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  2. lyosha

    Ever been unable to find PC?

    I've grabbed fabric at pull time a couple of jumps in my havoc over the years. Just not paying enough attention to technique at pull time. Both were non events - reset, paid a little more conscious attention to what I was doing, no issues. Chalk it up to complacency. I know a number of experienced people who could not pull at all after switching wingsuits and ended up going to reserve, in at least one case really low due to ego making the candidate try extra hard to avoid embarrassment of going to reserve on the first jump with a brand new extra shiny ATC.
  3. Divine Threading

    Best Henna tattoo Design in Henderson NV

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  5. skow

    Beginner wingsuit recommendations?

    Second the thing about the bridle - it's nice but for small suit not crucial. Open corners, (semi) stowless bag, Snatch PC - also nice to have but definitely not a must for a beginner. For starters - do the FFC course and focus on good body position and good pitch - they have much more impact on openings than the gear. After you get some jumps under your belt you can gradually do the gear changes I have couple hundred jumps on the Hornet and maybe a couple of hard openings - you should be just fine with it as well. Swift, Phantom - whichever you choose will be just fine. Swift will be a bit more powerful with more range but still easy to fly.
  6. skow

    Ever been unable to find PC?

    if not for AAD, human kind would evolve into so smart species....
  7. Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

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  8. ehran

    Icarus S-fire 169, 70 jumps

    Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

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    Icarus S-Fire 169 sq ft, Manufacturer date 5/2017. Bought it brand new in June 2018, put around 70 jumps on it. The Canopy is practically new, not been used in the last 5 months, just sits in my closet due to downsize. Always was packed indoors and always landed on grass.


    CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts - US

  9. johnmatrix

    Beginner wingsuit recommendations?

    I think a longer bridle is ideal but not 100% necessary. My vote for most helpful mod is the stowless/semi-stowless bag.
  10. ebolvirus

    Party Like a Russian

    music: I Diggidy - I'm a Russian Hard Bass School - Nash Gimn Production: KOSMOSS FILM ( Director: Valera Boluchevsky Cinematographer: Vasily Tsedik
  11. What other manufacturer's canopy can Echo be compared to? It is more like a Sabre or Crossfire or Katana?
  12. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    The card is not only a possible starting point for a search, it is a SYMBOL of Cooper. Come don't really think we set all this up just to do a search, do you? Frankly, we give any search done at Castle Rock far less than one percent of a chance of actually finding anything. In fact, although the search itself will be fun, it's more of a sideline in some ways to the real idea here. Your next question might be...then WHY bother searching there? Well, it's like what that guy said when he was asked why he was going to climb Mt. Everest: 'Because it's there.' The Castle Rock Search/Campout is more aimed as being a gathering of Cooper fans, both old and new, along with a few experts. We can only look around with those metal detectors during the day. It's also supposed to be fun, and to help promote Cooper with the general public. Interaction and camaraderie. After 48 years, you have to do these sorts of things to keep Cooper in the public eye. This isn't the first time AB of Seattle has done this sort of thing, either. We've sponsored three previous Cooper Campouts. The only differences between those campouts and this one, is that there is a day search involved, and we're going to do some media related to the Cooper case. The main object for everyone is to have FUN...and I can guarantee they certainly will. EDIT: Not to be picky there Shutter, but a couple of days ago you were all in favor of Eric going around a locked gate to the same area, and hiking in five or six miles each way to get pictures. Not a problem...however...don't you think the people involved in all of this in June should get equal time in the same area? I have sent two messages to Eric inviting him along on the campout. He is the guy allegedly organizing the next Cooper convention in Portland. He could not only get his pictures, but interact with the public, which might be a good thing for someone trying to get a bunch of people to show up for a convention on Black Friday shopping weekend. Just saying. No answer to our invites yet, but we're hoping. He could even do both, hiking in for pictures, and then driving to the site later in June. Some people that would probably attend his 2019 convention will be in on the campout, and public relations is always a good idea.

