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    The media reports what they can prove. They're ignoring the "Biden/Ukraine" story because it's provably false. Highly regarded, career intel officers (Fiona Hill is one) testified before congress that the whole story was Russian propaganda. Giuliani got the information from a known Russian intel officer. When it didn't gain the traction that was desired, the 'child porn' suddenly appeared. Why wasn't that mentioned from the beginning? Maybe because it's a standard FSB tactic. The whole story is so stupid, I can't believe anyone can buy into it. The whole Trump/Russia thing has not been 'proven phony' anywhere but in the imagination of Trump and his supporters. The Mueller report did NOT say there was 'no collusion'. Mueller himself said if there had been proof of no collusion, he would have said so Of course, we don't know exactly what was in that report because Trump and his toadies won't release it (despite what he said on Twitter). Funny that he won't release the very info he claims exonerates him. The Trump spawn have been involved in a wide variety of dubious ventures. Some should have resulted in felony charges (except daddy paid off the prosecutor). Don Jr's dealings with Saudi Arabia are as bad, if not worse than Hunter Biden's purported Ukraine involvement. It's been reported. But the Trump backers just call it 'Fake News' and ignore it. If you want the 'tree of liberty' watered with the blood of tyrants, start with the guy who called Nazis & KKK 'very fine people'. The guy who has called for the arrest (without charge) of his opponents. The guy who supports vigilantes who murder protesters. The guy who called for violent insurrection against elected governors, and when it almost came to pass, has yet to say anything bad about the actors, instead having his supporters chant 'Lock her up", directing those chants towards the target of the insurrection.
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    Dude, you survived a situation that a whole lot of experienced people would have trouble dealing with. Really. You got some good luck, but quite a bit of bad luck too. This was not a beginner malfunction. A lot of people have jumped with injuries they thought they could handle; most of them got lucky. Your shoulder demonstrated why that's not always smart. Having two out is a theoretical situation that they give very experienced jumpers during emergency procedures practice; there are a lot of decision trees, and you haven't the time in the sport to have gone through most of them in your mind. One thing to consider is that when you have a potential ball of shit above you, a big ball of shit is probably better than a small ball of shit. And cutting away that low is almost guaranteed to kill or hurt you very seriously. Even a downplane that starts that low probably doesn't have enough time to accelerate as much as cutting away would. But shit -- you have 24 jumps and you were facing an emergent situation. You're here to talk about it. Anyone who gives you a bunch of crap is wrong. Instructors and the like talking to you about choices are hoping that you can incorporate what happened well enough to judge more quickly if you have another malfunction. You are very lucky that you were probably still jumping big student canopies. This would have been a different report with smaller canopies. Heal fast. Wendy P.
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    Thank you for all the encouragement. And you guys have convinced me and I will post the details here for the purpose of learning and helping others. I feel bad to ignore multiple inquiries. But I can expect that I will get different opinions and advice here. What happened: I hurt my arm during my previous landing. It was sore but was functional and I decided to jump again. Right shoulder dislocated on exit and I couldn’t control my right arm right after the exit if I remember correctly. Pulled the reserve at 3,300 ft. (And my coach pulled the main at the same time but I didn’t realize it) I was under the beautiful white reserve and my main was trailing behind, still in the bag. Later, the reserve suddenly dived down at maybe just a couple hundred feet. I was confused for a second, looked back, saw the fully inflated main and realized i was having a 2-out. The reserve was nearly below me and the main was behind and above me. I thought it was a down plane, so I cut away immediately and hit the ground before the reserve flew level. What I have learned: 1. Make good decisions up high to avoid making bad decisions down low. (Pull the reserve at 4,500. ) 2. Altitude is my friend. 3. Do not jump when I am not fully confident with my body. What I still feel confused about: People (who I have asked) have various opinions on whether I should cut away (or not) my coach told me that not cutting away at that low is a better course of action and personally I tend to agree with this saying - because the main provided a drag force that slowed me down. If I cut away I would swing under the reserve.And one of my instructors thinks that it looks like a down plane but it actually acts like a stable “bi-plane”. Honestly I still don’t understand why it acts like a “bi-plane”. He says I was coming down at an angle not straight down,so I should have landed the 2-out. However, some people say I should cut away(and that is what I actually did) “it is a down plane by definition” and “any down plane is a cutaway”. It is definitely a tough 2-out situation.. it is not a standard down plane but it really looks like it. The reserve was nearly below me and the main was behind and above me and they were opposite each other. Welcome to discuss...I always have fun learning new things. I have been doing research on two canopies out these days.
