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    There are 2 speeds: Indicated airspeed and true airspeed. The speed that the jumper will feel in freefall is always indicated airspeed and for a jumper that falls at an indicated airspeed of 120 mph, he will fall at that same indicated airspeed regardless of altitude (except when going so high there is no air at all). If you could take an airspeed indicator with you in freefall, it would always register the same airspeed, indicated airspeed, regardless of altitude for a give body position. Your true airspeed will change with altitude and at 41,000' your true airspeed, with an indicated airspeed of 120 mph, would be about (depending on temperature) 245 mph. However, your body would only feel the indicated airspeed of 120 mph. Mike Mullins Oh yes I will. Mike
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    "When a coup attempt goes unpunished, it has officially become a training exercise." - Author Unknown
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    I disagree with just about all of Rep. Cheney's policy positions, but to punish her for not promoting a huge lie is about as low as you can go.
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    In my church there is controversy about taking the vaccine. Many have taken it, including my wife and I, but some refuse. Those refusing are not vocal with their reasoning. It comes across as, mostly, the government is not going to tell me what to do. To me that is very weak and not very enlightening. Some of us have had the virus and some of those have died or still suffering long term effects. My wife is in this situation. To date we have had 8,254 infected and 214 deaths. I would guess around 50% of the seniors are vaccinated. Getting an appointment is a stumbling block. Personally, I think it is better to be as safe as possible than to be as sick as possible.
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    Have you been taking “false news spreading” lessons? I love the technique of sprinkling just enough true statements among the complete bullshit anecdotal based lies in this rambling unfocused post.
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    McConnell is an evil turd, but he is not stupid. He is trying to force the Democrats to use the reconciliation process to pass the debt limit bill, which will burn a lot of clock and prevent the Democrats from passing their human infrastructure bill and also any voting protection legislation. Just as he did with Obama he doesn't want Biden to have any "wins", so Republicans will be able to portray Democrats as incompetent losers in the next election. Also Republicans are desperate to stymie any voting protection as they are very aware that voting suppression is their only path to power. It's just gravy that he can stick the Democrats with the bill for four years of fiscal irresponsibility under Trump. In the end McConnell and the Republican party only care about winning and power. They do not care at all about the damage they would do to the country, people, and the world. For them the end always justifies the means if the end is they win. Don
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    My people (military intel types) made a mistake. Then this military leadership owned it when it was discovered and this administration is trying to make amends. When US forces were targeted in this and other countries over the previous four years, what was the plan? Oh yeah: "bomb the shit out of them." There was a lot of criticism for the administration "allowing" the attack on the airport checkpoint, and quite a lot of insistence that it not happen again during the evacuation. Information was gathered, and we made a bad call over the interpretation of it. How much criticism would be flowing had no action been taken and another attack had happened? Hindsight is 20/20. We recognize it was a bad interpretation of the available information. But we admit it and try to recover.
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    So, you joined 4 hours ago to bash Icon? Welcome to the forums and thanks for your valuable insight. Perhaps you shouldn't buy any rig - they've all had reserve issues. Skydiving is not for everyone.
