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    I love seeing a poster mansplain why a thread was locked - to the person who locked it.
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    Haven't seen it mentioned here, but maybe do Tandem jump and reacquaint yourself with the sky
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    North Dakota now has enough vaccine available that they will make it available to Canadian essential workers (mostly truckers) who cross from Manitoba. I'm getting my first shot of Pfizer on Friday in Winnipeg, but likely my second will come from this program. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/manitoba-north-dakota-vaccine-essential-workers-1.5994519
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    Lots of troll-feeding going on in this thread.
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    IMO if you are a cop worried you will end up in Chauvin’s position you should resign, and the good cops you leave behind will be thankful for it.
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    I've been seriously hurt three times: once from a hard opening (compression fracture, T8), once from having someone literally fly under me on final (tore MCL after I fell about 15ft to the ground), and once from a stupid decision while landing (broke my ankle). The first injury may have been the hardest for me to come back from, both because it was the first time I had been seriously injured, and because the injury was permanent and TO MY SPINE. But before I even went out to the DZ, I went through the pros and cons in my head. (I also re-learned how to pack, and vowed never to let anyone else pack for me ever again.) Once I had decided that I was coming back, then I went to the DZ and did a coach jump with one of my friends. The plane ride up was scary, stepping out was scary, letting go was scary. But I simply pushed through it. And, after I landed, the next jump became easier. So, that would be my advice: seriously go through the pros and cons in your head, and if you decide that you want to do the work of getting back in the air: (1) do all the work you can to minimize the chance that you're going to injure yourself again (reflect on why you chose the canopy you did, whether there were any voices you ignored, how the landing went bad and what you can do to have it not go bad again, think about whether your canopy now is the appropriate size, etc.); and then (2) simply push through the fear once you're there. Make the steps small: (1) get packed; (2) put on your rig; (3) get on the plane; (4) take off your seat belt, etc. after (9) step off the plane, you're skydiving. There's also no shame in waiting longer if you decide you don't want to go back right now. Nor is there any shame in hanging it up for the foreseeable future. Good luck!
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    man, you ain't kidding. brent has a thread that he agrees with obama, a cop got convicted of murder, and now the miners union says it will be ok with getting rid of coal.
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    No surprise, you don't know enough about her to spell her name. Like the people hoping all Conservatives die in their sleep so liberal progress can be made? Do you think that is at all angry or hateful? Do you need help on understanding what 'objective' means? Being conservative isn't an objective qualification. If you think she is qualified because she's a conservative, please stop pretending your dismissal of Harris is based on anything other than her being a liberal. As for brave, well ok, I guess standing up in public and declaring that the southern strategy was a myth and never happened does take a certain kind of bravery. I'd be too embarassed to be able to lie like that. Independent thinking? OK, again I can see that. When she tried to defend Trump's nationalist policies by comparing them to the Nazi Party, and said the only thing Hitler ever did wrong was in trying to implement his ideas outside of Germany I very much doubt anyone else told her to say that. I am quite sure she came up with that all on her own. Author though? We both know you've never read anything she's written so you certainly can't claim she's somehow a good enough writer to be immediately suitable for high office. Again, the fact that you tried to think of qualified black women and the best you could come up with is a toxic right wing social media personality whose name you approximately know just further proves Joe's point
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    That I agree with. But the thing is that Keith is simply recognizing that here in America we have the second amendment as interpreted by our Supreme Court. No solution is worth talking about if it lay's outside the confines of that reality. I, for one, think the whole gun craze in America, is simply ridiculous especially this nonsense with AR-15's and safety less hand guns like Glocks. But I am not ready to give up my guns. I don't think my shotguns are a danger to much more than woodpeckers and gophers. Also, I like the idea of a home defense shotgun. I believe if the fringes on both sides would just accept some common sense changes that recognize it's not an all or nothing proposition we can get to a better place. Beating the same drum won't help.
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    No personal experience, but one thing you can do on the ground to prepare yourself for landing is to learn and practice PLF’s until they’re second nature. Jump a canopy that makes a PLF reasonable (ie not some pocket rocket), and expect to PLF. Then you’re in control; you can prepare for a PLF (which doesn’t require nearly as much coordination and time sense), and only do a standup if everything looks perfect. I don’t have great depth perception or time sense in landing (I’ve taken several canopy classes and have over 2700 jumps — this isn’t new), and take this approach to landings. It’s not nearly as “cool” as a badass standup or swoop, but I’m a 66 year old lady who’s been jumping since she was 20, and haven’t been hurt on landing enough to miss the next load. That’s plenty badass. Wendy P.
