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  2. Thanks for your advice! I will think about that.
  3. Also remember that Para-Flite designed the Swift Plus series before anyone routinely loaded main parachutes more than one pound per square foot. If you expect an old Swift reserve to flare as gracefully as a modern Performance Designs Optimum 145 … you had better pre-pay your medical insurance. IOW, anyone who loads a Swift Plus 145 reserve with more than 145 pounds is an idiot! … er …. not very bright …. er … poorly informed ….
  4. not a credit card! a debit card, lol. Thanks for the advice!
  5. riggerrob

    AAD fires

    I disagree. Any time an AAD fires, you are too low. In my 40 years of skydiving, I have only seen one FXC 12000 mis-fire at 7,000 feet. All the rest of the AAD fires have been below 2,000'. Any time you are below 2,000' without an inflated main, you have made a mistake.
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  7. Remster

    Pitching in a Track

    Your descent rate may be slowing, but you need to look at your overall airspeed. This is what the canopy is opening into.
  8. Why does the fuel weight really matter? Based on the data you gave the numbers aren't that much different. Empty plane 1003kg, max landing weight 1633. You then have 630kg available. When you calculate the engine weight saving you have extra 148kg available. This means total 778kg. Batteries weigh 600kg, so that gives you 178kg available for passengers and pilot. "NASA batteries" isn't really a thing yet and it is not going to be for a few decades, and when it comes it is going to be super expensive. Even if they are not using standard production batteries they are not getting much better energy density the Tesla packs have.
  9. roostnureye

    Wingsuit-specific boogies/skills camps?

    Just got word that coach jump ticket wont be covered by the Dz. Sorry for misinfo.
  10. birdynamnam

    Jedei 2019 (the final edition)

    Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Built for 178cm and 85kg. 10 jumps so as new


    - DK

  11. ZigZagMarquis

    Pitching in a Track

    It can hurt, but not as much as smacking the ground without a parachute out. ;-)
  12. I'll have a chat with your mother the next time I see her, don't worry buddy. Go for the AFF, welcome to your most expensive hobby ever (OK, so maybe not THE most expensive but easily a few thou Freedom Moneys a year)
  13. Heckin Chonker

    Top 10 Skydiving Videos of 2019

    Why don't you embed the video right here, instead of just advertising your heckin social media profile
  14. Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    RESERVES: All AIRWORTHY and MODERN! U.S. Master and Senior Riggers' sales references available, reserves in very good condition, reputable seller, your choice of payment method! From $399 USD! SECRET of the LOW PRICE explained below (text and LINK below, where you can see this symbol below: ). Reserve brands IN STOCK: PD-RESERVES, TEMPOS and RAVENS. ALL SIZES from 113 to 282 square feet! (113, 120, 143, 150, 170, 176, 181, 193, 210, 218, 250, 282). Low-packs, too! Reserves are all in very good condition and approved, by the manufacturer and the FAA. No lifetime limit, no repack limit, and no jump number limit, set by the manufacturer or the FAA! Obviously, all have the U.S. FAA TSO certificates. All are modern square famous and respected brands. 7-cell airworthy square reserves in VERY good condition, with reserve connector links included! Estimated 2 jumps and 20 repacks on each parachute! Tracked air-shipping to most of the WORLD is less than you think! I airship world-wide for approx $55 USD. Shipping takes approx 15 calendar days world-wide. FULL REFUND, including ALL shipping costs BOTH ways, available if you or your rigger does not like the reserve for ANY reason! Please contact me with the form below (logon first). Only if you get a returned email error, please EMAIL me at: SKYDIVER.FLY123456@GMAIL.COM with the ad URL website address copied into the email message. See the *NARROWED-DOWN* LIST of *ONLY MY PARACHUTES* for SALE ! : Click the LINK BELOW, where it says the words: ' CLICK HERE ' --> CLICK HERE for a LIST of my RESERVES <--


