The Genting Wind Tunnel blows at 193 KPH (just barely 120 MPH). As most Skydivers know this isn’t really practical for some serious advanced flying. To be totally honest the Skyventure Genting Wind Tunnel is not the strongest. The Perris Valley Wind Tunnel is definitely stronger. For Skydivers out there who want to use it as a serious training device, don’t. While it is possible to do some Free Flying such as Sit Flying and Head Down this can be done but the Skydiver must be very experienced, very light and have a very baggy jumpsuit. The bigger and heavier folks are better off just belly flying and improving whatever they feel fit and needs working on. You will get more value and bang for your buck focusing on Belly Flying rather than struggling to get your Sit Fly airborne.

Wind speeds of up to 120mph

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[email protected]

Genting, Malaysia
Genting, Malaysia

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