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    I do indeed. Your sources for what CRT is are about as authoritative as that whuffo's ideas of what skydiving was from years gone by. Yep. No wonder you believe the right wing strawman version of what CRT is. I am only surprised you did not include George Carlin, Andrew Dice Clay and Bobcat GoldThwait as sources for your understanding. Nope. But race played a role. Attempts to understand what role it played are worthwhile, and are not Monty Python-esque, or Marxist, or racist. I do indeed support it, and I am just fine with you thinking I am a humorless twit. Due to my work in it, I have realized a few things. I used to think I understood transgender people. Then one of the women who works for me came out to me as trans. She did this because of my support for DEI, and it was a good thing - I could be a better manager if I understood her perspective a bit better. From her I learned that I was not "woke." I did not understand what trans people go through, nor do I understand now, since I am a straight cis guy. But at least I understand the issue a little better now. I used to think that rape was a rare crime, and that it was something that happened when women got careless. Then an old friend told me about her rape. It shook me a bit. When I talked to another friend about it, she told me about HER rape. Now half the women I have talked to have their own stories about it - including women who are tough as nails, and are about as far from a careless pushover as you can get. I used to think that blacks (and other minorities) had had it bad centuries ago, but nowadays all those laws had been changed, so now it was 100% up to them. Then in high school I got to know the Indian kid next to me in band. He was one of four non-Christians allowed entry. I also got to know one of the four black kids in the school, and we're still friends on Facebook. I did a little digging, and found out that if my high school admitted a certain percentage of non-Christian and non-white students, they qualified for a federal financial assistance program. (One of those 'structural' things that you think is a joke.) I don't really understand what it's like to be a minority, but after talking to them I at least understand it a little bit more. From your posts it sounds like you believe you know it all, and are smugly confident that you have nothing left to learn on the topic. Black scholars who research the structural basis of racism are Marxists, and their work is comedy. Trans people are mentally ill. Muslims are violent, insane criminals. Black people who talk about racism are the real racists. If that lets you sleep better at night, then I guess that . . . works for you. Rest assured that I do not have the vast, superior and unquestionable understanding that you do. The more work I do on understanding the issues under DEI (and for me it does take work) the more I understand how much I have to learn. If that means I am a humorless twit in your eyes, so be it. Feel free to, in the future, disregard my posts, and converse only with people at your (much higher) level.
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    OK. Bill, I'll own that and apologize to the group. Not the impression I was trying to give, but obviously missed the mark.
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    Sweetie, you don't empower women, they own the power. It's not yours to give. Wendy P.
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    Myself and my good friend Brent Findlay set a new national New Zealand record this past Saturday for the most number of jumps completed in a single day by a single person. Dubbed 'The Hundred Jump Project' our goal was to get at least 101 jumps in a single day each simultaneously to beat the current NZ record of 100 which has stood unbeaten since 1999. We managed to achieve an average of one jump each every 5.5 minutes for just under 12 hours non-stop (aside from fuelling obviously), eventually ending the day on 120 jumps each so we now co-own the new record. We jumped from 2,500ft (the lowest legal altitude under our governing rules) from a Fletcher aircraft. We had just the one plane but had 3 pilots who worked on a 10-jump rotation. We had an incredible ground crew of around 50 people including packers, pilots, safety, rig-swappers, catchers, food and hydration runners etc who all also worked on a roster rotation, our first jump was at sunrise 6:35am and our last jump was around 6:15pm. We are not night rated so we were restricted to daylight hours only. We used a total of 20 rigs with quite a large range of canopies. It was really fun to land a Crossfire 3 109, then 5 minutes later land a Saffire 3 150, then 5 minutes later land a 7 cell Krakken wingsuit canopy etc, it was a real test and we had 240 great landings. I know some of you will be referencing people like Jay Stokes and thinking that 120 isnt really a big deal, but it was a big deal for NZ and certainly a big deal for us personally. We used the challenge to raise funds for our local Mental Health Foundation, so far we have raised around $10,000NZD but we expect that number to climb as the NZ media continues to show a lot of interest. We both had one cutaway each which is pretty unlucky really. Both spinning linetwists which put us on our backs, pretty obvious you arent going to fix that from that altitude. Mine was at jump 55 and Brents was at jump 93. Both cutaways were textbook, kept both handles, landed exactly on target, swapped rigs and kept going. One of the coolest stats is that I got to do my 800th and 900th jump on the same day, which not many people can say. Anyway I just thought some of you might be interested in some of those stats. It was a super fun day and Im really proud of what we achieved. Heres a quick story from one of the news channels here in NZ, one of many to report on the event. https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/124237213/friends-push-through-parachute-fails-and-fatigue-to-set-new-skydive-record
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    Looks like a lot of people don't understand the difference between "making good choices" and "having good choices".
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    YOU don't get off the hook that easily. YOU are one of the enablers. Be ashamed.