  15. DBiggs

    Manifest Software

    Check out Kopis Mobile-Fastform 1306/1307 at
  16. cantonairsports

    Tempo 120 Reserve

    Time Left: 29 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Tempo 120 reserved Packed Once! Manufactured in 99 Was just in storage. $500 OBO Call or text 330-685-0816


    Alliance, Ohio - US

  17. This sounds like you will be paying for FJC and AFF1 twice with this approach. I'd heed the advice given to hold off until you can pay for the A license package and do it all at once. Then you'll need to think about how you will pay for the gear you will need. I hope you don't mean a credit card when you mentioned a 'card'... Wracking up debt to get into a sport while in college is not a good idea.
  18. Being current is everything in skydiving. Especially when you are a student. If you can not afford to do your AFF program in less than one or two months at the most then I would strongly encourage you to save up until you can.
  19. Thanks! yes maybe I will try fjc & level 1 first. Then I will purchase that AFF A licence package in college! I have some money in another card but right now it's not under my control but it will. In college If I do AFF I will go jump every weekend!!
  20. Recurrency means you need to show you still maintain the skills you have learned. If you are on AFF jump 2 but you last did AFF1 over 30 days ago, then you need to demonstrate you have the AFF1 skills. Once through AFF, you have to do a jump with an instructor to show you still have the basic skills. I jump at perris and also learned there. I have seen a number of students go uncurrent and doing so during AFF is probably the worst We have nice weather here so there is no real reason to go uncurrent. If you don't have the time and money, I would just recommend waiting because it only hurts your development and costs you more in the end. Think of having enough to buy the A license package, helmet, altimeter, rental gear plus reserves in case you don't pass a level or need extra wind tunnel time. Plan your time and finances ahead of time before you decide to take the red pill and go down the rabbit hole of skydiving
  21. jcbfly

    Infinity I-45

    Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    VSE Infinity I-45. DOM: DEC 2016 S/N:10391. Harness built for a female, 5'5", 140 pounds. This container will accommodate a 170 or 190 main. Options include: Mesh back and leg pads, floating laterals, black stainless steel hardware, extra long chest strap. There is some very minor scuffing of both leg strap covers due to a sliding landing or two. This rig was purchased new (except for the Sabre 2 170 main) and only jumped 12 times. Aerodyne Smart LPV 190 reserve. DOM: DEC 2016. S/N: 12430. 4 repacks and zero deployments. Airtec Cypres 2 AAD. DOM: DEC 2016, S/N: C7951. The Performance Designs Sabre 2 170 has a DOM of APR 2005 and appears to have over 500 jumps on it. The canopy was purchased used and the history as far as how many owners the canopy has had, where it was jumped, and the exact jump numbers are unknown to me. The lines and slinks appear to be pretty new. The lines are still white and don’t show any signs of fuzziness The lower brake lines (one of the first places to show wear on a line set) are still in great shape. Looking at the A lines, there is very little shrinkage of the outboard lines; another indicator of a fairly new line set. While the PCA itself is still in great shape, the bag stop ring on the PCA is rusted. There is some minor damage to the slider draw string channels.There is the typical crossport wear that you’d see on any 500+ jump canopy. There are no rips or repairs to the canopy fabric. Please message or email me if you have any questions or would like to see more pictures.


    , New Mexico - US

  22. That is a good idea!! Thanks!!
  23. does the USPA website say if students do not maintain currency they need to jump once with direct supervision? but not drop down a level?
  24. FailingWthStyle

    Tracking Suit question

    I realize this thread is old, but thought I would chime in anyhow. It seems like taking FlySight data without accounting for wind is *almost* worthless. With strong uppers you could easily see a swing of around +/- .4 G/R. Quite possible OP was already adjusting for wind, but it seems like a must know for anyone trying to hone in their tracking suit performance and I haven't really seen much on this topic in the forums. Link on how to adjust for wind with the FlySight viewer:
  25. You must not be aware of the Helium Blend now available in limited markets.
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