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    I love seeing a poster mansplain why a thread was locked - to the person who locked it.
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    Lots of troll-feeding going on in this thread.
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    I remember when Col Oli North wrote in his book. "We did what any good intelligence agency did; we turned on CNN." Over the past 30 years, journalism has shifted towards more opinion-based content that is heavy on argumentation and less on objective news coverage. They all chose a lane. FOX, OANN, MSNBC, etc. etc. I'm not sure what your point is - they're all guilty of influence and all have a market that listens.
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    When you feed trolls, trolls are what you get. Rather like squirrels or pigeons.
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    Ya sure. Maybe they can join a union or something. Or get together with all the clever DZOs who just say no to Groupon.
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    Good Morning, Mike. One of the moderators pointed me to this thread. I am the founder of the Anvil Brothers Skydiving Team, but had turned it over to MaxxMadMaxxx at Skydive Houston. The original premise was to help skydivers over 200# to skydive better with their "little" friends, to help them find "Anvil-Friendly" dropzones to learn how to skydive and to bomb the World FreeFall Convention with nightly naked, no suit, no stress, sunset skydives to catch an eight way chunk and if you succeeded - you too; could get an Anvil Brothers Number. To your kid. At 300# - I hate to say it, but the chances are almost zero percent that it isn't going to happen for two reasons, 1) Is the "Highest" Technical Standard Order (TSO) by the FAA is 300# for AFF. That's the equipment (Rig, Main, Reserve, Altimeter, suit, shoes, + skydiver - everything) cannot exceed 300#, 2) Trying to find an Instructor to jump with someone will also be difficult. There is no worse feeling in the world than to "lose" a student in freefall and hope you remembered to triple check the AAD, but to pray in freefall they "pull first" to get the main out there. There are those that will tell you - "Oh AFF can can be done with a tandem rig." and it can, but the best of luck finding someone to reconfigure their tandem for AFF for a statistically one-time jump (by that I mean - the percentage of one-time jumpers is still very high). Tandem Jump - MAX TSO weight is #500 - that's Instructor, Student + ALL gear before getting on the plane. That would mean finding a TI that weighs about ~125# and who has the willingness to take someone your son's size on a tandem. And finally, the prospect of your son getting hurt. Just a fact, but the bigger, the more prone to injury on landing. RECOMMENDATION: 1. If your son is in a field (Football) where he needs to maintain that weight - ask him to focus on his priorities. Stay in what he's doing and let the dream of skydiving wait. We always say, "The sky will always be there." 2. If he can lose weight; he should get down to around 240# for his first dive with a height/weight that is proportional - should he continue, it's been my experience that after the first skydive and if they fall in love with it - they'll lose more weight and even faster. You are welcome to PM me with further questions. I'm always willing to help my fellow Anvil Brothers. Keith BIGUN
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    OK The one on the left is blonde and the one on the right is brunette. How'd I do?
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    I never claimed the info was new,, What is new is the fact that it is in the FBI docs.. previously it was hearsay from agents. I posted the FBI doc as confirmation... get it.
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    Brent shows how the problem isn't CNN or Fox or any of the media/entertainment companies providing news. The problem is people's inability to think about what they are reading or watching.
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    Some "players" are trolls and deserve to be described as such.
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    Funny how your response to being accused of sexism is to be more sexist. Does this mean Pence was picked by a white man because he was a white man? Lol, right. Explain to me the achievements of Owens that make her objectively more qualified and prepared for office than Harris. Bonus point if you can learn enough about her to spell her name correctly.
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    Airdvr, "mainstream media" is defined to "other" the media. To keep entirely away from mainstream media means to stick with the fringe sites that say whatever it takes to get attention. Mainstream media is one of the places that regularly has the information to educate oneself about what's going on. Just consider each source when you read between its lilnes. I don't watch evening news or anything like that, but I do read the local paper, and the Sunday NY Times, and listen to a lot of NPR. And anyway, anything important will be in DZ.com... Wendy P.
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    Unfortunately both our countries allow for loopholes, through child marriage. A practice I find despicable and one that should be changed immediately. In Canada, children between 16 and 18 can get married with parental consent. In many US states that limit either doesn't exist or is significantly lower, some as low as 13. Texas is trying to pass a bill that would label those parents helping their transgender children as child abusers, but does allow a 14 year young child to get married with parental consent. We really need to stop letting religious dogma dictate legislation.
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    If you’re asking for drop zone financing advice here, you’re not ready to buy a drop zone. IMHO Do you have a good DZO friend that has been around a while that can mentor you through the process? There are about 101 things to review before purchasing, or starting a DZ from scratch. A nicely run DZ in a good location can be very lucrative. Signed, recovering dzo
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    According to a recent NPR-PBS NewsHour-Marist poll, 49 percent of Republican men do not plan to get vaccinated, a higher percentage than any other demographic group in the United States. I see that as 49% more available Republican women in the near future.
