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    I'm glad I was able to remember my log-in! Thank you for flirting with me, all the way back in 2006. Have we ever paid Sangiro for his pimp fee? You had me at hello. Some of the best times of my life were with you in the sky, I miss it! I love you! Hi to anyone who remembers me!!
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    Odd to even have to say this but - no blood libels. Your next ban will be your last. Either start discussing things without the Russian playbook in front of you or find a new forum to work on.
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    On June 6, 1942, Adeline Gray made the first jump by a human with a nylon parachute at Brainard Field in Hartford. Her jump, performed before a group of Army officials, put the world’s first nylon parachute to the test. The Pioneer Parachute Company of Manchester fabricated the new nylon material, which was developed as an alternative to silk. Working in concert with the Cheney Brothers Company of Manchester and the DuPont Company, Pioneer Parachute developed a material that combined “compactness with lightness, resiliency and strength.” Gray, who was 24 years old at the time of the jump, was from Oxford and worked as a licensed parachute rigger and packer at the Pioneer Parachute Company. She began jumping at age 19 and at the time of the nylon “jump test” had completed 32 jumps and was the only licensed female parachute jumper in Connecticut. https://connecticuthistory.org/first-human-test-of-a-nylon-parachute/#:~:text=On June 6%2C 1942%2C Adeline,nylon parachute to the test. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adeline_Gray_(parachutist)
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    Interesting how "life" is defined by these folks as a "heartbeat" at this point, but "not alive" is measured by brain activity. If you have to terminate a pregnancy at the 20th week, it's usually because there is no (or will be no) brain activity, but women have been forced to carry a non-viable fetus for several days/weeks because it is "alive." These morons should first agree on a definition of "life" that covers the whole span. If a heartbeat (don't even get me started on what that zygote really has at 4 weeks past fertilization) is the definition of alive, then we can stop learning CPR and dispose of all defibrillators. They're already dead, so you just have to call it when the heart stops. If you pound on someone's chest, or shock them, after their heart stops, then you should be charged with mutilating a corpse.
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    I'd counter that there's a virtually limitless supply of tools chasing this Hunter Biden angle.
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    Here’s my $0.02, for what it’s worth….if your faith makes your life better and you wanna share that then fill your fucking boots, I’m happy for you. If you want to start telling me I’m going to burn for eternity because I don’t believe in your imaginary friend, I’m happy to write you off as a person worth giving another minute of my time.
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    NINE YEARS!!!!! Flirting with each other here was the start, then the flirting at boogies and drop zones. She had my heart the second our eyes met. I love you baby, let's continue our adventure filled journey through life together. now to get her back here to see this.... *Chuck Blue was right. Thanks brother!
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    dozens of felony counts. Trump is not walking away from this with no convictions. Pardons still mean you are guilty, so they don't mean shit to anyone with a fucking brain. He's a fucking crook. he always was. He's a fucking con man. He always was. Arguably he is guilty of sedition, given the Seditious conspiracy convictions of Jan 6 already... and that may be coming yet. 6 dozen felony counts might give the other prosecutors the balls to proceed as well. This is as close to actual treason as we could find if there is ever evidence that he shared any docs with a foreign entity. Fuck that seditious cunt. fuck anyone that supports that seditious cunt at this point. Stop making excuses for the worst president we have ever had in the white house. There is no comparison to this fucking mutt of a human being. When he dies (and he will someday) I will be hosting a neighborhood BBQ and open an 18 year old bottle of single malt. that.....fucking....seditious.....cunt.....
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    A few months before I got out of the tandem game (after 10 years and probably 5000+ tandems): I exit on a handcam jump that had outside video as well, and right out the door I realize I didn't buckle my full face helmet. So I'm flying the entire jump with my right hand on my head, filming with my left, and cursing the camera flyer who decided (not for the first time) to film everything while carving around us on his head. Apart from that helmet annoyance and the freeflying camera guy, we get to 6000' uneventfully, whereas I reach back with my left hand (wasn't going to sacrifice my helmet for the opening shot), pull, and nothing happens. I switch hands, hold down my helmet with my left, and pull the right handle. Nothing. Now we're getting to 5000', and everything I know about release blockages and drogues in tow on Sigmas flashes through my head. I give the left handle another go, then say a quick prayer and fire the reserve past the trailing drogue. It clears, and we have a brisk, but totally manageable deployment, and I fly us down, hoping the people on the ground aren't too freaked out by the drogue dragging behind us, trying to get some good canopy HC footage to make up for what would definitely be suboptimal freefall. We land, and I look back to locate my drogue. And it's not there. And that's when I realize it's still in the BOC, where it's been the entire time because I was too busy holding down my helmet and filming the jump, and the camera guy was just trying to keep up with us, and we went straight to reserve from drogueless terminal. And I was generally pretty proud of myself for not being one of those TIs who need the drogue to get them stable, but the dumbfuckery I managed to cram into this jump still makes me a bit sick to my stomach.