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    Scott, it's not that people don't care about USPA. It's that they don't care to get involved in the politics or the governance process. That is a distinct difference. For the most part, skydivers just want to skydive and know that USPA is supporting them in real-world ways. Skydivers DO want USPA to handle licensing, ratings programs, safety & training issues, and the infinite number of things that can screw up an otherwise great day of skydiving. They want us to keep the government out of their way, keep the A-holes from taking them out with bulletproof attitudes, and lead the administration of the world's largest (by far) skydiving organization properly. As a regional director I get several calls each week from members with questions or issues that require action on the part of USPA. As president, I see DZO's with airport access problems, airspace use complications, airport tenant conflicts, unreasonable or impossible venue requirements, and a million other things that threaten our sport and our rights. Skydivers also want excellent customer service from USPA and they get it. Call headquarters some time. You will notice that your call is answered by a real live human being, not a voicemail system. That is by design. Ask a member who recently turned in a license or ratings application how long it took to process. Most applications these days are processed within a week, and some within a few days. I've had members routinely report getting applications for licenses, rating, and awards processed within 24 hours of submitting them. Try to get that kind of customer service anywhere else. The list goes on, but you get the point. Most members don't realize what USPA does for our members until they need something. Then they just want their problem solved so they can get back in the air. The truth is there are many reasons members don't vote that have nothing to do with "not caring" about USPA. A lot of members are newbies who wouldn't know who to vote for without performing a lot of research. Some are lifetime members who have no active interest in current affairs. And many (most?) members who don't vote choose to sit out the elections for one very simple reason - they don't see anything significant that needs changed. I used to get irritated at people with apathy toward USPA, but after 6 years of service on the board and a front row seat watching USPA serve members with problems that need our attention, I no longer do. The fact is the average member doesn't know the insane amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, but they DO care that we are there doing the work - even if they don't realize it until they have an issue that needs solved. They also want a nice place to pack and a fridge that keeps their beer cold. We leave those items to the DZO's.
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    Airlifting 130,000 people out of the Kabul airport in two weeks was an impressive accomplishment despite the chaos. Trump made no plans at all to get anyone out, and his administration did everything in their power to obstruct anyone from getting out. The Biden administration starting telling US citizens in March to get out, but many did not try until after the Taliban had seized most of all of the country and made movement impossible. Some idiots even traveled from the US to Afghanistan in June and July, then bleated and whined when they could not get out. Many others traveled to Afghanistan without registering with the State Department. Yet somehow it is Biden's fault that he did not know every US citizen in Afghanistan, exactly where they were, and send in the Marines to forcefully extract them? Regarding the border, the US government has no authority to go into Mexico and use force to block people from coming to the border. People have a legal right to present themselves at the border and ask for asylum. It's not Biden's fault that Central America experienced two major hurricane in less than a year, destroying their agriculture, infrastructure, and the homes of hundreds of thousands of people. It is not Biden's fault that Haiti is a corrupt hell hole that is also prone to earthquakes. It is not Biden's fault that Trump withdrew every program to help those countries improve conditions so people would not feel they have to leave so they won't starve. US law allows people to ask for asylum. The Trump policy of blocking people from any meaningful opportunity to ask for asylum was illegal. The Trump policy of breaking up families to scare people away from asking was deeply immoral. I sometimes think some Republicans would be comfortable forcing families back into a burning building if they aren't the "right kind" of people. I don't say that sneaking across the border should be tolerated. I don't suggest that the Biden administration's response has been great. However it doesn't help that Trump decimated the human infrastructure needed to process asylum applicants. It's easy to be critical but if anyone cares to be fair they should be able to say how they would have responded to a huge surge of asylum seekers with fewer resources. As far as infrastructure is concerned, I think what we are seeing now with the Democrats is how things are supposed to work. People are debating ideas, working to convince their colleagues about the validity of their policies. In the end no one will get everything they want but what will survive will represent the things everyone agrees is a priority. The debate should include Republicans but they are incapable of weighing competing ideas in an honest debate. Perhaps this inability has something to do with them throwing out their brains and filling their heads with Trump's lies. They criticize actual debate because they only know how to abdicate to Dear Leader in all things. At any rate they are absent from the discussion, happy to only obstruct and criticize. They cannot lead, they only whine.
