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    Either: a) No one is above the law. b) We have two classes of people in the USA: Those subject to the law, and those who are above it. The whole idea of a pardon is disgusting. That would be letting the next wannabe-Mussolini know that there is no reason to pay any heed to what is legal, since political office will give him immunity.
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    Could be here, or who won the election thread: Oh, Lindsey went down to Georgia, He was looking for some votes to steal. He was in a bind, 'cause Trump was way behind and he was willing to make a deal.
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    4 or 5 months ago I had the same opinion as Robert. Have Trump pardoned to help people heal and forget about him. As I've seen the election progress, the rhetoric ever widening the divides between our party supporters and the damage that has been done to our institutions over the last 4 years it comes down to a simple question for me. Do I think Trumps supporters will do more damage in the short term if Trump is prosecuted and jailed, or do I think Trump will do more damage in the long term if he was reelected? It's the second one, without a shadow of a doubt. 100% certain. So far Republicans have stacked courts, disenfranchised voters and damaged the validity of our electoral process, all in the name of supporting Donald Trump. What they and he would do in a second term is terrifying. So absolutely - prosecute him to the fullest extent he can be. Don't ignore a single instance. Bury him under federal and state charges for the next hundred years, because while his supporters will complain and maybe even turn violent, I don't think they'll destroy the US. Trump actually might.
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    How is that working out for you?
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    First, no they weren't. Nixon had been elected twice already, he couldn't be elected again. That argument of yours doesn't apply. Second, so what? It was just as wrong not to prosecute Nixon as it would be not to prosecute known crimes of Trump. One could easily argue that not prosecuting Nixon helped lead shape the system which allowed Trump to get away with all his shit. Let's just take a moment to appreciate the absurdity of this line of argument. You contend that plenty of US Presidents are grossly corrupt - and you use that to support your position that US Presidents should be immune to the legal consequences of corruption? Or to put it another way, because many Presidents are corrupt, you want to make sure that all incoming Presidents will know that they too can be as corrupt as they want and get away scot free? Is that seriously how you think a robust system of government should work? It's not just a personal payoff, it's the law. It's not just the law, it's imposing some form of standards on those who hold elected or appointed office in the Executive branch. The US claims to be a government of checks and balances. Trump claims that the President has the power to do whatever he wants. Which viewpoint do you think should be proved right? Irrelevant, the one has nothing to do with the other. Explain how Trump being prosecuted, convicted and not pardoned could possibly have an impact on the timeframe of a vaccine rollout, for example. You're contradicting yourself multiple time within the same post. Trump is obviously not a lesson to us all, you pointed out already that he got 70 million votes. Again, run a poll right now for greatest ever President and he would win. Run it in 4 years time with Trump still walking free holding rallies and he'd win that too. Then, it is considered an admission of guilt by people who understand the process. How much faith do you have in the comprehension of reality by hardline Trump supporters? Finally, since you jst said he wants one, how bad could it be? If a pardon is a demonstration of guilt, a conviction and sentencing is a demonstration of guilt plus an actual punishment. How is guilt alone worse than guilt and consequences?
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    Ideally he would be charged, convicted - and pardoned. Make sure that his guilt is proven in case he tries to pull some "I really didn't lose the election" nonsense in two years, then pardon him so his supporters don't decide that he's their martyr.
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    Here's Charlton Heston bragging about getting Ice-T fired from a record label because he didn't like the lyrics to one of his songs. In the grand tradition of rank right wing hypocrisy it does not surprise me one bit that you idolise someone who is not only a PC warrior themselves, but was a cancel culture leader decades before it was trendy.
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    I guess we can add paranoia to your list of cognitive infirmities. Were you military, I would next have asked if mindsets like yours were prevalent in your unit. Now I know it's much simpler: you are just an angry old man, unhappy with your lot in life, who finds validation in lashing out bitterly at make believe enemies. The internet and this forum give you a channel to behave as abysmally homophobic and prejudicial as you like without fear of retribution. I'll further guess that in your little circle at home you take pains to be well behaved lest you be left without even the pretense of friends. Old age is a time for mellowing out and enjoying the days you have left not hating ever more intensely. Go find some good in something.