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    Since most GOP supporters have said they won't get vaccinated. Since trump loving GOP supporters may not be adults. Perhaps all American adults are already vaccinated?
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    April 1st was almost three weeks ago.
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    Jolly Congrats on Seth for being 10000. OW6, Still a cool game.
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    Hi Steve, Another female member of a number of US Teams back in the 70's was Karen Roach: rumor was that she was also CIA. Jerry Baumchen
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    As I think about it, and I'm not really joking, I might be just fine with AR-15's, 20 round clips and the rest if they were all Hot Pink or Neon Green or International Orange. That alone might stop most shootings.
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    I knew you'd be difficult. How many off huckleberry banana clips. They're two for one through tonight.
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    Congratulations. You qualify for an AR-15.
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    Of course you were. That's why you're there. Good job!
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    This will cause the edges of the Earth some here know and love to curl up and inwards like a tostada but I'd go so far as to make vaccinations a requirement to work in any environment where you are in close contact with the general public: restaurants, Ubers and skydiving included. If you are opposed then find a warehouse gig or someone willing to pay you to stare at your laptop all day. Let's use this golden opportunity to stop knuckleheads from giving the rest of us any kind of flu because it's all about their personal freedom.
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    While I’m waiting for the Jav to be sorted, I swapped my Cypres back over to my old Vector yesterday and today I end up under a spinning mal. Previously went 1170 jumps between reserve rides and this time lasted 8 jumps. Really not my week.
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    Fully agree. I usually don't get colds but I'm always irritated when people who are sick get in my space. Haven't had that experience in over a year now. I have also come to enjoy the masks. It's always big fun to go into banks wearing one and lovely to not need to smile at assholes. Same with shaking hands. You never know where the damn thing was or which orifice it was picking at before it's offered with a smile. Let's end that, too.
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    I don't think that's going to fly at all (pun not intended) with the civil aviation authorities. The contingency power will probably have to be available ALL the time, what happens if you encounter an emergency situation and your contingency is still recharging?
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    When the pandemic began, public health experts made the (reasonable) assumption that contact was a primary transmission vector i.e. that it was like most other viruses. Turns out it's actually pretty minor in this case, and that aerosol transmission was a much bigger vector - which is unlike other viruses. So it was a good call early on; better to do too much than too little, especially when it's easy to do. Nowadays it's still a good idea, although it is less effective than earlier thought.
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    Given the regular reports of e-coli, listeria, salmonella, etc., and other pathogens on food, it seems to me a very good idea to treat all groceries as potential sources of disease, Covid or no Covid.
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    Morning, Wendy. I know I cleaned my groceries during the early days of the pandemic and make no apologies for doing so. My little girl and I were in isolation together and I was going to listen to every recommendation a doctor made to protect her. At that time, there were reports of COVID remaining on paper bags for X days and on plastic for even longer. I followed this Dr.'s advice to the letter except; I cleaned everything on a clean stainless steel table in the garage (I have a fridge in the garage), so I staged the whole process. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKx-F4AKteE Then, I disinfected my vehicle and myself before bringing the groceries inside. It was about an hour long process - but, having said all that; was MOPP 4 qualified in the military and had my HAZWOPER certification for disaster & emergency response, so it was real-world training for me. In the end; a friend of mine is the CMO for a large hospital here (former combat surgeon) and I sent him my process for review and he said he wished everyone did it. And, that was during a time when the ICU's were maxed out. The bottom line is: We didn't know and it was better to do too much and be wrong, than not enough and be wrong.
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    I also kind of like the word play. And despite not wishing any harm to President Biden, I would literally per myself laughing if Kamala inherited the Oval Office. A woman at the presidency, of Jamaican and Indian descent, and Californian.... And I love the way she grills people
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    A ) Yes, you will become a test jumper. B ) PD only makes a few sizes of slider across the whole range of canopy sizes and types they produce. So it is not something that is extremely well "tuned" to each product. Good luck.
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    Don't have direct experience with these, but I'd like to add the slider type ("square" vs "domed") to the conversation. Not all sliders are the same, I would guess that CF3 has a domed slider, not so sure about Katana.
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    This, definitely. And that would mean that the rest of us have to pay higher prices. But, ya know -- I can pay higher prices, and spend a larger percentage of my income. What Bigun said up above about the restauranteur angling to get government money rather than paying to bail out his restaurants himself is pretty key. We aren't owed keeping our savings by the government; those savings are to help protect us. I don't plan on divesting myself of all assets if I ever need nursing home care so that I can go on Medicaid -- that money is there to serve me, not my heirs. That doesn't mean that I would turn down disaster funding if I needed it and was eligible, but I really can't imagine myself working my life out to get someone else to pay. Wendy P.
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    To educate oneself more and try to understand the source of the issues better, to be a better informed consumer, before discussing it with the manufacturer? To piss off those who cry "Won't somebody think of the children?", I mean "Why didn't you contact the manufacturer first?" ?