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    Year 2020: Advocacy. Random simple things like the maintenance people subscribing to electric-plane news/sites. Or the DZO emailing a turbine supplier about their future plans of ePlane conversions later in decade. Or participating in aviation (FAA/airport/etc) public information centres where they're asking for comments on new regulations. Or attending a Magnix test or another ePlane vendor's test if they're happening within a few hours drive of you. Ask them questions. Bring a skeptic friend. Write a Parachutist article about your personal experience attending Magnix tests and also corroborate lithium battery industry observations into the same article. Ask for an interview with the point contact of your power company's new battery farm. Even personally test drive a Tesla car (or electric Ford F150, or electric Hummer, when they come out) with one of your skeptic aviation friends. Convince your electric-doubting mechanic coworker. Contact your aviation-nut congressperson. Talk to your friend at FAA. All kinds of random advocacy steps to lower the laughingstock background noise down to a quiet din. Baby steps. Advocacy. Dispel myths. Learn. Disbelieving people can inject years of delays in pushing the gearwork (slower advocacy, slower FAA rules, slower convincing, less ePlanes knowledge, etc). The live-under-rock factor is strong. Flap those butterflies so the Chaos Theory so dominoes can fall sooner. Random Theoretical Examples: - [2020-Begin] Hypothetically, seven DZOs asks three turbine vendor about future ePlane plans, three turbine vendors contacts Magnix or another ePlane motor/battery supplier, Magnix realizes there's a jumpplane market, Magnix contacts FAA about theoretical jumplane rules, Magnix goes into the jumpplane conversion biz [2030-End] - [2020-Begin] Hypothetically, somebody's brilliant Parachutist article causes 3 people do a Tesla test drive, 5 people to research Magnix, 2 exhibition jumpers to ask if they can test-jump the magnix eCaravan, 2 DZO accountants to do the math only to suddenly get surprised and speeddial all FAA friends. Then, say, 7 FAA readers, prodded by articles/dropzones to start writing draft documents on time to become final when those good jump-capacity aviation batteries arrive, a dropzone finally buys an ePlane conversion a couple years sooner when they are mature earlier than expected, etc. [2030-End] - Or whatever, etc. Infinite number of theoretical dominoe paths. Other dominoes to tip. Many dominoes take 5-10 years to finish falling. Yes, Some advocacy steps are ridiculous and longshots, but a lot of mudane skydiving innovations over the last 70 years sometimes came from surprisingly simple advocacy or manifest watercooler talk or pilot/instructor lounges. And now are instructor/SIM material. Lots of Chaos Theory Butterflies happened there already... Also, in another industry (gaming industry, since I operate a research laboratory on high-performance display screens), some of my discussion forum posts incubated an invention that are now in a peer reviewed science journal & my ideas were implemented in certain virtual reality headsets and gaming monitors, with confirmed credit. Just in September, Samsung Electronics cited me; I now have over 20 research papers that cited either me or my business (Blur Busters / TestUFO), and a few that I am even co-author of (in one paper that included a NIST.gov researcher in a U.S. government-funded peer-reviewed conference paper that I am a co-author of), from something originally incubated in a forum. From something more casual than this forum thread, that progressiely dominoed all the way there. So, this is not my first tango at online advocacy (in a different high-skill industry)... In a sense, just doing these dropzone.com falls under the "Advocacy" umbrella. Make a few in the skydiving industry a smidge more aware, recruit people who agree, etc. I've written a few times for CanPara and Parachutist before (e.g. Canada Big Way, Rainbow Boogie, etc). Happy to co-write a Parachutist article, I would want help from at least 1 co-author working with me in Google Docs and at least 3-4 proofreaders, maybe even one or two bleeding edge pilots/dropzone accounts/jumpdrivers/DZOs to review, add useful commentary, and fix errors in the article. So it's a proper electric jump plane wake-up-call article in a national skydiving magazine instead of 1-person speil. If you also have writing experience, and movement is desired on a Parachutist article, Google my full name (Mark Rejhon) and reach me through any channel (LinkedIn, email, etc -- I have rarely visited here after the forum upgrade so that's why I still am at 0 rep despite 2766 posts since rep system didn't exist before then).
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    1st jump at 52. Nationals medal at 57 Wingsuit world record at 70 3300 jumps now, at 75. I found that general cardio/vascular fitness was all I ever needed, no special exercises. Good eyesight helps too, not that there's much you can do about it.
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    Two books should be considered, both by Pat Works. The Art of Freefall Relative Work (I think that is the title), and United We Fall. The books are old, but the knowledge is timeless, and there is a good bit of old-time skydiving culture to get you into the history of stuff you could have been a part of had you started way back then.
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    Now we know who Putin thinks will win on November 3.
