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  2. Maxfield717

    Top 10 Skydiving Videos of 2019

    Dunno how pal
  3. Paf

    PD Strom 150

    Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    For sale: PD Storm 150 Exactly 121 jumps Line Set: 825 Microline DOM 01.2017 Condition like new. Price 1800$ OBO 7 cell canopy PD Storm is good for everything. I love this canopy. Openings and how it is fly. You can do fly fast and slow, swoop and do accuracy. Packed only by me, only in shadow and on the proper surface. Landing on grass etc... Canopy work light due to most of WS jumps. I am sealing only because I upgrade for bigger WS and changed to dedicated WS canopy.



  4. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Seen on a related website, and my answer to this question: Don't waste your money! Just pick a new dot com and go get the material to incorporate. This is much cheaper. You would only be purchasing the name. NOT the material that is incorporated into the website. That was hosted material and is now gone from whoever the original host was. In other words, buying the domain will NOT restore the material that appeared on it. You just get the right to use the name. The good news is that you CAN go to Internet Archive and copy-paste all the material if you wish. How that would work out on the copy-paste, since many website hosts require you to load files individually to THEIR server, I do not know. I have asked Greg the Techie Guy about this and he says it's possible if you know what you're doing. He also says it's a fair amount of work. He says he could do it and make everything work like the original site, but all of us here at AB know that other Cooperites would come out of the woodwork if we did that. And no one would support such an effort. In fact, we think people would try contacting Sluggo, etc. Causing problems. So we will stay out of that trap, although I don't mind telling you how YOU could do it. I will not initiate any action of re-posting the site in its entirety on my own, but if someone else did it first, then we would assist if you wanted. But only if you wanted us to, otherwise no. You probably wouldn't even need Greg anyway. I think Shutter could do it. He's fairly hip on the website stuff. AB of Seattle staff copied all the available material when the site first went defunct and we keep everything in a special file on a 128GB flash drive, so we can reference the material from time to time if needed. Took quite a while to do, since there were so many links, maps, pictures, etc. (It was actually Greg who did all of that, not me.) The total material was nowhere near 128 gigs, though. It was overkill. I ended up moving all the files to a smaller flash drive and keeping the 128 for other uses. Like loading movies on it for camping trips. We separated the files into three categories. First, straight screenshots for reference where the links don't work. These are just JPEG's of all pages you can print up and examine to see where everything 'goes'. Second, copy/paste into PDF versions where the links DO work, using Adobe Acrobat. (We also did a rather bulky Word version of the site that goes on for a ton of pages.) Third, a separate list of all the links as they would appear if you installed them manually on a page. And where they go. Like I said, it was a lot of work. Using those things, it is possible, although a little difficult, to completely recreate the site from the original. Greg knows much more about all this than I do. (His qualifications: Masters in computer science, types code in several languages at 70WPM, worked a dozen years in testing and development for Microslave, etc etc. To see him do this with code is frankly amazing, by the way.) You can find all the screenshots of Sluggo's old site at the Archive. Just pick a day on the calendar list. Since Sluggo made few changes after he first established the site, your best bet is to click on a date within the first year or two the site was active. Here is a LINK TO THE SITE AS IT APPEARED IN 2014. For the other times the site was recorded by the Archive, you GO to the archive first. Then enter this in the search box: I hope this has been some help to the Sluggo fans. I am one of them. In order to recreate the site to the original, the best bet is to buy into a SIMILAR domain name and start from there. You can get that on a yearly basis for a lot less than $1,200. Just buying the name gets you only the name. Only recordings by Internet Archive is where all that material now exists. It is no longer associated with the original server, if that makes any sense. I would recommend webs dot com, (not 'freewebs' or 'web' dot com, but WEBS dot com for a fresh canvas.) You can get a domain there with premium service for less than $150 a year.) Their site editor is WYSIWYG which is really handy. ('What You See Is What You Get')
  5. Hi fellows, when I opened Google Map I accidentally found another DZ near Perris--Skydive Elsinore. It seems like AFF at Elsinore is cheapter than Perris...and someone says there is dirt at Elsinore, or different vibes..a lot of different comments and different perspectives. i don't know. Anyway, any suggestions?
  6. Wm10

    Icon sport I5, Vigil 2, Precision rmax reserve

    Does this come with risers?
  7. sublime821

    Rig for sale

    Is your rig still available?
  8. wait,,so skydiving can really differenciate ourselves??? especially when we apply for college?? wow i don't know that
  9. markn

    Aerodyne Smart LPV 120

    Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Brand new. Still in original bag. White. Spectra lines. DOM 10/2017. Serial LPV-120-12513.