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    Or maybe you’re just shit at stating your position clearly? Your penchant for superfluous elongation of discourse in order to facilitate the association of intelligence in the poster to the reader, provides no more than illusionary and self-delusionary camoflague for the lack of substance in your own posts.
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    "The problem with using the terms “hard” and “soft” is that they are often misinterpreted. “Hard” science is often misinterpreted to mean that the discipline is more difficult or that the methods are based on true scientific principles. This can make people believe that “soft” science is wishy-washy and ideological. The truth is that any scientific discipline, when practiced properly, is hard. The scientific method requires hypotheses that can be tested using proper control groups and carefully designed methods. The difference between a chemistry experiment and a human behavior experiment is that it is easy to put chemical mixtures into positive and negative control groups. It is not so easy to find human beings that conform to the design of the study. The bottom line is that to further any scientific discipline; hard or soft, it is critical that the scientist do her best to follow the scientific method. The most difficult part of any experiment is interpreting results. Confidence in conclusions depends on design study." ~Karen Reece, BS, MS, PhD Over the past two years, I too; have recently found myself in that situation and am only "walking" in the past three weeks. It has been a humbling experience fraught with frustrations and anger - at myself, at the world, etc. But, you probably know this. [EDIT] And it "woke" me to the plight of the handicapped. I used to think that I was being helpful by opening the door or offering to help in some way . . . What I never realized was that I was constantly reminding them that they are handicapped and that I was more fortunate. I'll let Oscar Pistorius, Ryan Raghoo and Sir Philip Craven share their thoughts with you on the matter. You asked for a couple of resources of whom I gave the original authors of CRT. You skimmed the attached article and found something to attack and support your ingrained thoughts on the subject and appear to have stopped there without reading more. Peek and You and I used to sit at the WFFC in the evenings and have long conversations about safety and the direction of skydiving at the end of the day. I remember you as being more receptive than rigid. I feel pretty safe in saying that you don't really want to learn more about CRT as much as you just want to argue by using references and talking points from those who support your position. And, you have a right to your opinion, so we'll just leave it there.
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    Agreed, the vector issue is different in a subtle way. And in these cases, the devil is in the details. As far as the Icon stuff going on here, with three newly-made accounts all offering unsubstantiated photo's/videos of icons not properly working, I'm smelling either a hidden agenda or a big pile of bullshit. Cough up the details, or get the f* out.
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    Be patient. Go to Purdue and apply yourself towards an engineering, computer science, cyber security, etc. degree. It's a tough university to be admitted to, so you must be smarter than the average bear. A Purdue degree will beat your local CA degree when interviewing. USPA stats show many jumpers have technical backgrounds (engineer and CS). Get a good job that pays well. Take up skydiving again. The sky's not going anywhere but you have an opportunity to go somewhere unique: Purdue and beyond. Be patient.
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    WE KNOW! IT's from THAT day. EVERY time - THAT DAY. You keep posting the same hyperlink. For that day. This is exactly what pisses everyone off. You pick one data point out of trend and celebrate that data point like a five year-old that's discovered he can write his name in the snow while peeing.
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    I notice a common theme among some people here. They can't explain their thinking, so they find a video and say "watch this whole thing." If you can't summarize your opinion, I'm not going to watch an hour and forty minute video to make up for that inability. Sorry. This is another common theme here - discarding any data that does not support your belief. "The Shockley-Quessier limit means solar is a pipe dream!" (this was an actual claim here) "The SC limit is not an issue in solar. First off, that states that single crystal solar can never be more than 33% efficient. It's 22% now - which means it can get better by at least 50%. And it's STILL economical - and the price is STILL coming down. Price is not really affected by the SC limit. And it doesn't apply to multilayer anyway, like perovskite plus silicon. That can get you to 69% efficiency, which means practically you could double today's efficiencies." "None of that is relevant." Once again - if you use "woman" as an insult against a guy (or "effeminate" or "feminine" etc) it means you think comparing someone to a woman denigrates them. Even if you have a sister or a friend who is a woman. It's actually pretty common in some circles, just as some people think "that's mighty white of you" is a compliment. Now, if you just posted without thinking, or you asked Joe that by mistake, no worries. You could apologize for your poor choice of words and/or misunderstanding and we could move on. But I am done letting sexism, racism etc just slide to "get along." I've done enough of that throughout my life and I'm not doing it any more. It may cost me some friends, but that's a price I am willing to pay.