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    I've recreated all of the witness and crew testimonies in their unredacted format and put them all in one place. Many of the copies floating around the net look terrible and have gross watermarks, etc. norjak.org/testimony
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    Texas AG Paxton is threatening to prosecute regardless of te court's order. Beto O'Rouke summed it up nicely: “This is Texas AG Ken Paxton saying he’ll throw a woman’s doctors in prison for life if they perform a *court-granted* abortion on a *nonviable* pregnancy that risks causing her permanent infertility and death,” he said. “Still think the GOP is pro-life?” O’Rourke added.
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    These are the same people who think that The Donald is well-characterized by their T-shirts likening him to the second coming; who think that it's better to hurt someone you disagree with than it is to improve your own lot, because perception is reality. Me, I moved to a place where I can buy local produce and meat much of the year, and support local businesses instead of big box stores. Where I can hike and bike from close to home, and where small towns DO try things. Like setting up community care departments, to offload mental health calls from the police. Like improving rather than defunding their libraries. Like buying hybrid vehicles for public departments. Like helping to fund public transit. Like having local newspapers. Like valuing education to the degree that nearly every kid in the state has access to a good vocational school (most with a waiting list) as well as a regular high school. And, yes, studying reparations. Life is good. Wendy P.
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    Donald Trump called Georgia looking for 11,780 votes. Fani Willis is only going to need 12.
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    People like you that take great joy in such issues are what is dividing America. You lack the intelligence, empathy and courage to look at all sides of an issue. You think it’s fun that an entire section of America makes fun of a kind, loving, funny young girl. You have zero insight into why a music video with lyrics aimed at denigrating black America is disturbing. And energizing MAGA world. Filmed at the site of a lynching. Because you back the blue, unless they are defending the Capitol from a bunch of white folks you side with. Because those asshats spit on cops and used flags to beat them. I guess that wouldn’t have happened in a small town. so do you love or hate cancel culture? Such a conundrum. It must be painful to live life viewing everything through a left or right magnifying glass.
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    Believing in a Creator is not following the science.
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    So, being able to get pregnant is your standard. Okay. I can't get pregnant either. Does that make me a man? Then again, I did just retire from several decades in the Marine Corps, so maybe I have been mis-identifying all this time? I'm so confused.
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    Initially. If all guns must be registered and accounted for cradle to grave, then when the police come across a gun that is not registered; they confiscate and smelt it. There will always be the "survivalist" mentality of keeping their guns locked away - in case. But, they would be locked away. It would take time, but as you say, "It's an entry point." If the NRA had a brain in their head, they would realize the amount of money they could make in education, training, etc. instead of "The libs are coming after your 2nd amendment rights!!!" I joined the NRA for one year back in the mid-80's. They must have spent ten times as much sending me fliers of fear a couple of times a month. And, we were done. Ya know, my plan is no different than what we had in the military, cradle to grave responsibility, proper training, maintenance and storage, personal accountability, no walking around base with a weapon on your hip, etc. I really don't see what the big deal is migrating that to a civilian populace.
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    I also blame Newt for the first blatant telling of lies and starting the trend that it was somehow 'OK'. When confronted by a reporter during an interview with something that he said - it was patently false and the reporter outed him on it. Newt said something to the effect of "This is what our people believe." I was disturbed as was the reporter at the time. Honesty used to be a thing. Now we just openly lie and then double down on it when confronted.
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    We shouldn't have for profit prisons either. More financial reasons than legal reasons seems to lead their thinking. Even some State guidelines on incarceration are odd. Unless it's been changed, Ii Florida, if you're taken to jail, you will stay there for a minimum of 48 hours in order for the county to receive State funds for the cost of housing you. This simple rule has cost people their jobs, which can create a cascade of financial disaster for them.
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    It's a barbaric, mistake prone process that serves no real purpose other than to "punish" someone to make the victims relatives and bloodthirsty onlookers feel better. It's more expensive than life in prison I believe, It's irreversible and I suspect the wrong people get caught more often than they should. All civilised societies no longer do this..