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    I PLF more than most people. In fact, my default landing is PLF, with a standup being a last-minute decision if everything looks perfect. And it's a fairly honest PLF, generally done only when it's a no-wind or downwind landing, so there is some speed. I just don't run out landings any more. Frankly, my depth perception isn't great, never has been, which makes using my backbone/ass instead of my legs be the first point of contact (i.e. sliding) a really bad idea, too. What has this bought me? A dirtier rig than most, and an injury-free jumping career so far. That includes about 500 round jumps (although most of those were standups). I taught PLF's back when I was an instructor, so I do know how to do them, and it's pretty automatic. I highly recommend the skill, and enough practice for it to be fairly automatic. Unfortunately, the most realistic PLF nowadays would be to jump off a moving truck or something, but frankly the injury rate would be too high. And since generally the forward speed is higher than the downward speed, it'd be jumping off a lower platform than the 3-4 feet that we used to use for PLF practice. The practice should't injure you (though I did have a student discover once that she had osteoporosis after breaking her ankle jumping off the PLF platform). Wendy P.
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    OMG, thank you, thank you, everyone who made an effort to respond to my questions. "Mbohu", you are correct. I did not ask the question but my main purpose was to make sure that I don't get hurt. I did not ask the question because I understand and respect, as in all things, that I have to pay my dues in learning the step by step process of becoming proficient at this sport. Also, I did not want to influence the responses so that I may receive information/guidance/assistance that I may not have thought about as a student of the craft. All of you have inspired me to continue while having fun. 2 days ago, I just passed my level 5 and going on my level 6 next week. I'm more confident now and I have taken on a different mind set after reading all of your responses in addition to enjoying my last 2 jumps even more. This is NOOB statement here, "I made my first landing on my feet on my level 4 jump". That was so exciting! Thank you for all the book recommendations. I'm sure they will be a fun read and of great value. Once I become a license skydiver, I hope that some day I meet all of you and fly together. =) Again, thank you everyone who posted because you made a difference in my journey to learning and participating in this sport / life style.
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    Your (you're) a tool then, sorry to be so blunt. You have no Ideas (idea) what the silent majority is about to do to your reality. Since were (we're) both in SoCal I've got an Experiment for you, actually Bill, (space)I dare you. (no space) Put a Trump Flag over your solar array.(space) See what Happens (not capitalized).(space) Put a Trump sticker on your Tesla see what happens. As I drive down the freeway I just figure every car without a sticker is the silent supporter.( space and moment of silence) So much for the liberal idea of freedom of speech, to prove my point..(another moment of silence) We can go to N (period) Hollywood (and) have some sushi (and) saki and a couple (of) beers all on me. We'll both dress up in Pink Toto's (tutu's) and walk the streets (take your pick) we'll have a blast.(space) On the way back I'll put a red hat on your head and we'll see how the rest of the night goes. (distracting sexual connotation) Rich, you might work on your presentation a bit if you want to be taken seriously.
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    Yee-hah! 'Cause herd stupidity here we are!
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    Holy shit! You survived a nightmare situation. That could have easily been a fatality report and damn, I'm glad it isn't All my respect. You sir are a badass.
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    That one was debunked immediately. Audio only? Yeah it was credible to assess that he may have said "good" instead of "go ahead". With video, you see him clearly make eye contact with the moderator who was waiting for Biden to finish and says "go ahead" for her to continue - he blurs the words together but he's not saying "good". There's literally thousands of things to attack Trump on, this isn't one of them.
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    See, but the thing is, the last time this happened, republicans swore up and down "this is NOT a power grab. If the roles were reversed I'd do exactly the same thing - wait for the next president." Lindsey Graham said that “I want you to use my words against me. If there’s a Republican president in 2016 and a vacancy occurs in the last year of the first term, you can say Lindsey Graham said let’s let the next president, whoever it might be, make that nomination." So no, I don't buy that premise. It's not a case of "well, they didn't think about that, and so of course they did what the other side did." They DID think about that, and made a promise to not be hypocrites. And then, of course, they went back on their promise. And you support them for doing that. Amazing. I imagine there is nothing a republican could do that would result in you not supporting them. Rape? Sexual assault? No worries; you still support Trump. Murder? Trump says his supporters wouldn't care - and I have no doubt you wouldn't either. Supporting a pedophile madam? Sure, you may say you have an issue with that, but heck yes you still support him.
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    yes. and it is very expensive, in terms of time and money. you can't expect most people to value skydiving high enough to pay that cost. even skydivers usually eventually find it not worth the cost anymore (sometimes after 5 jumps, sometimes after 50, sometimes after 500, sometimes never it depends)
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    Hey there, Hopefully, he’ll stay put until the beginning of Dec., BUT he is soooo active already I don’t know if he will. Benjamin Alan Joseph after some amazing people. I should get tandem certified for this!!
