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  2. EJU

    DB Cooper

    FLY, you challenged my assertions in the Daily DB Cooper Bite and I provided a substantive list of questions. Your response to these questions was nothing by mindless rhetoric and platitudes. There is nothing of substance in your answer. I challenge you to point out any substance in your response. Oh, the 8:12 turn east--which apparently was sudden and intended to bring the jet down center line V23--didn't even happen according to the 1972 FBI Map.
  3. mylesbean


    Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    Vector Container d.o.m. 1986 Clean Container, Very good condition, Well cared for. Magnetic riser covers installed by Vector. I had a 169 main and 160 reserve inside no problem, has a bit of room either way. R.S.L. Equipped. I am 5.10, 175 pnds, pretty snug on me. AAD ready. Just had Rigger inspection.


    garden Valley, calofornia

  4. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    FBI flight path: The jets following Flight 305 knew where it was at all times. The only problem was that they had to keep doing wide 'S' turns because the airliner was going so slowly. If airliners actually could not be tracked with a certain bit of accuracy a lot less than eight or nine miles, they would be crashing into each other all the time. On the afternoon of the hijacking, everyone had hours to prepare for its eventual departure from Seattle, and they did. The idea that it was just 'out there in the night' is preposterous. You had people like Paul Soderlind of NWA on the case, as well as ATC and the military tracking that flight. They knew exactly where it was at all times. As far as I'm concerned, the map is accurate. The placard shows that, and that happened BEFORE the flight reached the spot it did miles east of Tina Bar. Chutes: The two main 'bailout' rigs belonged to Hayden. The dummy reserve and the chute popped by Cooper to cut the lines from it belonged to Issaquah Sky Sports. Cossey packed the three that actually worked, but he hadn't seen them for almost six months prior to the hijacking. May of 1971 has been mentioned, I think. But Cossey owned none of them. He was just the person who packed them. Airliner tracking by radar and accuracy? Of course it was good, even back in 1971, otherwise the following would be an everyday occurrence:

    DB Cooper

    I always challenge assumptions, a general truism. But you have done it using weak assumptions and ignoring facts and evidence. You have engaged in various logical fallacies to push an alternate flightpath including using the Palmer report as a strawman. I have posted the evidence that destroys your alt flightpath idea. You have some very weak assumptions and poor logic. The FBI flightpath has a veering East around 20:12 and then a turn right exactly as the chase planes described.. a western alternate flightpath doesn't match whatsoever. You continue to ignore the facts.

    DB Cooper

    That still doesn't tell us which chute Cooper got. Hayden did supply two back chutes, one left on the plane he got back. FBI files suggest Cossey owned the chute and it was an NB-6 green. There are several possibilities.. still unresolved. Cossey is mistaken or lying... and The FBI used both of Hayden' back chutes, or The FBI used one of Hayden's and one of Cossey's and Cooper took Cossey's.
  7. EJU

    DB Cooper

    As I stated in the Daily DB Cooper Bite, we have to challenge assumptions in this case if we expect to discover something new after 47 years. Where is the sudden turn to the east on the FBI flight path? How do you explain that each of the three flight path maps (December 1971 version, 1972 version, and Yellow FBI Flight Path version) are all different? How do you explain the money find in relation to the FBI flight paths? How do you explain the placard find in relation to the FBI flight paths? Are you aware that the SAGE link in the fighters was not operational that night, therefore, the fighters couldn't automatically fly to the target? How is it that the fighters were following behind 305, witnessed a phantom turn east, yet were having a problem following 305 and had to break off the pursuit because 305 was only travelling at 200 MPH? Why would an F-106 be incapable of flying at 200 MPH? Why are portions of the radio transcripts concerning Seattle Center redacted? Is it possible that an explanation for the redacted information may relate to an inoperable SAGE system on that night and that, for matters related to national security, this information was not disclosed publicly? Why did Major Dawson, the guy responsible for coordinating the chase plane effort at McChord say the jet flew in a straight line from Toledo to the western suburbs of Portland? Why has nothing been found? My point is this: By people swallowing and not questioning the Palmer Report for 25-years the truth of the matter became impossible to discover. Why? Because according to Palmer the money had to arrive on Tena Bar after the August 1974 dredge, and according to Palmer, probably arrived around 1979. Well, guess what, Palmer was wrong? The expert made a mistake as proven by Tom Kaye and the Cooper Research Team in 2008. This one mistake ended up being huge and completely changed the nature of the investigation. Are you here to tell me that you are absolutely certain that the FBI Flight Path isn't Palmer Report 2.0? That it is not possible for the FBI Flight Path to be off by 8 or 9 miles?
  8. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Flyjack asks in part: Easy answer to a good question, Flyjack: When Geoff Gray first released the un-redacted files that somehow dropped into his possession, one of the files included a report on the acquisition and delivery of the chutes written by FBI agent John Detlor shortly after the hijacking occurred. I printed up this one-page file and then called Norman Hayden on the phone to verify its accuracy. But I didn't tell him I had that report sitting on the desk in front of me. I just interviewed him for an hour or so on his recollections regarding the chutes. His testimony matched EXACTLY what was in that file. Then I told him about the file. Then I read it to him over the phone. He said the only thing wrong in it was that Northwest agreed that the chutes (if he provided them) were to be a loan and a rental, and that he did eventually receive a check from them for this rental. This is how he managed to get the one chute returned to him by the FBI, and how it ended up as a display in the Washington State History Museum. He also requested a copy of the file so he could print it up and frame it for his office in Kent. (WA) I resampled it to 300dpi and sent him a copy in JPEG. End result: Hayden's version of events is accurate and matches what the FBI said as well. It's also one of the reasons I have doubts about Cossey's honesty regarding identification of any Cooper chute, including the one found in Amboy in 2008. (The 'end of PDF excerpt' notation was added by me to show it was the entire file.)
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  10. wolfriverjoe

    Aff footage? Is it frowned apon?

