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Make the dream of flying a reality!

Bodyflight is a fun and exciting experience where true freefall conditions of a skydive are simulated in a windtunnel. Enjoy flying without jumping out of an airplane!

Indoor skydiving is both a fun thing to do for people that are curious about flying and a training platform for skydivers. You will have the same sensation as jumping out off an airplane and falling through the sky - but in a safer environment. Bodyflight Stockholm can simulate freefall speeds up to 300km / h, whereas first-timers usually fly at speeds of around 200km / h.

You fly on a beam of air in a glass chamber that simulates the wind just like during a skydive. Therefore you fly the same body positions as you would in the open air. The entire body acts as a rudder in the strong air stream and you will learn how to maneuver your body in free fall - an incomparable experience. Skydivers have been training at Bodyflight for years to practice their skills before competitions.

Wind speeds of up to 186mph
Diameter of 14ft
Height of 78.74ft

Contact Us

[email protected]
+46 10 139 97 00

Säve Flygplatsväg 25, Göteborg, 42373, Sweden

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