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    That's fantastic. Tomorrow I am one month post my second Pfizer shot. I'm not cavalier about anything but it's been a joy to be able to have pretty normal dinners with others who are fully vaccinated. The best bit by far was when my favorite niece told her two daughters to give me a hug when I was home. The things you take for granted.
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    Now you've gone and done it, you made the new Mod say cripes. I suspect we'll have another "too many connections" episode because of you.
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    Well, a lot of us pay a ton of money for only half an airplane ride. Seems kind of stupid. If you really like jumping out of airplanes, join the fucking Army. Then they will pay you to jump out of airplanes.
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    When you feed trolls, trolls are what you get. Rather like squirrels or pigeons.
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    Ya sure. Maybe they can join a union or something. Or get together with all the clever DZOs who just say no to Groupon.
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    Good Morning, Mike. One of the moderators pointed me to this thread. I am the founder of the Anvil Brothers Skydiving Team, but had turned it over to MaxxMadMaxxx at Skydive Houston. The original premise was to help skydivers over 200# to skydive better with their "little" friends, to help them find "Anvil-Friendly" dropzones to learn how to skydive and to bomb the World FreeFall Convention with nightly naked, no suit, no stress, sunset skydives to catch an eight way chunk and if you succeeded - you too; could get an Anvil Brothers Number. To your kid. At 300# - I hate to say it, but the chances are almost zero percent that it isn't going to happen for two reasons, 1) Is the "Highest" Technical Standard Order (TSO) by the FAA is 300# for AFF. That's the equipment (Rig, Main, Reserve, Altimeter, suit, shoes, + skydiver - everything) cannot exceed 300#, 2) Trying to find an Instructor to jump with someone will also be difficult. There is no worse feeling in the world than to "lose" a student in freefall and hope you remembered to triple check the AAD, but to pray in freefall they "pull first" to get the main out there. There are those that will tell you - "Oh AFF can can be done with a tandem rig." and it can, but the best of luck finding someone to reconfigure their tandem for AFF for a statistically one-time jump (by that I mean - the percentage of one-time jumpers is still very high). Tandem Jump - MAX TSO weight is #500 - that's Instructor, Student + ALL gear before getting on the plane. That would mean finding a TI that weighs about ~125# and who has the willingness to take someone your son's size on a tandem. And finally, the prospect of your son getting hurt. Just a fact, but the bigger, the more prone to injury on landing. RECOMMENDATION: 1. If your son is in a field (Football) where he needs to maintain that weight - ask him to focus on his priorities. Stay in what he's doing and let the dream of skydiving wait. We always say, "The sky will always be there." 2. If he can lose weight; he should get down to around 240# for his first dive with a height/weight that is proportional - should he continue, it's been my experience that after the first skydive and if they fall in love with it - they'll lose more weight and even faster. You are welcome to PM me with further questions. I'm always willing to help my fellow Anvil Brothers. Keith BIGUN
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    OK The one on the left is blonde and the one on the right is brunette. How'd I do?
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    I never claimed the info was new,, What is new is the fact that it is in the FBI docs.. previously it was hearsay from agents. I posted the FBI doc as confirmation... get it.
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    Brent shows how the problem isn't CNN or Fox or any of the media/entertainment companies providing news. The problem is people's inability to think about what they are reading or watching.
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    Some "players" are trolls and deserve to be described as such.
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    Funny how your response to being accused of sexism is to be more sexist. Does this mean Pence was picked by a white man because he was a white man? Lol, right. Explain to me the achievements of Owens that make her objectively more qualified and prepared for office than Harris. Bonus point if you can learn enough about her to spell her name correctly.
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    Airdvr, "mainstream media" is defined to "other" the media. To keep entirely away from mainstream media means to stick with the fringe sites that say whatever it takes to get attention. Mainstream media is one of the places that regularly has the information to educate oneself about what's going on. Just consider each source when you read between its lilnes. I don't watch evening news or anything like that, but I do read the local paper, and the Sunday NY Times, and listen to a lot of NPR. And anyway, anything important will be in DZ.com... Wendy P.