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    Resisting arrest, failing to comply, threatening to assault police officers... what does a white guy have to do to get suffocated around here?
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    Occasionally I see a BH quote and am reminded why I blocked him. Thanks for reminding me why it’s best to ignore his ridiculous bullshtuff Joe
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    That, hands down and against stiff competition, is one of your lamest statements yet. You realize we are all skydivers, yes? Some of us are also accomplished pilots, motocross racers, rock climbers, base jumpers, speed flyers, extreme scuba divers and a shit pot full of other cool risky things. But here are you in all of your brave glory being sad for us that we don't have the balls to go to Disneyland or your favorite Chucky Cheese owing to our fear of dying. Whatever.
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    A post in "Friends of Hartwood" on Farcebook. ------------------------------------------------ Here's a shout out to Clay Schoelpple. Clay went back east after his dad passed. He was cleaning out some old shelves & found an old velcro pouch with some old guy's original log books, USPA licenses, SCS cards, etc. I had left those there in 1987 and never found them again. You can imagine what it must have taken for Clay to track me down 34 years later! I was in the Navy and moved a dozen times since then. Thank you, Clay! I miss those days at Hartwood and was sorry to hear about Harry. Blue Skies to all of you in the group & remind Clay what a great guy he is. - Bob Larys, D-6822
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    36 hours after 2nd shot. I feel strong, going out to hunt bears in forest.
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    If you storm the fucking Capitol there have to be consequences. If you support that action or incite it, there HAVE to be consequences. You don't get to try and overthrow democracy and just go 'Why won't you be friends?? I just want to move on together! You're so MEAN! waaaahhhhhhh'. Jesus. I've never seen such a bunch of whiners. And they call those on the left 'snowflakes'.... I thought the Republican party was all for personal responsibility? Letting it go is what will make a bad situation worse. There's a reason the policy of every major government and police force is not to negotiate with terrorists or blackmailers - they think they can get away with it and so they do it again and step it up the next time. So yes. Find those guilty. Make an example of them within the law, no matter how high or low they are in the political structure. Slap them all down as hard and fast as fucking possible. This is what the American Government does with insurrectionists, is going to be the message. We'd better make sure it's a good one.
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    All you guys (and it's guys here on this forum) who think woke is a joke -- how much of it is because you find that it means that your opinion isn't listened for and respected anymore? Now, consider how that's the reality since, well, forever, for women and minorities. They had to earn their place at the table by being better than any of the men -- after all, as long as you could point to how one of the usuals was more qualified in one point, that made the rest irrelevant. The thing is, that depends on your opinion mattering. And it no longer matters in many contexts, any more than mine matters. If you're still working, at the next mixed-gender and mixed-race meeting, actively count the number of times people are interrupted in the meeting. Then look and see who's interrupting, and who's being interrupted. In most cases (though certainly not all), it'll be an alpha male doing the interrupting. And it won't be an alpha male being interrupted. Wendy P.
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    Most likely because he’s likely one of the Icon-bashers. I believe Icons also cause bad breath and erectile disfunction. Wendy P.
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    Back in my high school days I found myself at an all boys catholic high school. The curriculum was a little . . . right of center. During one of my history classes, the Brother teaching the course was covering World War II. He was older and had likely lived through it, and was clearly enthusiastic about the topic. He covered a lot of the economic reasons we won the war (which were illuminating) and a lot on military strategy. He mentioned very little about what was happening in Germany and Italy. At one point a student asked him "what about the Holocaust?" He seemed a little annoyed by the question and made the following points: 1) More Christians than Jews died during World War II, so it wasn't a Jewish issue, and the term itself was a misnomer. 2) The Germans didn't target Jews anyway; they mainly targeted Christians. 3) It was a minor part of the war overall and not that important in terms of history. "But the Jews sure like to talk about it," he concluded, with the unspoken suggestion that they make a big deal about it for sympathy. If he were alive today, I have a feeling he'd be all about cancelling CRT as well. Those blacks just want to make it all about them.