    Woodridge, IL - US

  10. Yesterday
  11. A pair of Carhart workpants and a jersey (one of the performance fabric ones that have become so popular lately). Yes, I'm serious.
  12. johnmatrix

    Tracking Suit question

    Yes absolutely. However if you're looking at tracking in the BASE environment and training for that, that's a whole different ballgame, the data gets really interesting there. I found reviewing the data from my BASE jumps really helpful. That being said, one of the best and most hardcore trackers I've known never trained with a Flysight at all.
  13. Time Left: 29 days and 12 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Interested in joining the Aerodyne Team? Look no further – WE WANT YOU!!! Aerodyne has experienced fantastic growth over the last few years and with the current momentum, we are looking to strengthen our team and expand our marketing vision in our DeLand office with a new position as a Marketing and Sales Manager. Interested in joining us and taking this vision to the next level? To apply, check out the full job posting here:


    Deland, FL

  14. I’m coming up on 400 jumps and I’m keen to really break through to the “next level.” First I’d like to train to clean up any and all deficiencies or bad habits in free fall, canopy piloting and skydiving in general. Then I’d like to explore becoming an AFF instructor and perhaps a TI. I’m reading up in the SIMS and various things on line, asking questions at the DZ etc. I know there are a number of places here in the states that offer the training I’m looking for. I’m wondering if anyone here has advice or suggestions as far as the best places to train, any pitfalls I should be aware of, other things to do to get it right the first time—any advice/wisdom in general. Thanks everyone, and blue skies!
  15. Hi everyone - Can anyone recommend a DZ in europe that has monthly unlimited passes? Will have my pick of places in Europe to base myself this summer and am looking for recs.
  16. FailingWthStyle

    Tracking Suit question

    Oh, certainly. The live feedback will still give you information as to whether a change in body position you make is better or worse. Looking at the data post-jump will also give you a sense of what worked well and what didn't. It's just that the specific numbers themselves won't be reliable, especially if your pattern involves one or two turns. And comparing those numbers across different days / wind conditions would hold even less value.
  17. vtmike

    Tonfly ICE 60cm

    Time Left: 29 days and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Tonfly ICE. 60cm Light use. $225 plus shipping


    truckee - US

  18. So, maybe it’s just because i’m not made of money, but spending $500 on a jumpsuit seems absolutely insane to me. I have an RW suit I paid $160 for from the FB marketplace, but as far as a FF suit goes I don’t have one. I was thinking of possibly buying a scuba skinsuit/wetsuit for like $30-80, as inspired by this news article. I’m a skinny guy so I need a tight-fitting suit to jump with and help stay level with others anyway. Are there any real downsides to getting a skinsuit or wetsuit, aside from fashion? I’m talking outdoor jumping btw, maybe a wetsuit will fall apart easily? Anybody got any other sub-$150 FF suit alternatives?
  19. My mom was always pretty happy to hear I was too busy to make many jumps ("you haven't been skydiving, have you?"), BUT whenever she introduced me to someone, that person would say, "oh, this is the skydiver!" Parents want their to be safe and live forever, but they also love to brag about the cool things their kids do, and how their kids are more adventurous (or whatever) than all the other kids. And they want their kids to feel joy and passion. You might talk to your mom about how skydiving will set you apart from the other applicants for college and grad school (it really will, especially if you learn to talk about how what you learn about yourself and human nature in the air, applies in daily life and in school), and that it will HELP you achieve the goals you have that she supports. Then follow through on that. If your plan is to become a DZ bum once you finish high school, that's going to be a tough one to sell, lol
  20. SethInMI

    Creating a Game Room - ideas?

