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    What a great canopy! My experience has been amazing with the Sabre 3 line, I've jumped them almost exclusively from 230-135 sqft with some demos and rental days on s-fires, safires, and sabre 2s. I'm loaded at 1.35 and I feel like this is where the wing starts to wake up, it doesn't have any of the muddy feeling inputs the larger sizes had, the harness feeling starts to develop and you can really get it moving in a dive! The Opening: I would say it opens reasonably well, it typically opens pretty quick, 600ft. is probably average. Sometimes, I get crazy off heading openings, I've had the usual 90° off heading with the occasional wild 360°, I don't know if they are body position induced, packing, or a variety of things working together but the wing is controllable so quickly you can just make the appropriate input while checking your surroundings and it will do whatever you tell it. It's also not out of the ordinary to have to manipulate the rears to get the slider all the way down. The Performance: In just one word, Versatile! The rears have gotten me back safe and sound from some spots that I KNEW I wasn't making it back from. It's extremely predictable which is confidence inspiring. The brakes have a ton of range and slow flight performance is impressive, it can hang in deep brakes forever without sacrificing controllability or risking a stall. When inducing speed with the fronts it builds speed quickly and can be forced to keep diving if you need a little more before the fronts get too heavy. The rears have a lot of power and made it easy for me to make my first of many rear riser landings! When you transition to toggles there is immense stopping power, you can always get a nice tip toe landing even in no wind conditions. The Conclusion: I love this thing! I think it has been and continues to be a wonderful platform to learn basic up to high performance skills and maneuvers. I look forward to progressing further and seeing what else this wing has to offer at the next step!
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    Pros: I liked that I could keep the visor up until the jump door opened. The face shield never interfered with my prescription glasses, and I never worried too much about scratching the lense while in the aircraft. Cons: I did not care for the lack of peripheral vision & it was not very air tight on my face. I had to add some folded up paper towel in the chin cup padding to reduce the constant problem of air entering the helmet. I also added some closed cell foam self adhesive weatherstripping along the inside of the face shield to help control the drafty helmet. This may just be imagination, but I felt that the face-shield/chincup inhibited by ability to look back at the formation when doing RW. I was having trouble looking over my shoulder at the formation whenever I was turning 360's. I always felt that the large chin brace on the visor would hit my shoulders & I could not look behind me as far as I should be able to. I ended up selling my REvolve & bought a Cookie G3. I am much happier with the G3 peripheral vision & airtight fit. I made a few jumps with a Phantom X & I really like that helmet as well. Good Luck, I hope this review helps.
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    Ordered my first Tony Suit from tony himself. Delivery took much longer then he promised and the suit did not fit. After sending the suit back at my expense for a second round of alterations which took about a month I got the suit back with a better fit, but the hook knife pocket was never moved and was a knee level. I brought this problem directly to Tony and expressed my dissatisfaction with the extra expenses and down time of purchasing a new suit that he had actually measured, which still needed some alterations to have the hook knife pocket properly relocated. His response was to have my DZ rigger make the modifications because his company was to backed up to take care it. So... if you're not in a hurry for a jumpsuit, have some extra cash to throw away for shipping costs if the suit does not fit then you might want to consider a Tony Suit. If not then I would recommend a Bev Suit, who has always come through for me the first time around.
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    I have been jumping my Safire 2 189 (loaded 1.16) for about 20 jumps now and really enjoy flying it. It opens smoothly and on heading. I pro-pack and find that if leave the nose out (not rolled or pushed back at all) it opens in about 400-600 feet. It has a good glide ratio and has saved me on several tracking dives with a long spot (rear risers helped as well). Landing this canopy is also a lot of fun. Once you level off there is still plenty of toggle left to handle unexpected problems or a poorly timed flare (you can also pop back up a few feet at the end of your flare). I really enjoy flying this canopy and plan on staying with it for a long time.
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