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    I always jump with gloves, too. Same reasons as Councilman, with the addition that I had a friend whose ring finger was degloved when she caught it on a floating exit on a Twin Beech (or maybe a DC3). This was before the days of float bars on airplanes, but it still brought home the fact that in a finger-vs-anything fight, the finger loses, so why not protect it. I always wore them when motorcyling, too, for the same reason. Wendy P.
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    What use is that anger then? Trump is challenging democracy by refusing to concede. Which is far more consequential than what someone wrote on a random website. Any anger on that?
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    short video of last weeks event at the pyramids organized by Skydive Egypt https://youtu.be/1RPCOFcHaIo
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    When Ron goes out for dinner: "Good evening sir, do you have a reservation with us tonight?" "No. Not safe. System not secure." "Yes sir, of course, not a problem. How many are in your party?" "Unknown. Waiting. Being watched. Soon." "Certainly, sir. We'll prepare your table. Can I have your name, please?" "No. Gave it away last night. Stolen. Wait. Chavez." "Very good, Mr. Chavez, let me just take your temperature, sir." "Drop it! I will shoot. Lima. Air America. Communists". "Please, sir! Don't shoot. It's just a thermometer". "Leaving. Don't follow. Benghazi. Deep state."
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    you'd be better off using an barometer along with the gps. i made one once using a gps module and a barometer, a small display screen, and a raspberry pi zero, but couldn't get them both to read at the same time. the forums i was looking at when i put it together suggested using gps also to check the accuracy. getting the raw gps data works fine, and it works with just the barometer, but not both together yet. i had to stop when shit went bad a few months ago. when i get some time, i will post some links that i used to help you with yours. i used the same battery you have and it seemed to do fine. when i get it working this winter, i plan on testing it in the air as a wrist mounted altimeter. as a chest mount it would be great. i was going for a sub $75 altimeter/gps/logbook. if that works out, i was going to add bluetooth and mate it with the pi i am putting in a helmet over the winter, but that may take a backseat also, a little ambitious anyway.
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    I'll submit they have Electile Disfunction.
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    A quick project for tracking basic data during flight. This is a garage project I made out of own curiosity. Not tested in flight yet, if you decide to do it you're doing it at your own risk. There are advanced solutions on the market like Dekunu One or Aon X2 and if you can afford them I encourage you to use professionally made equipment. You'd need: * Car GPS speedometer (I used this one because its shape and size are already almost snag-free: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000265066382.html * Powerbank (with least capacity and smallest size possible - in the prototype this one was used: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32945597181.html ) * 850 mAh battery (ideally 2000 mAh, but unlikely they'll fit inside the case) * Small switch Assembly is pretty straightforward: unsolder USB ports on both GPS and powerbank, solder switch and battery. Additionally I flipped the capacitor (it's under white tape on the first photo) - put it on the opposite site of the board to give some room for powerbank's charger. The device is mounted on a rig using velcro strap with a loop. So far I tested it on the ground on a bike and the speed is pretty accurate - +/- 1 km/h to what smartphone GPS shows Even with 850 mAh battery the device help up for around 8-10 hours (screen constantly on) which is quite impressed actually. Talking about the battery - attentive reader might notice that it got swollen - probably because powerbank's changer is for 2000 mAh, while battery is 850 mAh. That's a critical flaw because swollen battery has high risk of explosion as pressure changes during climb to the altitude. If I ever decide to use it for actual tests, the batteries will be replaced with non-chargeable lithium batteries just like in audibles (powerbank's module would still nicely convert that into a constant 5V supply). Meanwhile I'm doing some more research to find safe chargeable batteries. Now, what this thing can do: * Display current ground speed (both metric and those other, inferior units). Speed alarm can be set at as high as 200 km/h, so I'd assume device can measure at lease that much * Display one of 8 directions ( N/NE/E/SE and so on) - yeah, it's pretty basic, but better than nothing * Display distance covered, accuracy 100m * Display few other stats, but those are useless for WS flying * Oh, yeah, you can change colors Again, this is a garage project. I'm only sharing the fruits of my curiosity and taking no responsibility for what you might do with it.
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    And considering "draining the swamp" was a big political battle cry in 2016, shouldn't criminal acts by politicians get more scrutiny? Isn't that what American people supposedly wanted?