    she shouldn't just put herself against it, but more just swing around it.
  21. It will open faster with just the removable slider. Full rds adds enough drag to match the regular slider.
  22. RDS is smaller than regular slider. Regular is 23"x31" and RDS is 20"x29"
  23. Administrator

    The 2019 Malfunction & Incidents Collection

    We recently posted an article showcasing some really sweet videos to get you amped to hit the sky. The reality however, is that not every jump goes as planned. Sometimes you find yourself victim to a bad pack job, bad technique or failed equipment. The collection of videos below are some of the malfunctions that made their way onto Youtube in the past year. Use these videos to learn from other's mistakes, look at how others reacted to their incidents and how it affected their outcome. While some malfunctions one can laugh about later, others should serve solely as a lesson to other jumpers. From the uploader: "On my first jump with my Strix i had a toggle fire and needed to cutaway! Not the best body position and pitched with some speed. This is the only way that my great SABRE 1 wingsuit canopy can get into a diving spin." From the uploader: "After an uneventful jump, on deployment one of the riser covers of the Wings rig did not release, leading the PD 90 to deploy unevenly and start violent spinning behind the neck of the jumper. He was about to cut away the wing and pull his reserve when the riser cover released. The jumper checked his altitude, reasoned he had altitude to keep working on it a bit longer and then untwisted. He landed back at the dropzone exhausted and shocked, then switched container manufacturer as soon as he could." From the uploader: "Bag lock is a b*tch, especially on a tandem skydive. This TI and passenger were in the saddle by 1650 feet." From the uploader: "A skydiver has some heavy line twists on opening, which he fights all the way down to his hard deck before cutting away and deploying his reserve parachute -- which also opens with heavy line twists. Yikes!" From the uploader: "Skydiver rides his reserve parachute safely to the ground after a canopy malfunction!" From the uploader: "A pilot chute in tow malfunction is never fun, especially when you try to manually deploy your main parachute and end up flipping onto your back with a mess of lines wrapping around your leg. That’s exactly what happened to this skydiver. He pulled his cutaway, deployed his reserve and crossed his fingers that the reserve would clear the ball of $#!t above his head." From the uploader: "This jumper deployed their main, saw a malfunction they could not recover from, and cutaway. Their three-rings separated but a line got caught and the main parachute remained connected to the container. While attempting to clear the line entanglement, it appears the jumper pulled on their RSL and extracted their reserve pin; giving them a two-out. The jumper flew the reserve and, twenty seconds before safely landing their reserve, the main finally released." From the uploader: "As they exited the plane this jumper’s deployment bag came out of their container and gave them a horseshoe malfunction. They realized their pilot chute was still in the BOC and deployed it in an attempt to remedy the situation. Unfortunately, the pilot chute failed to extract the main, resulting in a SECOND malfunction! This time the jumper was faced with a bag lock. They cutaway their main, regained stability and deployed their reserve." From the uploader: "After an uneventful wingsuit flight this jumper deployed his main and found himself with a line over that sent him spinning. Unable to fly the canopy, he cutaway and – after dealing with some line twists – landed without further incident." From the uploader: "This skydiver pulled at 4k feet to get comfortable under canopy again -- it was their first jump after a 4 month break from skydiving. Once they deployed, they checked their canopy and thought it was an end cell closure, but quickly realized that it was actually a line-over. They began pumping the risers to clear it and continued to do so until they reached their decision altitude. The jumper claims they were preparing to cut away when they did one last pump of the risers and cleared the line-over."
  24. billeisele

    AAD fires

    missing the point simple: an AAD fire is not necessarily a "save", the manufacturer can't claim they have xxx saves because they have sold xxx cutters, there are plenty of instances when the AAD fired as programmed but the jumper had an open or opening main agree on the being low comments but that doesn't mean it's a "save"
  25. johnmatrix

    Tracking Suit question

    You can still train, for example if you're going for glide ratio you just adjust to get the highest number you can, like usual. Of course then the data isn't easy to compare to other jumps in other conditions, but I think it's always worth training with a Flysight, wind or not (and I've never tried adjusting for wind - but I should give it a go).
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