    It shouldn't be a problem. Just keep in mind that the instructor's focus is on YOU, not the camera. I can very easily see how any sort of issue on jumprun or in the door would take the focus off the camera, and it doesn't get turned on. Some instructors are great video flyers. Some... Not so much.

    DB Cooper

    Found something interesting.. Finally,, After carefully analyzing the Cooper money in a video in slow motion, I am convinced that the stack has a piece of rubber band attached to the top bill. My theory is that the 3 packets arrived as one bundle, the rubber bands holding the packets together in a bundle deteriorated and the 3 packets slightly separated. The sides of the money packets was completely gone so there is no way the rubber bands were “intact” or “around the packets”, they “crumbled to the touch”.. Downloading and running the video in slow motion it is clear that the object which appears to be a rubber band fragment is under the plastic covering the money attached to the money and not a reflection. The takeaway, The rubber band was one third from the end, that suggests two were used. It appears to be a medium wide rubber band. Some are thinner some thicker. Tom Kaye tested a single narrow band for one packet. Two medium thick rubber bands suggests they were holding a bundle of packets and not individual packets of 100 bills. This is very important as the dominant narrative has been that the packets arrived on TBAR independently and that restricts the means by which they could have arrived. The 3 packets arriving on TBAR as one bundle is a game changer. FBI agent Pringle also claimed the money was from one bundle.

    DB Cooper

    You keep pushing the radical alternate fightpath based on unknown assumptions while ignoring all the evidence for the FBI flightpath. The flightpath was a collaboration from the Air Force, Boeing and NorthWest,, The winds were estimated based on an average between 8-9PM taken at Portland and Salem. Winds around 8 were from the ESE and S. The simplest is that the flightpath is correct. This perfectly matches the FBI flightpath, it doesn't match the western alternate. FBI FILE P 1662 _______ WAS INFORMED BY ___________ PORTLAND AIRPORT, THAT TWO CHASE WHICH PLANES FOLLOWING FIVE MILES BEHIND HIJACKED AIRCRAFT SUDDENLY VEERED TO THE EAST AND THEREAFTER MADE A RIGHT TURN. THE POINT OF THEIR CHANGE OF COURSE WOULD HAVE BEEN IN CLOSE PROXIMITY IN TIME AND LOCATION TO THAT BELIEVED WHERE UNSUB DEPARTED THE PLANE.
  13. tonyburgos

    Storing training videos

    I agree with trunk, you can use to dropbox o google driver and you can access enywhere
  14. officially4h

    A good way to download YouTube 4k 60fps videos

    Use tubemate to download video.
  15. I use to youtube audio downloader like
  16. tabouare

    Save $$ buying direct from LB??

    Did you factor in shipping and import fees?
  17. tonyburgos


    Your welcome this forum, Regards
  18. wolfriverjoe

    Riser design & toggle fires

    Generally, the keepers aren't strong enough to hold the nose of the toggle during opening if it's stowed that way (incorrectly). They just tear out.
  19. 3331

    Ian Head

    Ian Head was a body double for Mick Jagger in the 1970 film ‘Performance’.
  20. Voodoo_Sky

    Large Matte Black G3 Helmet

    Time Left: 6 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Large - Matte Black G3 Cookie Helmet and Soft case Helmet Bag. Very low usage on this. Used primarily in the tunnel for less than an hour total. A few small cosmetic scratches, but otherwise great shape. Originally paid $420 for the entire package. Willing to art ways for 325.


    , Maryland

  21. EJU

    DB Cooper

    Daily DB Cooper Bite...I talk about how we can solve the mystery.
  22. Razvanescu

    Hurricane 135

    Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

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    Hurricane 135 for sale. DOM 2006. 400 jumps.New Vectran line set. Zero jumps on new lineset. Yellow/Blue/Yellow


    Brasov - RO

  23. Razvanescu

    Container 135/150 Advance Out

    Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

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    Container Advance Out for sale. DOM 2001. Very good condition. Holds 135 Main and 150 reserve. Size Y. For 6' and @ 200 lbs.


    Brasov - RO

  24. KBUDA

    nil winds

    The last DZ I jumped at had the first part of that. We would all agree on a landing direction at the loading area, but once everyone started looking at the stupid spinning arrow all bets were off.
  25. chips26

    Riser design & toggle fires

    It doesn't have to be a metal pin to be dependent on it, could just be a straight tab instead. The act of pulling the cat eye through the ring, and then putting the nose of the toggle through the cat eye and into its pocket locks the cat eye(and toggle) to the ring. Even if the toggle comes out of its keeper pocket, the line tension is enough to keep the brakes fully stowed. Since the cat eye has been set under the lower ring the brake settings remained unchanged until you pop the toggles. Contrast that with just putting the toggle nose through the cat eye and into its pocket, laying on top of the ring, then there is nothing to keep anything in place if the toggle comes out of its keepers.
  26. KBUDA

    VISO 2 wont start
  27. Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

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    Used for one season. In perfect condition. Paid $900+ with tax. Save huge! KISS Hemet, Black, Size L. EXO Case - Black Viso 2 Altimeter with all original packaging and extra case.


    Phoenix, Arizona - US

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