    DB Cooper

    That letter states that Hayden supplied two chutes to NorthWest Airlines, it does not state that they both went to Cooper. That Detlor letter does not conflict with Cooper using one of Cossey's chutes.
  14. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    Front-mount reserves not having pilot chutes would be consistent for that era. But the only way "E" makes sense is if that second chute described is the pilot chute, but 24 inches, not feet. Could it have been opened later for inspection by the FBI, and that info added to the report?
  15. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    I don't have a problem with searching anything. what I'm telling you is the card will land completely away from any other heavy objects thrown out the back. just seconds between tossing anything is a large distance between the two. then not knowing if the location is the same from 1971. factors like these probably stopped the FBI from searching the area. if Cooper tore the placard off in anger he would of tossed it on the stairs, especially if he was right handed. If the card actually drifted for miles the container wouldn't. it's hard to even figure out when and if he tossed the container out. it just wouldn't land near the placard. the container has two clips on it that attached to the D rings that were missing. ....think about that for a while. If he asked for the chutes and never intended on using them. they should still be there, just like the other chute he discarded. he tore one up and didn't toss that either. what would be the purpose of tossing one out of 3 remaining chutes? if he was as smart as McCoy. he would of tossed them all. leaving nothing behind.
  16. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Too bad about the butts, yes. But I don't think I will completely buy into the other things. Of course he threw out the dummy reserve. It couldn't be attached to anything and was not found on board. You don't have all the details on the bomb and case, so that is speculation. Why don't we turn the guys with the metal detectors and pointers loose and see if they come up with anything. The placard find location is just a good a place to start as any. Sure, chances are pretty low we will actually find anything, but that's not the total point of the campout. Everyone knows it's NOT just a search. We're talking about camaraderie with Cooper fans, some of them very young or new, video for YouTube, a podcast, a big BBQ. If it were just about a search, I would be lucky to get five people. We're up to fifteen as of today, with six weeks left to the cutoff date for apps to attend. Today, I did something I haven't done since AB of Seattle went live on the internet in August 2006: I modified the top of our homepage to advertise this event, and linked to the introductory video. This shows how serious we are about this event.
  17. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    If you read the 302's. the lab states that all the testing on the butts and other pieces of evidence were complete and sent back to Vegas for storage or to discard. it's possible they threw them away..lots of time went by before Carr went looking for them. agents came and went over the years. nobody is really sure Cooper threw any chutes out. he didn't need the other back pack so why didn't he toss that? the bomb, if fake could of been emptied and tossed. the case would of eroded away years ago. very thin metal frame. The handle inside the stairs was for emergency use only. the ground crew opened the stairs from the compartment under the plane when they landed. the box with the handle can be seen in the photo below. the Flight data recorder box is in red. the voice recorder is missing that would of been below the FDR.. The placard reads: EMERGENCY EXIT HANDLE AFT AIRSTAIR TO OPERATE OPEN ACCESS DOOR, PULL ON RED HANDLE. LOCK WIRE WILL BREAK WHEN HANDLE IS PULLED
  18. Elpnor

    Riser design & toggle fires

    Oooh, I like these risers! I have had a toggle knot from pulling through the excess line and now I do a ridiculous weave to secure my brake line loop. Big canopy, long excess. I wonder if I can get them to make me pilgrim hat grommet stops for standard width risers.
  19. 20kN

    Ever been unable to find PC?

    I know an experienced WS jumper who went straight to reserve on a jump as he could not get to his main. He was demoing a large race suit, he took it too steep and he lost control of it. He got spun up pretty fast, felt like he was going to pass out and he was unable to get to his main so he went to his reserve before he passed out. I know of another case where someone went straight to reserve because he couldent pull his main. However, he had about 10 WS jumps and just switched to a freefly handle without trying it out on the ground. He dident know how to deploy the freefly pud and so he couldent get it out.
  20. Kevin Kelly