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    A) Doesn't matter if some Dems think it's better because it helps them. If it's fairer it's fairer. Republicans bring this out all the time, like with Puerto Rico for instance. 'Dems only want Puerto Rico to have the vote because it helps them, not because it's the right thing to do'. But it is the right thing to do, and Reps only oppose it because it will hurt them. When right and wrong become a partisan issue, right is still right and wrong is still wrong. The side that is wrong doesn't get to win by pointing out that the side who are right are also in line for a partisan advantage. B ) We've been talking about it here long before the 2016 election, so you are simply wrong to doubt. So you disagree with every Republican argument against the popular vote. You think the popular vote will encourage better turnout, better campaigning and fairer representation... but you are against it because it will be easier for Democrats to win?
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    I was going to say the exact same thing.
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    Yoga, martial arts and swimming all help with general physical fitness. As for mental preparation, your instructors will rehearse the dive with you several times on the ground. Then they will encourage you mentally review the dive plan two or three times during the airplane ride. All of these mental rehearsals should visualize the perfect skydive. A few slow, deep breaths - just before the door opens - will help get your head in the game. After landing, walk back, drink some water and mentally-review the dive that you just did before de-briefing with your instructor.
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    Personally, I like yoga for flexibility and some of the strength needs. With practice, most of the strength comes anyway. As a female, who's never had good arm strength (always had good leg strength), I find consistent flaring to be the hardest; dips help with that. I'm 65; flaring hasn't been my strong point since I started jumping squared in the early 1980's, but it hasn't really gotten worse, either. Some of the articles here on dropzone.com might be considered a good introduction, but hanging around and finding someone to talk to on the DZ in their spare time is another really good way; watching them do what they do, and asking them why. Wendy P.
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    I replaced my Left Knee in April 2016 - I was jumping by June and doing tandems by July - It was sore, and originally hard to bend fully, but I rehabbed that mother like no tomorrow. I replaced my Right Knee in December and didn't jump until March or April. It stayed stiff until this month. I rehabbed it hard this time too, but I'm older 65+ so the time to heal was a lot slower. My surgeon brags to his patients I have 1600 jumps on my new left knee.
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    I've never jumped a Kraken but I have a WinX that I use for both wingsuiting and freefly jumps. I ordered mine with two sliders, the "fast" slider and the "slow" slider. I've only used the "slow" slider and it works fine for wingsuiting in a small/medium suit. Terminal openings are very comfortable too. Not too fast, not too slow. If I ever jump a large suit I'll put the "fast" slider on but so far the WinX has been perfect for me for any type of jumping I do.
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    I don't know what dark corners of the alt right internet you hang out in to see videos like that. Here in the real world I have never heard of such a thing. My belief is that you are the one being recruited by a cult.
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    This entire question rests on a very shaky anecdotal experience of what you recall reading. A better is question would be to ask if incidents reports reflect your assertion.
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    You're an amusing story teller. Hard working uneducated immigrant workers will send their children to school. They will learn that GOP special interest groups like pharma, the military industrial complex, the largest- the health care industry, etc. All keep the GOP alive. Those educated children will teach their parents not to fear equal rights for all. Not to fear the KKK, the Proud Boys and others. But to vote out those that use them for political advantage. Vote out those that sow fear and division. So all Americans can picnic and drink cold beers under the American flag. A multicolored flag crafted to symbolize the many colors of Americans.
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    I posted this earlier this year and thought I would post it again. If you didn't read it earlier, you may be interested. I was wondering what happened to the virus that caused the Spanish flu in 1918 and found an interesting article. In the article, they dug up two bodies at different times in Alaska that had been buried and frozen in permafrost and took samples of lung tissue. It is a long article but worth reading. https://www.cdc.gov/flu/pandemic-resources/reconstruction-1918-virus.html
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    Skydiving's not for everyone. After waiting 31 years, I joined a group of 16 planning our first jumps...13 backed out. Second try we gathered 14...11 backed out. (Common story.) So I paid for my entire AFF course up front and never looked back. Embrace your skydiving community and allow them to do the same for you. My greatest blessing entered my life through skydiving. Blue skies...fly fast, fly safe!
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    Try not to mess up the feels. It's unkind.
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    This is hands down the best advice you will receive, that's assuming you are aware enough to get your weight normalized before any elective surgery. I call it pre-hab. Even if it hurts it'll save you from a lot of more painful rehab.
