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Wind tunnel: 165$/hour in Moscow, Russia - Aerodynamika One of the most inexpensive wind tunnals of the world is located in Moscow near the metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya. It is called - "Aerodynamika". Its diameter is only 8.2 feet, so it is impossible to train the highest level of mastery in it. However, this is more than enough to master the basics of Freefly, Freestyle, RW. If you are interested in learning the basics of VFS, then this will only work as part of 2 flyers. This complex has everything you need for your classes: world-class trainers, own restaurant and a mini-hotel. Double room costs $ 45 per night.

Diameter of 8ft
Height of 23ft

Contact Us

MKAD, 47 km, vl. 7, Moscow, 108811
Moscow, 108811

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