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    DB Cooper

    It is not a front chute, it matches the one inspection by the National Guard in Reno.. a back one left on the plane, it was packed on May 21/71 matching Hayden's. The front reserve was packed 9/16/71. There is another FBI doc in which an FBI agent describes two back pack chutes "ordinary military olive green drab".. then later the two Hayden chutes are described, one tan and one olive drab green. Cossey's claim was both his back chutes were green. That suggests there were two sets of back packs sent. Two green and Hayden's tan and green. This explains everything.. Cossey may have made errors but he wasn't lying. Cooper must have jumped with one of his chutes.
  3. Meso

    Shadow Edge

    The shadow edge wingsuit is extensively used by athletes at the artistic flying wingsuit competitions and it is the premium acrobatic-machine available on the market. The phoenix-fly acro wingsuit was the very first true acrobatic wingsuit available on the market, featuring rear inlets for back flying and rw style leg grips for docking. Our 2015 update from the tried and tested Shadow 2 features refined aerodynamic wing shape and improved inlet design, giving the suit an edge in performance and agility. Today our acrobatic wingsuit offering is the Shadow Edge and it builds on the incredible versatile Phantom 3 platform and lessons learned with the Acro design. Packing all the power of the Phantom 3, the Shadow Edge provides the pilot with optimal agility and manoeuvrability due to straight line wing lines and hands-free flying position. The Shadow Edge allows for very intuitive flying, performing sharp turns, solid carves, rolls, dives and swoops. While directly targeting the acrobatic flying discipline, Shadow 2 also offers limitless opportunities for pilots interested in flocking, freestyle flying and B.A.S.E. The suit is easy to control during exit and flight, and the gripperless armwing design make for an easy pull. The Phoenix-Fly Shadow Edge is rated for all experience levels and suitable for use in first flight courses.
  4. Meso

    Vampire Alpine 3

    The Alpine 3 takes the best from the SU-T and SU3 platforms, be it with the classic front leg zippers for easier unzipping or added performance increase with the PF unique deflector hole and Fins, but specifically tailored for high alpine jumps. It has our unique Ultra/Ultra Light material, creating the lightest big surface suit ever. It has 10 custom storage pockets all over the suit, allowing the transport of large amounts of ropes, clothing and additional climbing gear. The suit has airlocks for max pressurization, and extra large inlets to allow fast pressurization at higher altitudes. The Alpine 3 comes with a custom strap inside the bootie to allow for the use of big climbing shoes, while retaining tight fit and control also when wearing normal footwear. Always providing the user with a tight fitting bootie on exit and during flight without any risk of slip or unwanted movement. The suit also features a thicker rib design, creating more volume, and resulting in less arm fatigue while maintaining its easy pull characteristics. For those wishing less pressure inside the armwing, there are pressure adjustment zippers. The suit features a wider sleeve design, with a thinner leading edge to accommodate for mountaineering clothing, yet retaining the accessible BOC.
  5. Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    FOR SALE Performance Designs VALKYRIE 79 (2015) 350 jumps + o - Plus New Line Set HMA 500 Perfect conditions Feel free to ask WhatsApp +56961576892 Canopy based on Chile, but it can goes WW (will be easy to send to USA…) Thanks ! LR3


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  6. Meso


    The EPICENE is specifically designed to deliver consistent and reliable openings while wingsuit skydiving. For us, this parachute has been a game-changer, and is now overwhelmingly the parachute of choice for the world's best wingsuit pilots. The EPICENE is based on the same design tenets that make BASE jumping canopies reliable. Released in 2014, it now has a proven track record and has gained a reputation for the best openings in wingsuit skydiving, period. A common sensation during the opening process of many parachutes is the stage when the parachute seems to be "searching" for the final heading that it will settle on. The EPICENE opens with minimal yaw-axis search, and delivers the most consistent heading performance of any parachute we have tested. We believe the EPICENE concept is the future of wingsuit skydive parachute design, and some of the world's best skydivers agree: Andy Farrington, Noah Bahnson, Mike Swanson, TJ Landgren, Luke Aikins, Jeffro Provenzano, Katie Hansen, Petter Jönsson, and the Squirrel Team all jump the EPICENE by choice.
  7. Meso