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    Thank you for sharing. I was wondering: 1. What were you and the coach doing from 12,500 to 3,300? Did he know you were having right-arm issues? What was your plan (i.e., did you intentionally wait to get to a lower altitude to pull the reserve, were you panicking, did it take you a while to figure out what to do, etc.)? 2. If the coach was going to pull your main, did he say why he waited until 3,300 to do it? Good luck in your recovery!
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    Coming back to skydiving after a 25-year break I noticed two big differences to when I jumped in my 20's. Loss of upper body strength and ability to run. I found the freefall was fine, just the undercarriage wasn't what it once was. If you have spent the last 30 years sitting behind a desk then you might want to take up jogging with regular sprints. You just need to do it until you can jump off a 2.5 foot high wall and land running. The upper body strength comes in handy when things go wrong. Sorting out twists and stuff. I was surprised how quickly my arms got tired when I was working with my risers above my head. Best motivation I have ever had to go to the gym regularly.
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    Maybe the * substituted for two letters, like "li" c*nt becomes Clint. Or could it have been "cent"?
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    Every single fucking time you do this. If the situations were reversed, if it was the democrats, if the left were the ones being power obsessed hypocrites... but they're not. It's still the Republicans doing it. It's always the repulicans doing it, and every time you resort to 'if...' it means you can't defend what they're actually doing.
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    Please do provide proof of a Chinese bank account. Proof of Chinese trademarks granted to a Biden. For once in your online career do something more than the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and screaming.
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    https://taxfoundation.org/summary-latest-federal-income-tax-data-2018-update/ The top 1 percent paid a greater share of individual income taxes (37.3 percent) than the bottom 90 percent combined (30.5 percent) I would say that is a fair share
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    Sorry - wasn’t pointing the finger or intimating that you might be a smartass for having an enquiring mind. It was really just meant as my take on advice. Nothing more than that. There are far more experienced people on this forum who can offer you better advice I’m sure. E.g. RiggerRob seems to have covered it perfectly in his reply. Whatever, I wish you well and many years of happy and safe skydiving - all the best
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    I have. And it's not vengeance, it's simply a matter of hypocrisy. Had McConnell simply said "We won't consider a Democratic-nominated judge because we don't have to, and we're too chicken to actually say so," then there'd be some intellectual honesty there. But there is none, just a power grab that is far more blatant than any executive order Obama ever signed. Wendy P.
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    The senate was never allowed to vote on the nominee. HUGE DIFFERENCE!
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    If they had put the medium on a long coke spoon instead of a swab we wouldn't be in this position.
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    i started with my brother in law on a static line jump and haven't stopped for long. he never went back. as to the 2d question, i have to ask, why would you want to? i like getting away from everyone and hanging with my sky family.
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    I cycle regularly and do pull ups on a homegym type of thing that fits in the door lintel. Seems to keep me all round fit-ish and don't have a flaring issue. Never did like mixing tunnel with same day jumping as I found tunnel to be uniquely tiring. Did AFF at 59, A licence at 60, am now 69 with +770 jumps. When I did AFF and I was nervous when the door opened, I told myself that I would be on the ground in roughly 5 minutes. Helped to keep me calm - that along with a few Hail Mary's of course.
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    Pizza revenues must be down, too. Well, if Soros folds there is always Ben "the gift that keeps giving" Ghazi.
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    I am. No one in my family is immunocompromised, but people I see at the grocery store may be. And my elderly mother comes over to visit my toddler once a week. I haven't jumped in over seven months and miss it a lot, but right now it just doesn't seem to be worth the risk. (And if anyone wonders why I go the grocery store then, the answer is I need food. I don't need to skydive. I want to skydive.)
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    I had a Lotus Max 136. I was quite happy with the way it flew. For some time I had shitty openings, but I tracked that down to a fully magnetic bag that was a tad too small or whose magnets were not strong enough for that canopy. Once I replaced the bag with a normal bag the openings were fine. It is comparable to a Sabre 2. But honestly I am not sure the airlocks make a big difference. A bit for sure, but if the airlocks are deciding factor between jumping or staying on the ground, then you should stay on the ground regardless of the airlocks.
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    I had knee surgery 6 years ago. My knee started dis-locating 5 years afteer an airplane crash. Doctors diagnosed me with three torn ligaments in my left knee. Since they could not repair my posterior cruxiate ligament, they re-aligned the top of my tibia. In the months leading up to surgery, I did plenty of half-hour hikes to build up my leg muscles and stamina. Unfortunately, I could not afford physio-therapy, so my healing process was considerably delayed. Since knee surgery, I did another 300 tandem jumps, then retired from skydiving.
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