type to avoid scrolling left and right. Making the site phone-friendly would have been one of their goals. But on a desktop with a decent sized screen, it really wastes space. (Setting text size to 70 or 80% helps a little in getting text back to original size, but doesn't do much for the white space.) This kind of crappy design is unfortunately more and more common these days, I guess for fat fingers on small tablets. Have we lost all records of what threads and posts we've seen? One can't start where one left off; one is dumped back to post #1 on page #1 even if it is a thread one has been following while logged in. The addition of drag and drop files is a big plus of course. A couple Facebook rigging forums must have been benefiting from having easy uploads from phones. Other opinions and discoveries about the site are welcome...
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    Welcome to the new website format for this forum. Operation should be substantially the same, with minor changes (like more formatting options.) Please let me or Meso know if there's anything that looks like it's not working, or that you are having trouble with, and we will take a look. Also please bear with us over the next few weeks as all the bugs in the new system (and there are always bugs) get ironed out. Thanks for your patience.
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    He stopped by Pepperell this summer. We had a good visit. Great to see him after 30 years.
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    great timeline https://time.graphics/line/189364?fbclid=IwAR1CLPpOgT5ljs0agKmFIV3cehvrRgNWTnayb4zGyNLDgbA3Y1dJ2bVtOvw
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    Damn. I made quite a few jumps with him last year at Delmarva. He had no problems allowing newer jumpers in his group. Fly free my friend.
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    Given the latest reporting we’ve seen on Trump, given the latest buzz feed reporting that the national media with orgasmic on , I don’t know that I believe anything from any mainstream sites. And even if some of the details are true you got a wonder if the context regarding your point means the damn thing.
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    Not sure his ego would allow for this. Secondly, I believe there will be enough state level charges that a presidential pardon may not help him very much.
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    The closest we have to this at the moment is the discover feature which shows you the latest actions on the site across all sections, though this will in most cases be the forums. https://www.dropzone.com/discover/ We may look to reintroduce something along the lines of the old one though, we'll take a closer look at discuss.
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    I'm not sure you can be a tester with this being your first post. But with that said, if you're going to provide feedback, we'd appreciate you describing your complaints, as saying "It sucks" doesn't really assist anyone.
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    Clicking on the blue dot on the left of a forum post will take you to the latest unread post. Clicking on the date on the right of a forum post listing, under the user icon will take you to the latest post.
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    hover over the person's icon at a post and get a pop up with options to ignore or message the person
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    One of my favorite features of the Forum was the list on the bottom of every Forum page, which showed the 10 most recently added-to Forum topics, independent of which category they were coming from. If your current system has the capability to add this feature back in, I think it would be a great one to add. That was pretty much the way I navigated the Forum 90% of the time. I can't imagine I was the only one. Thanks, and congrats on the update!
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    Man, you guys didn't take any design feedback from beta testers. If you wanted to kill this website by preventing millennials from using it you have succeeded.
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    The new forums do not appear to take me to the first unread post in a thread, as before. They all point to the first post in a thread.
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    I can cut-and-paste GIFs and other images. NICE. URLS with preview! NICE
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    Is there a "mark all forums read" button, as there used to be? When I'm done looking at what I want to I use it, so that the next time I come in I know what's been updated. Thanks Wendy P.
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    I'm, with you, Tim. There is not one thing better about it. 100+% garbage. Jerry Baumchen PS) Anyone know where the Messages are? PPS) And, where did the PREVIEW POST go? PPPS) And, why the double-line spacing?
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    I’m not feeling the love. I think he had to do something to cater to the audience with small screens. But this is looking like it could be the end for me. I’ll wait and see for a while. I haven’t found a search function yet. Without that a ton of rigging knowledge will be inaccessible. There is too much content here for this format to be effective.
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    Utter Rubbish. I guess its a good excuse to abandon DZ.com for good. If it ain't broke...….. I'm sure quite a few regular posters will disappear from here.
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    Dear David, Eight years today and we still miss you so very much. Driving thru the night, remembering that night and thinking of you with love and affection. Marianne and Jim
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