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    Why would it be? Like you, she had a talent for taking 20 pages to express a 2 line idea. Like you, she takes the most superficial view of a complex subject and pretend that what she’s saying is complex because of the sheer amount of waffle she surrounds it with. Like you, she spends half her time discussing completely separate concepts like Marxism that she pretends are connected simply because she mentions them in the same sentence. Ive had lettuce sandwiches on Wonder Bread that were more interesting than dissecting that mountain of blah.
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    Found on the /r/HermanCainAward page:
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    I opened your Pfizer link and reviewed what allergens were listed. It would appear the list was developed about the same time that Warpspeed started as the list for previously used allergens in all previous vaccines. However, if you drill down into that list; you'll notice that most of the ingredients say, "not used in . . ." Pretty much, you would need to have an allergy to Sucrose, Salt, Potassium, or Propylene Glycol. I went back and reviewed your history, You joined In October of last year and did not enter into the COVID discussion until June 2nd of this year. In the "Incentives to Vax" thread, you said, "This does not reflect my personal stance on vaccines. I am not against them." You went on to state, "I don't see why anyone would fault someone for not wanting to take a non-FDA approved vaccine. As far as I know(I may be wrong), none of the current vaccines have a USA FDA approval. They have only been approved for a crisis/pandemic emergency usage, which could be revoked." Now, that it has full approval, you seem to be finding other reasons to not get the vaccine, when you yourself, support it. So, either you're not being genuine regarding your own beliefs on vaccines or you're just another internet keyboard warrior who wants to argue about everything and not use any facts. I think you said it best, " ANYONE who does not get vax'd is scum of the earth." And, before you take a step back and reframe your argument into "People have rights," I will wear your fucking ass out on that argument. You are dismissed.
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    I think you should seriously consider getting a 2nd opinion.
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    We've removed several posts from this thread. And while we can respect why the discussion took the route it did, please keep this forum tied to preserving the memory of the individual, instead of berating their choices - no matter how bad they may be to your eyes. You're welcome to take Covid/Anti-Vax related topics to the Speakers Corner - but this isn't the place for us to try use someone's life choices as a lesson, or to berate them.
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    That’s way too many words for me to read Bill, could you just give us a quick summary?
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    Please try to bring data, not opinions, to the discussion. That would include things like answering the questions about what the metal thing was coming out, how a rig was packed, and other things. "XXX sucks donkey dogs" is not data. Wendy P.
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    It’s not about pro Trump and anti Trump. It’s about complicit vs not complicit. Jim Jordan is not just crazy, not just a proven liar on a wild scale, not just an enthusiastic pusher of wild election fraud fantasies, he was literally in the room where it happened when Trump and his team were formulating their ‘let’s get everyone riled up’ pre riot plans. It’s not even just about the bias - you can’t make an investigator out of someone who could easily be subpoenaed as a witness to the things being investigated, and everyone knows that. Putting him forward in the first place is pure Republican political theatre.
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    Nothing like a little drama to spice up a Friday morning. An AAD fire is not the same thing as a manual pin extraction. I don't know what your agenda is here, but baseless fear mongering is what you are doing.
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    RSL is a lanyard connecting one of the main risers and reserve ripcord (and MARD if it's there). Once the reserve canopy is open, RSL doesn't have any function, but it still exists connected to the main riser. In case you have two canopies out and decide to cutaway the main, you will still have a lanyard dangling from the main riser which can get caught in something (for example, it could whip and wrap around the reserve risers). Disconnecting it reduces/removes the chances for this.