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    The US Federal Aviation Administration just announced a new Airworthiness Directive affecting thousands of single-engined Cessnas. The AD - effective 12 November 2020 - covers Cessna 172, 182, 206, 207 and 210 airplanes. It requires inspecting the lower forward area of the cabin door frame where the wing strut attaches. A&Ps are supposed to inspect for fatigue cracks in that area. The FAA specified an inspection interval of every 36 months or 1,000 hours in service. This should be nothing new to long-time Cessna owners because it repeats two earlier Cessna Single Engine Service Bulletins: CSEB93-5 (Sept 8, 1995) and CSEB96-19 (Dec 29, 1995). If cracks are found, the area must be reinforced by a Cessna repair service kit. FAA estimates cost of compliance at US$1,900. Once the CRSK is installed, the inspection schedule reverts to the usual 50 and 100 hour intervals along with annual inspections.
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    Well, apparently the Trump campaign just released (fired) the Kraken (Powell).
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    That's understandable. Here's help: your last post took 593 words to say nothing you haven't already said.
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    I'm an old-timer who uses an Altimaster II analog. Thinking of getting a new digital Altitron. Any feedback at all on this particular unit is appreciated. Also would like to get comments on digital vs. analog when you're in free fall at break off.
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    They have been. Unfortunately that means people often have huge beefs with all the inconsistency and the constant change, and they complain about how guidance is always shifting and one can never know when one is going to be jacked up, fined or whatever. Because scientists are sharing results with citizens immediately, risks and best practices can change quickly, and that means that many people perceive new or changing restrictions as arbitrary. The change from no masks to masks is one example. I bet you even know someone like that. Agreed there.
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    More Republican Senators have COVID than have acknowledged that Joe Biden won the election.
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    Hi Wendy, Re: 'Let's discuss the article.' You've already told him not to violate the rules of the forum. I call for a 30-day ban. Jerry Baumchen
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    This. Brent,markharju and Ron are like the other 80% of GOP voters that believe the conspiracy b.s.
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    Betsy died at her home in Falls Church Va. Another pioneer for Women in Skydiving. Member of the US Team in Style and Accuracy and enjoyed RW with friends, she didn’t care to jump with prima donnas. National Director on the USPA BOD. A heart breaker on the DZ’s.
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    That is equivalent to saying if you dont want to get killed by a drunk driver, never drive a car. Clearly you havent figured this out yet, but we are all in this together. This is a GLOBAL pandemic. As in, it affects everyone. When you and your homes to out to the bar and end up getting infected, you risk other's lives when you start walking around in public as a virus factory. Maybe you walk by an old lady at the grocery store and then she gets infected from you and dies. How exactly do you think COVID is transmitted? By a bunch of super sick people who are out in public sneezing everywhere? It's transmitted by people who dont know they are infected and they are moving around in public unknowingly spreading it to everyone. With regards to being scared, the virus doesn't care if you're scared of it or not. The ICU and morgue are full of people who weren't scared of the virus.
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    I used to think skydivers were smart, cool people but this pandemic is making me realize a lot of them are actually not very intelligent and they are actually pretty uncaring towards others. Take for example my local DZs. During the peak of COVID in the last wave our state was hit hard. Harder than most. A lot of people died and the hospitals were overwhelmed. Yet all the DZs were carrying on as total business as usual. Many had absolutely no mask requirements at all and if you even so much as suggested COVID safety you were cast out as some hippy liberal tree hugger that needs to 'stop watching fake news' or some BS like that. Now that we are headed into what is already a record for the entire world and will continue getting even worse, the local DZ is planning a huge Thanksgiving and Christmas boogie with tons of beer, live music, and a 'week-long party'. In other words, literately the stupidest possible thing you could be doing right now. That bullshit is exactly what caused the mess we currently are in, but no one cares. Thus my conclusion is skydivers are not special. Many of them are uncaring all-about-me's the same as most other people. It just happens that we share a common hobby, but said share of a common hobby doesent actually make them a good or intelligent person.
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    It will never work. Everyone knows right wing racists don't think. They are safe.
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    Hardly a playground in here...but I see what you did. Quiet...yes. Hoping Trump transitions power nicely...yes.
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    Could probably charge for admission and pay their way like that.