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    Federal funds for fuel retailers? Federal Aid Highway Act of 1921 was considered a large Federal contribution of funds to support gas stations. PPP funds for fuel retailers? $380 BILLION???? Numerous States have provided funding for fuel stations to replace and upgrade fueling equipment. SBA provides low interest loans to gas stations. huh....it's just too easy. Every. Damn. Time. So yeah, ZERO efforts by some to investigate or put any effort into anything besides the "OMG THE SKY IS FALLING AND NOTHING WILL FIX THE WORLD SO I DON'T CARE YOU'RE ALL WRONG AND THE PLANET IS blah blah blah blah blah blah" Trolls gotta troll.
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    BREAKING; James Comer announces that they have found proof that Christmas presents Hunter Biden received in 1976 Were actually from Joe Biden And not in fact from Santa Claus Several elves are expected to give depositions
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    As a person with eyes that can read the words you post here, it is obvious that you’ve got some balls to try to suggest that you’re an independent.
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    And in the last 5 Presidential election cycles the Kentucky governor election predicted the presidential outcome, so this means it is like totally mathematically impossible for Trump to win.
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    That's a shame. :-( Proud Boys’ Enrique Tarrio gets record 22 years in prison for Jan. 6 seditious conspiracy
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    Like a drunk using a light post. More for support than illumination.
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    No. Ten years ago most conservatives, liberals, and moderates supported being able to have rational discussions with people that had disagreements on policies. They could disagree on issues without needing to vilify the individual. There was some common understanding of the importance of facts. Back then I would have considered myself a conservative except for my positions on personal liberties like marriage equality and abortion rights. Lots of my skydiving friends were way more liberal than 10 year younger me. I didn't want to destroy any of them, and I could have polite constructive conversations with them where we actually could debate the reasons behind our positions. Ten years later I absolutely wouldn't consider myself a conservative. Not because my views have changed that drastically, but because the right has sprinted off towards extremism while I remained mostly sane. I don't want to destroy the GOP, I just would like them to return to reality. I would like for there to be a sanity check around personal liberties, I would like a return to some amount of civility, and I would like people to go back to respecting facts and intellectual honesty. There are currently over a million conservatives who actually believe in the validity of QAnon. There are people way too many people that genuinely believe all of Trump's election fraud falsehoods. Lets not forget all of the anti-science and insane quackery during the peak of covid. Horse dewormer anyone? I didn't willfully sign up to have that be a significant part of my nations political environment. I don't want to destroy them, but some mental healthcare would be a compassionate response.
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    You mean claim bone spurs and get a deferment?
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    You mean she should fit your preconception, I imagine. So my friend who was born with both a penis (and balls) and a vagina (along with ovaries and uterus) wouldn’t fit your preconception, either, right? Would you agree more with her parents’ decision (to remove the female bits and raise as a boy because that’s what they wanted — she went on to an Army Special Forces career), or with her own adult-made decision, to live the rest of her life as the woman she always felt like? Yes, surgery and all Not everyone fits into the standard boxes. The problem is that those people still exist, and simply ignoring their reality isn’t much different from ignoring someone simply because they’re darker than you Wendy P
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    Your using that word for something besides a muscle car transmission says a whole lot more about you than about whatever you're writing about. Do you use "bitches" for "women" in private? How about "queer," "faggot," "spic," "kike," and the best one of all (the n-word)? Or is "trannies" OK because it's still OK to hate them? Wendy P.
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    If we, as a species, we’re worth half a shit at weighing long-term risks vs short term costs, there would be fewer McDonalds and Lipitor in the world. You’re focusing on the second half of the sentence quoted above: while it may unfortunately be true, it doesn’t negate the first half. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed back to my hotel in Ankara to take a shower. I’m a bit nasty from walking through a bunch of flooded streets today. While it’s not unheard of to flood here, apparently it’s happened more this year than anybody can remember. (I wrote that just for you Brent….this time, you can focus on the first half of the sentence and ignore the second). p.s. with only two bookends, it sounds like you have a pretty shite library.
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    They are issued. Just like in the military. Officers must sign for them. They are accountable not only for their securing the weapons in a proper manner, just like in the military; they are accountable for every discharge. And, if they do not do these things, just like in the military - they can be subject to an Article 15 or court [martial] (civilian style). And, if every one was required to register their guns, ensure they were properly stored, and ammunition were to be signed for by lot number (just like in the military), and the signing party held responsible for their expenditure; then law enforcement would have a much better path to resolving crimes committed with the use of guns. A by-product of this would be people maintaining better control of their weapons and ammunition. Finally, if the police were to come across a weapon that is unregistered for any reason - it gets confiscated and smelted. Over time, the number of unregistered weapons would diminish. If we had started this after Columbine, some 350,000 children's lives would not have been impacted by gunfire and 379 school shootings would have been lessened. A by-product of this would be the ability to take a walk and not fear getting shot. But, of course as long as the other 24 states pass constitutional carry, then everyone can walk around like John Fucking Wayne and carry a gun on their hip - making the world a much safer place. /s
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    He didn't claim otherwise. The defeat was of the "reich wing", which excludes moderate (traditional) Republicans. High time the moderate wing of the GOP got some balls and stood up to the MAGA loonies.
