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    The Sabre 3 was an extensive project which took Performance Designs decades to complete. It brings with it the most loved aspects of the Sabre 2, but enhances them to meet and exceed the expectations of today's canopies. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Sizes 89, 97, 107, 120, 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230 9-cell, w/advanced shaping All Zero Porosity fabric Tail Ribs 700 HMA Standard 89-210 1000 HMA Standard on 230 CHARACTERISTICS Long recovery arc Progressive &manageable front risers Steep glide Spectacular rear riser performance Powerful bottom-end flare Redesigned and refined openings GREAT FOR Advanced to Expert skydivers at moderate to heavier wing loads Novice to Intermediate skydivers at moderate wing loads Learning or perfecting high performance canopy piloting (under appropriate supervision)
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    The Navigator offers an unparalleled combination of performance, forgiveness, and durability, while providing the ability to raise the level of student canopy piloting instruction. With its cutting edge design and construction, we are confident it will outperform any other student canopy and maintain this performance over a much longer life span. The Navigator, along with a progressive student canopy training program, will create safer and more competent canopy pilots.
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    During development of our Evo Student System, we had in mind a Sport System of the most modern construction and functionality. All handles are mounted in exactly the same places as on a sport system, enabling a quick transition for the student to his own sport system. Standard features: • Harness quick-fit ring with adjustable length control • Stainless-steel hardware • HD pocket BOC • Type-17 Riser • Main deployment bag • Reserve bag & springloaded pilotchute • AAD setup with inspection window • Quilted back pad
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    Good design always incorporates the perfect blend of form and function. The Next container has a flat profile for minimized drag and optimized comfort. It fits snug to the wearers body and will enhance your free fly head down position. In most cases simplicity is the mark of unsurpassed function. Our riser cover solution is a good example. The tuck tabs are tension free in their closed state and therefore do not open when they shouldn’t. This also makes the popular 2nd riser protection flap obsolete by design! The NEXT main pin cover flap features the most logical solution to a truly essential part of the harness/container system. It is the only flap on the market today, which locks securely in both directions.
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