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    Unfortunately both our countries allow for loopholes, through child marriage. A practice I find despicable and one that should be changed immediately. In Canada, children between 16 and 18 can get married with parental consent. In many US states that limit either doesn't exist or is significantly lower, some as low as 13. Texas is trying to pass a bill that would label those parents helping their transgender children as child abusers, but does allow a 14 year young child to get married with parental consent. We really need to stop letting religious dogma dictate legislation.
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    Hi Keith, That is because you have not known him for 35+ yrs as I have. Jerry Baumchen
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    Right. So have police confiscate guns from criminals as they do now; total number goes down. Make it hard for criminals to get new guns; total number does not go up again. It could take five years. It could take 25 years. But it's a worthy goal IMO.
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    Whoa! So Bill Gates is expanding his chip-tracking into Canada!
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    Oh, I’m so glad I didn’t answer this seriously Wendy P.
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    https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#vaccinations 50% of adults have been vaccinated with at least one dose. Kids dont count because they are not eligible to receive the vaccine in the first place.
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    What is a guy going to feel like when he brings his bright orange gun to the range, when all the other guys have their dangerous looking black and camo pattern weapons? Emasculated, that's how he's going to feel! Effeminate even. Which is just what you liberals want.
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    Jolly Congrats on Seth for being 10000. OW6, Still a cool game.
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    As I think about it, and I'm not really joking, I might be just fine with AR-15's, 20 round clips and the rest if they were all Hot Pink or Neon Green or International Orange. That alone might stop most shootings.
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    I knew you'd be difficult. How many off huckleberry banana clips. They're two for one through tonight.
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    Of course you were. That's why you're there. Good job!
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    The Justice Department sues Roger Stone, a longtime Trump ally, alleging tax evasion.
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    Aviation Safety Resources (ASR) has reached an agreement to acquire parachute company Strong Enterprises, ASR announced at the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo on Tuesday. Strong, which designs, engineers, tests and manufactures parachute systems, has customers in the general aviation and military segments. The acquisition is effective immediately. https://www.avweb.com/flight-safety/asr-acquires-strong-enterprises/?MailingID=590&utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Sun++N+Fun+Opens+New+Airshow+Command+Center%2C+Tecnam+Shows+Off+P2012+Traveler&utm_campaign=Sun++N+Fun+Opens+New+Airshow+Command+Center%2C+Tecnam+Shows+Off+P2012+Traveler+-+Thursday%2C+April+15%2C+2021
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    Keep in mind that the paper was from 2006 - so they missed a lot of the more recent work on positive feedback and albedo changes, as well as being able to get direct longwave observations from satellites.
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    I read his first post this morning, saw it had been cherry-picked, then saw the reference to the Wijngaarden/Happer paper and wanted to point out that it didn't pass the sniff test. I'm not going down this road with him again - was just sharing with you and Bill. .
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    I hope so and the sooner the better. Barring that I'm ready to start doing it from tall trees. Tandems might need to do their own hand cams, I guess.
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    Cute. Brent once again pretending he can read scientific papers.
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    Fully agree. I usually don't get colds but I'm always irritated when people who are sick get in my space. Haven't had that experience in over a year now. I have also come to enjoy the masks. It's always big fun to go into banks wearing one and lovely to not need to smile at assholes. Same with shaking hands. You never know where the damn thing was or which orifice it was picking at before it's offered with a smile. Let's end that, too.
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    Given the regular reports of e-coli, listeria, salmonella, etc., and other pathogens on food, it seems to me a very good idea to treat all groceries as potential sources of disease, Covid or no Covid.
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    I used a Removable 96 JFX2 slider on my KA107 for about 150 jumps. The RDS for the JFX was bigger than the stock KA slider. I think the openings got worse. Always firm, with some slammers.
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    That's more in the occasional speeding or overdue parking tickets column. It's just not that big a deal. Um... are you, uhh.... are you under the impression that's illegal? What exactly are you talking about? What exactly are you talking about? And - my god! An elected US representative has sex with potentially underage girls trafficked to him by a pimp (who is also an elected official) then gleefully shows naked photos of them to his colleagues in the House and your response is 'what about Hunter Biden?' Get a grip on yourself, man.
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    Heisenberg and Schrodinger would approve.
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    Setting up strawmen again. Of course I considered alternative possibilities, but I'll defer to the experts who already reported their conclusion. Unlike someone here who has no medical training whatsoever but thinks they know better. Now you're using Zoe's technique...unless you really don't know. Let me ask you, do you know what LD50 means?
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