    JFX 2

    Maximise the good times and minimize the risk with a super playful crossbraced wing that cranks the fun up to 11. The JFX 2 is the go-to canopy to start your swooping journey or do-it-all wing with power for days. The original JFX is already so good at what she does; opens beautifully, is fun to hoon around in the sky, and gives you the choice of a gentle straight in landing with lots of flare power or a full blown hissing swoop. Version 2.0 hasn't been a radical redesign. The JFX 2 stays true to all the things you love, but now has all the kickass features you know and want: Powerband, mini-ribs and sail loaded ribs. Think crossbraced performance with Crossfire type ease. Cranking turns, raging swoops, gentle touchdowns...the JFX 2 can do it all and do it well. For pilots wanting to expand their skills, and those flying small elliptical 9-cells who couldn't be bothered with a crossbraced canopy before now - this is your wing. You'll want to load her up slightly (think 1.8 to 2.8) and she'll let you throw her around in the air and on the ground. Her perfect combo of effortless control and go-anywhere performance is sure to put a smile on your face.
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  10. Meso


    The Otter is a lightweight and very comfortable goggle. The multilayer foam makes it very easy to wear for long periods of time. The spherical lens gives you a great distortion free view with totally unobstructed peripheral vision. All Otter Lenses are 100% UV blocking and impact resistant. This goggle comes with its own microfiber carrying case.
  11. Meso

    Kroop's I.K. 91

    The I.K. 91 is an ultra lightweight (34 grams) and very comfortable goggle. It's designed to protect against wind, dust, dirt, mud, and more. The tinted spherical lenses give you a great distortion free view with totally unobstructed peripheral vision. The narrow headband fits well under or over helmets. All IK91 Lenses are 100% UV blocking and impact resistant. This goggle comes with its own microfiber carrying case.
  12. tabouare

    Save $$ buying direct from LB??

    Quite often the product is manufactured in another country and there is a different import fee on top of the item price. You get burn a few times then you start looking into the total landed cost. As an example my last purchase was for a Pilot ZPX. On this particular purchase, I was able to avoid the import fees because I was cooperative with the agent and I didn't tell her that the canopy was made in South Africa. After 15 min of searching, she got tired of looking at websites that didn't provide the country of origin and decided that it was coming from the US. US =1750$ original price of purchase CAD = 2425$ include shipping and paypal fees because transferwise was not available with this seller US import fee 0% Taxes = 345$ Total landed = 2770$ South Africa import fee 10% Import fee = 243$ Taxes = 400$ Total landed = 3068$ And yes the tax amount changes because they tax the import fees. Look at duty calculator websites to see your landed cost prior to purchasing anything in a different country to see if it's worth it.
  13. tiger93rsl


    Hello everyone, glad to be here. I just completed my second tandem jump this weekend. I will be starting AFF next month. I'm hoping to get some good advice here to help me through my AFF course.
  14. sundevil777

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    You are not the only one that has figured that because a shirt or pullover is tight fitting, or because you have it tucked in that it is OK. You are wrong. Please stop trying to find a reason for the advice to not apply to you. It is dangerous, and we know that because others have proven it. Your instructors should not allow you to jump like that.
  15. birdynamnam

    ATC vs Freak 3?

    A recent posting on statistics on performance comp results shows that ATC's scores marginally higher than Freak1-2's. Its not the suit, its the pilot, I know, still less experienced flyers would tend to be flying the ATC rather than the Freak1-2's, so I do find it interesting. In a PPC comp, the glide is more important than speed as time/distance scores require lift and glide. For XRW the ATC's clearly demonstrate as much lift capacity in the slow speed area as the Freak's. Been flying with a Freak3 pilot lately. I clearly see it has become alot faster than previous versions, so it is a moving target
  16. Hi, I'm jumping a Javelin Odyssey RSK-1 (2018) with a NZA Crossfire 3 114 sq.ft. in it and am having a problem doing Clear & Pulls. Packing the rig as recommended in the manual (with the d-bag rotated with the bridle attachment towards te bottom of the reserve container) I have 7 second delays doing a Clear and Pull (pulling about 2 seconds after exit). The pin is pulled immediatly but the d-bag does not lift from the container for about 7 seconds. I had my rigger check the rig, bridle and pilot chute and everything is the way it is supposed to be. I have measured the required force to rotate and lift the d-bag from the container and when pulling the bridge at a 45 degree angle (towards the top of the container) it takes 14.8 Kgs (32.6 Lbs) to pull the bag from the container. Pulling straight up at a 90 degree angle the required force is 11.4 Kgs (25.1 Lbs). I understand the dynamics of forward and downward speed doing a clear & pull and can see why it takes a while for the d-bag to leave the container but am very uncomfortable doing clear & pulls like this. I have resorted to packing with the d-bag upright and this solves the problem but the container doesn't close nicely this way. Does anyone know the specifications for the maximum pull-force needed to lift the d-bag from the container? Is the required pull-force outside the specifications or should I look at the pilot chute not creating enough drag as the source of the problem? Best regards, Peter
  17. Cody71