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    I was reminded that lawn darts were banned after the deaths of three children. Did the ban happen because it was the right thing to do or did it happen because there was no National Lawn Dart Association with the cash to buy politicians?
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    Does that mean you're gonna stop posting?
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    And the avalanche of mental diarrhoea is back
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    Gaetz, Boebert, MTG, Trump, Giuliani, Sidney Powell have no parallel among the Dems. Pelosi wasn't in thrall to the most extreme elements of her party when Speaker. No Dems ever rioted over bogus election fraud claims or put up slates of bogus "electors".
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    NPR gets less than 1% of its income from the government. It'd be much more accurate to call Clarence Thomas a donation-supported Supreme Court Justice. Wendy P.
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    I suspect people who object to "Black Lives Matter" are subconsciously (or intentionally) adding in a word that isn't there, they think it means "Only Black Lives Matter". Of course that isn't what the expression says, or means. It does not mean "white lives don't matter", or "blue lives don't matter", or any other group of people anyone might care to reference. It isn't necessary to state "white lives matter" or "blue lives matter" because they have always mattered, at least in the US. It is necessary to proclaim that Black Lives Matter, because so much US history has emphatically stated that black lives don't matter.
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    If you cannot understand the difference between "some impact" and "eliminated all mass shootings" then there really is no sense for you to participate in adult conversations.
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    The only thing we know for sure is that whatever would have happened here, you would have blamed the Dem's....Suppose the Fed did nothing and SVB's collapse spurred bank-runs that tanked other small/mid-sized banks. You'd have been on here skewering Biden for not shoring up the financial system. Your one guiding ideology is 'Dem's Suck' and that makes it hard to take your schtick too seriously.
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    It must be quite the burden for you, being wise beyond the comprehension of everybody else, and yet so deeply cynical. At least you are eloquent! BTW there is no compelling evidence to support the idea that Covid-19 is a bioengineered weapon. On the other hand there is very strong evidence that it is a naturally occurring virus, spilled over from a zoonotic reservoir (probably bats), likely through a secondary zoonotic host, and into humans. There are many related coronaviruses that cause occasional spillover infections in people, and it is only a matter of time before it occurs again in circumstances that support higher transmission to people, selection for adaptive mutations, and yet another pandemic. A spillover infection in a small farming community almost always burns itself out, but the same virus brought to a "wet market" in a densely populated city presents a vastly greater risk. A problem with the "bioengineered" mythology is that it discounts the role of spillover of natural viruses, encourages politicians to dismiss that threat, and discourages efforts to find and track these spillover events and prepare for future pandemics. Of course, it is politically expedient, in that it allows politicians of a certain inclination to blame China (or any other entity it is convenient to direct the base's hate towards) while slashing funding for efforts to deal with present and future pandemics.
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    Not quite the right context, but "as God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly,"
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    Dear sfzombie13, Sailors will tell you that you need a rag to inspect steel cables. There are two methods of inspection. First, you can slide the rag along the steel cable to check for broken strands. Secondly, you can slide your bare hand down the cable, then use the rag to staunch your bleeding hand. Hah! Hah!
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    The state should not be in the business of killing people.
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    We tend to treat our animals better than our elders. I am a strong proponent of Assisted Suicide.
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    The first Captain Marvel had a chick in it and made over a billion dollars. How did that happen when the chick made it lame? Here’s the thing - the warnings over the drastic oversupply of MCU film and TV content have been sounding loud and clear for some time now. It has nothing to do with work and everything to do with an audience that can’t possibly keep up with everything being thrown at them so as a result just doesn’t care about any of it anymore. But it’s very telling that you personally can’t imagine any film being made with a female lead except as an exercise in woke social engineering, and that you personally don’t think any film with a female lead could be worth watching on its own merit. It’s a really fucking ugly side of your personality.
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    That's the fallacy. Regulation != Infringing on Rights. One can still own guns; but rights and ownership come with responsibility. It would be nice if we didn't have to regulate people regarding guns, but as long as they're going to be irresponsible, then regulations will need to be emplaced. Somehow, I'm of the opinion that killing kids in schools is not equal to responsible.
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