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    Thanks for revealing your narrow minded view. Now do yourself a favor and read my posts. I have offered a possible solution to every one of the issues I have revealed. Will they work? Not sure. Got a better idea? Share it. What we do know is the current path is a failure. Anybody can see that. IF they choose to. Some are simply going to accuse someone who reveals it as just "Bitching and Complaining". As far as the USPA goes, are you endorsing me for a seat?
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    Baronn all I see is you bitching and complaining. Why don't you run for USPA? All you have are problems with no solutions. This thread is becoming as bad as DB Cooper!
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    As a frequent radio controller I encourage students to call their own flare ASAP. Most can not judge the height because they are looking down and that causes the Earth to appear to be rushing up at you. You have only a few jumps, you will get better quickly. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Same way as you learn to flare. Practice, practice, practice. Student parachutes are large and lightly loaded to make them forgiving. You will make errors and within reason the Earth and the canopy will forgive them.
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    Don't slide. It's an advanced technique, and it requires pretty precise timing/height judgement to pull off well. You have neither at this point (same as everyone else). It also requires knowing the landing area very well (where are the holes & ruts that will catch a foot?). I've had a jump or two that I had planned on sliding in up until I saw a rut (or hole or lump or whatever) about 10' in front of my contact point. Precisely placed to break my ankle during the slide. Changed to a PLF and was fine. PLF is what you needed here. It's a vital skill that should be in every jumper's toolbox. It can save your leg, foot or ankle on any given jump. I've heard it said (by Wendy) that planning to PLF on every jump is important. If things go well, stand it up. But consider a 'stand up' landing a bonus, not the standard.
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