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    Baseball batting golves. Football receiver's gloves. Mechanic's gloves. And... Skydiving gloves. They are all similar. Thin but solid. Good coverage, without losing too much dexterity. In the "Question" forum, you asked about cold weather (I think that was you), and I suggested being able to tie your shoes with the gloves on. I've never used the football gloves, but I've used the other 3. Currently using a pair of actual "skydiving" gloves. The white ones the 4 way folks like (it's easier to see the grips if the hands are white and the suits are black). Personally, I wear gloves on every jump. I've managed to burn through the palms of a pair or two on 'slidey' landings. And tore the crap out of one on a sharp door edge (or something sharp on the plane). I'd much rather buy a new pair of gloves than deal with stitches or a good friction burn.
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    Think New American Revolution. Headlines from the weekend: Trump Supporters, Counterprotestors Clash in DC Streets https://www.newsmax.com/politics/washingtondc-trump-protest/2020/11/15/id/997166/ Cyber Analyst On Dominion Voting: Shocking Vulnerabilities https://www.oann.com/cyber-analyst-on-dominion-voting-shocking-vulnerabilities/ Rudy Giuliani: 'Dominion Shouldn't Be Counting Votes Anywhere' https://www.newsmax.com/politics/rudy-giuliani-dominion-voting-systems/2020/11/15/id/997113/ Dominion was developed in Venezuela with its main office in Canada. What could possibly be suspicious here? China Expert: Beijing Happy With Biden Win https://www.newsmax.com/politics/gordon-chang-china-biden-catsimatidis/2020/11/15/id/997160/
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    Skydivers are no smarter or cooler than anyone else. They just think they are. In the 1970s and early 1980's, they skewed young and male, because the round landings you had to go through to get to squares were too rough for most older guys. Now a lot of those guys are still jumping, or jumping again. And they tend to reflect the local political and cultural beliefs. Up here, there are plenty of liberal old guys. Wendy P.
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    I use football receiver's gloves; you can get them at pretty much any sporting goods store. I have small hands, and find that the youth large fit well, but there's a wide range. They have very sticky fingers. Not too thick, but I have another pair of motorcycling gloves that fit well that are warmer. For me, having them end at the tips of my fingers, and not be too tight on the fingers, is key. The first for dexterity, the second for warmth. Some people use latex gloves under their winter gloves for additional warmth (it stops the wind from hitting the skin). I actually size up a notch, and put them over my gloves. That way I'm trapping a little bit of air in there, and it also means I'm not sweating as much in there. But generally I just don't jump if it's that cold (I'm in New England) Wendy P.
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    I've been happily using generic worker gloves (the maxiflex types, close-fitting) instead of skydiving-specific gloves. They provide a ton of grip, plenty of dexterity for pulling handles and zippers and whatnot, are cheap (but only last me about a season), have no velcro that could snag on stuff. For wintertime, I typically wear silk gloves underneath them. They help, but I haven't found any simple way to keep really warm hands in winter.
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    The good things in 2020 are few and far between, so here's one of them.
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    I assure you, my tongue was firmly in cheek. But in these days of the GOP's rush to support an autocrat, Bolton has become a moderate by comparison, w/o even changing his principles.
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    Fine by me. Give him 4 years.
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    Dude, Trump was president for four years. He's stocked the government with his own people, many of whom are criminals. He calls in favors. He bribes people with money and power. He appoints his own children to lucrative government positions. He promised people things and then gave up on them as soon as he was in office. He golfs more than he works, then brags about how hard working he is. He uses the power of his political office to shirk responsibility (and culpability) for his crimes. He funnels tax dollars into his own businesses. He's the ultimate Washington insider.
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    What's not to hate? He is a thoroughly despicable human being whose incompetence and venality are responsible for more unnecessary deaths than anyone since the Rwanda massacres. More even than Slobodan Milošević.
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    I need to make openings for engine mounts. You can see some details here – https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=2906758286118203&set=a.678091862318201 https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=2697855983675102&set=pcb.2697856870341680 https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=3098818256912204&set=pcb.3098833303577366 I will ask advice from our riggers, but cannot ask them to do the job. They don’t have materials and experience to modify wingsuits.
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    Anyone who compares a Havok to a performance suit clearly has absolutely no experience with acro flying.
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    wash your helmet and your face more.
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