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    It's a pop music thing. "WAP" stands for 'wet ass pussy'. Cardi B is the artist, and did a (fully dressed) imitation of lesbian sex with another female artist on stage at the Grammy awards show. The conservatives went nuts (predictably). Funny how the word 'pussy' is offensive when preceded by 'wet ass', yet not so when preceded by 'grab them by the'. Yet the first implies consensual activity, while the second is pretty clearly a crime.
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    We ARE a 'deeply dysfunctional, broken nation'. We're finally seeing cops being tried for murdering people in custody (or being murdered while being taken into custody). We just saw how deeply broken the military is and how women are treated within it. We just saw 74 million people vote for a criminal, who wanted to be a despot. We are still seeing the Republican party try to disenfranchise millions of voters, mostly minorities and the poor. We're seeing the results of disregarding science, dismissing education and pretending that ignorance is 'just fine'. One of those results is the highest death toll from Covid in the world. During the pandemic, the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. The amount of wealth gained by the richest people in the past year is appalling. Many of these things have long existed, and the true extent of them is just now being revealed. The idea of "American Exceptionalism" is one of the most arrogant pieces of nonsense I've ever seen, and yet it seems to be growing.
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    Agreeing with Gerry Baumchen, The first freebags had no through loops (e.g. Strong Dual Hawk Tandem) and short closing loops were tied to internal flaps. Second generation freebags had through loops, but they still rubbed against reserve fabric (e.g. Talon 1 and all Vectors). loop length varies widely depending up the rigger's experience. I have only sewn patches on two reserves, but one of them was in a NARO. The reserve center cell suffered a small tear because a rigger used more muscle than skill in pulling the closing loop through the free bag. Even if I only have to patch one reserve every 1500 repacks, that is too often. Third generation free bags are pinched in the middle they are easier to with only a single grommet through both layers of the freebag (Javelin, Talon 2). They are easier to pack because they need fewer tools and have a consistent loop length. While working at Para-Phernalia, I managed to convince them to switch Softie free bags from second generation to third generation freebags. EOS, Atom and Icon are between second and third generation in that they have grommets in both the top and bottom skins of the free bag, but they also have fabric channels preventing the closing loop from ever rubbing against on reserve fabric. Fourth generation free bags have more secure lines stows to properly stage higher speed openings (Icon, Racer Speed bag). These are mostly found on tandem and military rigs that deploy much heavier and faster than solo rigs. If you have read this far, you understand why I clearly prefer third generation free bags.
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    Brother, I have to side with the left on this one. And, in part, you are correct. One-time shot in the arms aren't that great, but it is something. IMO: It should have been $600 - $1,000/month this whole time. Any time there's a recession/depression, the Keynesian Model works. Get money into the hands of the consumers that make less than "X" and they spend. Moving money around is what gets the economy to rebound.
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    Is the emoticon supposed to be you? I'd have chosen differently. Look, a country is many things but more than anything it is a society of people who choose to adopt a common identity and who work toward common goals for the common good. Those things generally come together very slowly for the whole. It's just reasonable that when most people have decided things like racism and racist behavior are no longer a part of their identity then they also no longer see it as a part of their national identity and, by extension, no longer identify with certain symbols of their racist past. It's not about starting over or denying our past it's about standing up for who we are now as a people. That's a good thing.
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    Qanon: The religion for people who find Scientology too rational and boring.
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    There was a man from Kent whose virus' sequence was bent. It made one no sicker, but passed on much quicker, so faster and faster it went.
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    I'm embarrassed to say this guy was a Marine (and have been embarrassed by him for some time). I'm pretty forgiving when people who have never served in government are elected to office, and then overstep or misunderstand (innocent mistakes) ethics and finance rules. But military officers have to engage in -- and often lead -- annual discussions and training sessions on this stuff. As a member of congress he committed gross violations of finance laws and ethics regulations (to the point that I wouldn't even have excused them for someone who might not "know better"). Double whammy. It's guys like him who make it so military members can be forced to take on even more training sessions, with documented attendance and participation -- taking away from doing our regular mission and from the annual skills training calendar. It's disgusting.
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