    Volt 135 6/20/2017

    Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

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    Parachute Systems -Volt 135 -DOM- 06/20/2017 -Brand new line set and slinks -Approx 300 jumps Buyer pays shipping


    Fayetteville, North Carolina - US

  18. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    As I mentioned before in the document I posted. the evidence is clearly marked with a letter. that chute is not and appears to describe a front chute. something is wrong somewhere but I don't think it's extra chutes. I have another document that states Cooper has a 28 foot chute NB6. then they list a front chute 24' white with "NORM D" inscribed on the front. this was in reference to a chute found in 2001.
  19. Is it me or is this thread made of bots talking to each other?
  20. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    My vote always went to Billy Preston. I just received a message from Doug Kenck-Crispin. He likes my search project video. Of course he does. I like he and his dad as well. I think I will try and convince he and Kick Ass Oregon History that we are not crazy, after all. We're going in June for sure. This is more exciting that the other Cooper campouts. Maybe even the Eclipse Trip. Now some folks from Infamous Nissan have decided to show up as well. I told them to buy metal detectors at Amazon. Don't you hate reruns? I do, unless they are on ME TV. Be there, or be square.
  21. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    You also asked something a while back about drop zones owning chutes,'keeping a few around in case someone wanted to make a first jump...' Actually yeah, drop zones definitely have student gear specifically for training first jump (and beyond) students. In fact, that's the bread and butter of their business. The idea of someone coming up with their own rig, and showing up at a dz to give it a try, that ain't gonna happen. In those days it was a static line program, you did a few of those and transitioned to freefall with short to increasing delays. These days first jumps are either tandem or AFF, freefall jumps from full altitude. Static line is all but obsolete these days, as are round parachutes. Which begs the question - Have any of you Cooper researchers ever made a jump? It would be real easy for you to find a drop zone near you and do a tandem jump to check it out.
  22. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    Hmmm. Never knew Pete Best was a skydiver. Sorry
  23. lars_d

    Valkyrie VK 096

    Time Left: 29 days and 17 hours

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    500jumps, second lineset HMA 500, 60 jumps on lineset, no freefall, RDS and standard slider, DOM 2015 serial VK-00084, 2400USD, 2100€



  24. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    "An integral part of this parachute...." Then it names another canopy, while still referencing the container above it. Nothing is mentioned about another container. I still think it's a screw up by the FBI, probably out of the Reno office. You have to look at all the other evidence. Remember the chutes on board were first investigated in Reno, and that means any chutes they saw were loaded in Seattle. All reports say only TWO were found on board. One bailout backpack rig, one certified belly reserve, that's it. We already know a third was a trainer, and the fourth one Cooper used to bail the party. Without a container, or a specific reference to a THIRD parachute being found on board in Reno, your theory is hard to swallow. You have a possibly mistaken entry on an FBI file, but all the other evidence points to a much simpler version of events. Four chutes delivered to the hijacker. Two bailout rigs, one belly reserve, one trainer. Reserve is thoroughly confirmed. Trainer is gone. One bailout rig in the WSHM. The other taken by Cooper. There is no conspiracy here to defraud the public by parachute. The FBI says four and they have for decades. The evidence shows that except for a wrong size and a different number. Evidence shows it was the NB6/8 that was missing when the airliner landed in Reno. Two chutes only on board. PINKY and MUSEUM PIECE. Your theory could be valid, but you need one additional thing to make it work. You have to find the Fifth Beatle, the fifth container.

    DB Cooper

    It makes perfect sense... you just don't see it yet. Cooper didn't jump with either of Hayden's chutes.. He got the 1957 back SN 9/57 (never given to Cooper) The other was left on the plane by Cooper. SN 7/60
  26. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    EDIT: I deleted my comment here after I inspected the photos of PINKY at the Citizen Sleuths. I think the FBI just screwed up in their report file. They have two different canopies supposedly connected to the same frickin' container. Even to a whuffo like me, that makes not a bit of sense. How could they name ONE canopy and give its diameter and serial numbers, and then say 'another' canopy associated with that parachute has different numbers and size? This makes absolutely NO sense. They don't say there is a second Pioneer. They just say there are two different canopies associated with it. My Excedrin bottle is empty. I want to go camping. Like badly. Too bad I have to wait for June, damn it.
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