    PD Katana 150

  21. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    WolfRiverJoe says in part: WolfRiverJoe and I are on the same page. It's been a few years, but I got a pretty long interview with Hayden via two separate phone calls. (His business is not far from my little home office.) I can tell you a few things about that. First, Hayden never had any chutes modded. He said he 'knew' what color and sizes the canopies were, but he had never looked inside either container, not once, since he bought them. Said: "I bought both of them at the same time..." Said: "I think it was 1968, but could have been a little earlier..." Said: (non-quote) He bought them off-the-shelf used, had Cossey repack them initially, and then a few months prior to the hijacking. (I didn't know about time limits on repacking back then, i.e. that this must be done on a regular basis, so I didn't ask him how many times total they were repacked. BUT...I got the idea that Hayden had no plans to actually JUMP with one of them...even IF he had gotten into trouble in the air. He was really against that idea, and much more trusted getting a plane on the ground without actually abandoning it in the air. Just saying.) I'm talking to him on the phone with the Detlor report sitting on the desk in front of me. Hayden doesn't know I'm looking at the report. Not at first. His answers to questions matched the report exactly. The only difference is Hayden said he did not simply 'give' the chutes to NWA. He said they were a rental to them, and they DID send him a check later, but this check didn't come close to covering what the chutes were actually worth. Years later, he got tired of just calling the FBI and asking for his Pioneer back. So...he finally pays a lawyer (I think he said $250) to send a letter to the FBI asking the chute be returned. It WAS returned. He donated it to the WA State History Museum. End of story. My opinion is that the Detlor report is accurate, and Hayden is telling the truth. Hayden also added that as far as he knew, none of the Cooper chutes actually BELONGED to Cossey, although he did pack three of them. I think the solution is as simple as it appears. Two chutes sent by Linn Emerick via the WA State Patrol to the airport, from Sky Sports. Two chutes sent by cab by Norman Hayden. Cooper gets them all. Cuts one open, uses another, leaves one behind for the museum later, dummy reserve tossed out the back. Look below one more time and compare FBI agent John Detlor's report, concise, organized, etc to that mish-mash mess submitted by the Reno FBI office.... Same folks who lost the most important piece of evidence in the case...the cigarette butts. Want to do a vote? I'm going with Hayden's testimony and the Detlor report. EDIT: When I read off the report to Hayden at the end of the interview, he was pretty jazzed to be vindicated in his story. He asked if he could have a copy of the report shown above, to frame in his office. So I boosted the image to 300 DPI (The document shown above is actually a RE-TYPE of the original that I did myself to make it easier to present) I sent him the finished doc by email, which was now suitable for printing. Prior to that, the doc was readable, but a bit raggedy-looking. But you could read every word.)
  22. Faicon9493

    Introducing the JFX 2 from NZ Aerosports

    I just recently got my 104. Love it!
  23. Kevin Kelly

    Aerodyne Triathlon 160 7-Cell Canopy

    DOM? def interested
  24. Time Left: 29 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    All black Vector 3 container All black PD Spectre 170 main PD reserve PR-160 Vigil II AAD (date of manufacture is 2009, so at the end of its advertised life) Love this system but I haven’t been able to jump much the past couple years so it’s time to let it go. Purchased in 2011. Prior owner bought this rig for wingsuiting. I used it for fun jumping and competing in belly flying at the USPA collegiates. I put about 100 jumps on this rig and it flies beautifully. I added a pillow handle to replace the D-ring. Custom stitching on the pillow handles says “break up” on the cutaway and “rebound” on the reserve. Recommended height 5’7”-6’2” (I’m 5’7”, 150lbs and it fits great). Rig has about 300 jumps on it. Needs a repack on the reserve, then it’s all yours to make some skydiving memories! I hope this rig finds a great skydiver who will actually get to enjoy it! Willing to toss in my Alti2 digital altimeter and 2 pairs of skydiving goggles as well!


    Destin, Florida - US

  25. Bobby Smith let me jump his Strato Flyer at Perris in 1980. The opening and landing were both _Rock hard_ and we were both little guys. I had a ton of respect for him after that jump!!
  26. rmarshall234

    Shelf life on containers?

    >But remember I can think of only two.properly constructed harnesses that have failed in my 40 year career. Councilman, was it the stitching that failed or the actual webbing? If the webbing, type 7 or 8? Anything noteworthy you can recall?? Thanks!
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