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    Everybody is afraid of everybody. Two uniformed branches showing clear fear for the other. In a country that prides itself on its level of freedom. When comparing that level of freedom to most other western countries, the only real difference on "freedom" is the restrictions on hate speech and the restrictions on being able to carry your gun everywhere. In return you get that level of fear and violence.
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    I recently heard a first hand story (story teller was on-site during the incident) of someone going in on a naked jump at an unspecified DZ in Florida or Georgia sometime in the last few years I believe. A married couple was on this naked group jump, husband goes in... was during a boogie if i recall the story correctly, mid-day everyone in all of their glory. I cant remember if they said nothing out, PC in tow, or reserve not yet fully deployed... impacted at extremely high speed. Wife had to be distracted and forced to put clothes on, according to story she was aware of it on landing or shortly after and was freaking out, understandably. Jumpers had to “wrangle her” and get clothes on her. Other jumpers apparently told police they “cut off his clothes not knowing what to do while administering first aid”.. I guess afraid to get in trouble for the nudity?? Not sure. I can not confirm if this is true, but it seemed like a legit story from a level-headed well known individual, im a poor listener unfortunately. There are others who know of this story I am sure. God bless the deceased, my thoughts are with them and their family. BSBD
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    That's more in the occasional speeding or overdue parking tickets column. It's just not that big a deal. Um... are you, uhh.... are you under the impression that's illegal? What exactly are you talking about? What exactly are you talking about? And - my god! An elected US representative has sex with potentially underage girls trafficked to him by a pimp (who is also an elected official) then gleefully shows naked photos of them to his colleagues in the House and your response is 'what about Hunter Biden?' Get a grip on yourself, man.
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    Cops are afraid of an army lieutenant, army lieutenant is afraid of the cops....and somehow this is all the epitome of freedom? If this is the trade off for being allowed to spew hate speech and carry guns everywhere, do Americans really find it odd people from other countries don't quite see it as worth it?
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    But only one party claims the mantle of "family values" as its own, wraps itself in self-righteousness, holds prayer meetings in the Oval Office and Bible clutchings outside churches as photo-ops That adds the stink of hypocrisy to anything else the perp may have done.
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    I’m not thrilled about it in a general sense but I am sort of thankful that Trump still controls the Republican Party. They reap what they sow. As does Mitch McConnell.
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    Setting up strawmen again. Of course I considered alternative possibilities, but I'll defer to the experts who already reported their conclusion. Unlike someone here who has no medical training whatsoever but thinks they know better. Now you're using Zoe's technique...unless you really don't know. Let me ask you, do you know what LD50 means?
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    I don't disagree with their views. I just found the completely different viewpoint amusing and also how strongly they felt about it. Especially that almost everyone celebrating that day is using it as an excuse to party and have a few drinks. I will admit that prior to the people getting really upset about it, I hadn't ever read up the story behind it. I've never dressed up or partied for St Patricks day, guess next year I will go to something as a snake :)
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    Don't care. Had to carry my shot records everywhere I went in the military. Along with my military ID, driver's license, military driver's license, etc. I'm not sure why this "passport thing" is turning out to be such a big deal.
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    Incident reports are back in the Feb. 2021 issue.
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    Well, I was part of a DZ that had a line of credit from a bank. We used that money for 'big' expenses, like rebuilding the engine on one of the planes. Or a new tandem rig (actual purchases when I was part of the club). We had a steady tandem business (maybe 20 every weekend), and a fairly active S/L first jump class (maybe averaging 5 every weekend). 2 182s. The bank had no problem, in part because we had 2 planes for collateral. The LoC would get extended, then slowly paid off. The bank understood we shut down in the winter and would accept 'interest only' payments when we were on winter hiatus. Also, after 4 years of no DZ near me, one started up again this year. The old Green Bay Skydivers reopened as "Skydive Freefall Adventure" on Memorial Day weekend. One of the TIs from the old operation and his wife, who worked manifest at the old place rented the same hangar, leased the same plane and got a pair of tandem rigs from one of the area DZs. I have zero clue what sort of start up money they already had or how much it took, but I know they took out at least some of the money as a loan. Have a business plan. Have projected income (if its already an operational DZ, show the numbers of jumps, each type and the income from them), projected costs, all of that. You can get around the liability question by showing them the waiver and how many successful lawsuits have been pursued against DZs. Do you have any/much experience as a DZO or DZ manager? If you haven't already done this, it's a ton of work. Plan on doing everything, from checking in the cute students to mopping out the toilets. And the standard phrase 'you make a small pile of money in aviation by starting with a big one' is often true. Expenses can be brutal. One way around it is to be as many of your own 'employees' as you can. Do you have a rigger ticket? Commercial piliot? A&P? Those can take a huge bite out of expenses (the bank would like that). I would call this 'difficult but not impossible'.
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