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  2. Meso

    New Gear Items Added

    We've just got through adding more than 30 new gear items to our database! It would be great if you guys who have experience with any of the new gear could drop a review on it, in order to help other jumpers make an educated decision on their future purchases. Your reviews are extremely valuable to not only us, but other jumpers and we'd love it if you'd consider spending a minute or two letting us know your experiences with the gear (whether it be old or new gear). If you're jumping a product not listed in our gear section, please send me a private message so that we can add it to our database. We've added the following items: Vampire Alpine 3 Magister Phantom Edge 2 Rafale Shadow Edge Strix Vampire Sukhoi 3 Aloxs Alti-X Ares II Stella Vigil Cuatro Viplo V10 Viplo FT50 Viplo FT60 GoPro Fusion GoPro Hero 6 Black GoPro Hero 7 Black GoPro Hero 7 Silver GoPro Hero 7 White Epicene JFX 2 Curv 2 K91 Otter Peeksteep CC2 Cookie M3 Fusion Gath Sport Protec Full Cut Tonfly 2.5X Custom TFX ICE
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  4. Sorry! Completely missed this thread. We've done #2, but number 1 is a bit of a challenge - due to the design. But I'll take a look and see whether perhaps we can pull through the newest threat title to below the forum title and see how it looks.
  5. gunsmokex

    Shelf life on containers?

    Thanks Rob, yeah i don't plan on free flying anytime soon. My goal this year is to get into a wingsuit and keep working on my belly skills. If I did freefly then I'd definitely buy a container designed for that discipline deployment @ 160+mph doesn't sound like fun especially with a Hornet.
  6. Meso

    Vampire Sukhoi 3

    The vampire sukhoi 3 (SU3) has been designed for pilots who want the maximum proximity flying performance combined with high powered glide and speed. The SU-3 is a high performance continuation of the tried and tested vampire series. The wing profile on the SU3 has been optimized to allow maximum glide, while still having the same free range of movement and agility vampire users are used to. Its a suit purpose built for basejumping and proximity flying. The leading edge has been further refined to allow for maximum control, with a new airlocked inlet on all wing surfaces, and a newly designed method for pressurizing the tail deflector. The wingroot has been altered in location to allow for better low drag characteristics and handling, without any changes in the actual size of the overall size of the wing, compared to previous models. A change in the design of the inner ribs in the wing optimizes the wing shape to form the cleanest profile possible. In terms of ease of use, the suit has also seen a change in zipper layout and length, allowing for easier gearup, together with new optional storage pouches on the suit, for the more demanding Alpine jumps. Also see our more specific Alpine model for even more tailored climb and fly solutions. For BASE jumping, the suit is designed for short starts, with great glide, also making it the ideal choice for performance and agility races. It also offers optional added storage space for those more demanding alpine jumps. The smooth leading edge, thin wing profile, and low drag optimization make the suit easy to fly, with a level of agility not before seen in big surface wingsuits. The addition of the exclusive Phoenix-Fly Fins give the suit a real edge for jumps demanding the highest levels of control with steep banking and carving turns. The arm wing and tapered sleeve design allow for a good accessible pull, making it suitable for use with normal BOC deployment. Meaning you can deploy at any speed, angle or dive, with or without a flare. The SU3 is the follow up in the successful Vampire line. The suit features a unique rigid, 3D shaped leading edge, unlike any suit currently on the market. Specially designed booties and fins, formed with a special low drag profile, enhancing maneuverability. The special inlet hole creates an improved lateral stability that allows for sharp carving turns, flying the suit like its on tracks. The suit has a fine tuned balance, optimized for glide and speed. Setting various records as well as winning various BASE races across the globe in both speed and precision, the SU3 is currently the fastest and most agile terrain flying suit on the market, and can be found roaming the forests and mountains near you. Due to the large wing surface area the SU3 is not suitable for low experience pilots. We recommend a MINIMUM of 250 wingsuit jumps before trying the SU3 and experience on intermediate class suits.
  7. Meso


    Phoenix-Fly is proud to announce the Rafale A unique new model, exploring new ground with large surface wingsuit acrobatics. A suit designed with high performance flying for both skydiving and basejumping in mind. Offering users a single platform for short start, high agility, high performance flying in base, but also having the range to play around with acrobatics, ppc, backflying, flocks, flares and XRW in the skydiving environment. Constructed with knowledge gathered from over 10 years of domination in the acrobatic arena. A hybrid suit, stemming from design features derived from the SU II and Strix have created the most agile ‘large surface all rounder’ on the market. The combination of increased surface area, perfect streamline, tight fit around arms/legs/body and aggressive pitch, create a suit with a naturally high speed, but ability to also perform well when flown at lower forward speeds. High internal pressure creates a perfectly inflated and clean airfoil that performs well at any angle. A pre-formed leading edge, as pioneered by Phoenix-Fly, creates the smoothest airflow, and most responsive flying, while still allowing for a clean and trouble free deployment. Custom designed grippers allow for a perfect grasp on the wing, with the wrist at a comfortable angle, to create a merge of body and wingsuit that allows for most feedback and control. Especially in backflying the Rafale will raise eyebrows with its rock solid inflation, and ease of control. Rolling and transitioning like a small wingsuit due to the wing following the movement of its pilot down to the small details, due to the suit fitting the human form like a second skin.
  8. Meso


    The Strix 2 is aimed at advanced wingsuit pilots who want a high performance all round suit for skydiving and basejumping. The strix is a hybrid design based on our experience with the vampire range. Offering high agility, but also offering backflying and basic acrobatic flight characteristics. The Strix offers a good balance of performance and fun, ideal for those wanting a wingsuits with a bigger surface area, yet still retaining the flight characteristics that make a suit easy and fun to fly. The surface area of the Strix was designed with speed and performance in mind, while retaining the agility Phoenix-Fly suits are known for. Proven top of its class in high precision flying. On the Strix 2 we added to the inflated cells with an improved airlock system. Like its predecessor, tailwind inflation while backflying remains rigid and without flutter, regardless of angle or speed. We also modified the internal foam leading edge, to form the ultimate knife edge, cutting into the relative wind while providing maximum lift. A 3 degree change in arm wing sweep gives the suit a steeper angle of attack, resulting in a higher flying speed and increased flare capability. An overall increase in flying speed and handling without an increase in surface size. Notable the foam edge does not inhibit deployment or limit access to the BOC in any way. Safety is always top priority. Never letting customer safety take a backseat in our design philosophy. The suit offers smooth flying and trouble free inflation on both belly and back. For base the high performance, as well as smooth and easy starts make the suit an ideal choice for those looking for a big surface all-rounder. The Strix has a lots of range at the high end for when you want to fly fast and flat. Optional air locked back vents together with a carefully balanced suit, ensure excellent back flying performance. The Strix is also the perfect platform for camera flyers and/or XRW pilots who are looking to expand their range. Be it on belly or back the suit is easy to fly, at incredible forward speeds. The Strix is made to the same high standards as all Phoenix-Fly products, utilizing high grade materials and robust double stitching seam construction (as used for canopy manufacturing). Like all suits in the Phoenix-Fly range, The Strix will be custom made to order, tailored to your measurements. It comes standard with chest pocket, backfly inlets and performance foam. Optional are 5/10 base soles and tail, leg and side pockets for (alpine) base and equipment storage during flight. We advise a minimum of 200 wingsuit jumps for those interested in flying the Phoenix-Fly Strix, with transitional experience on intermediate class suits recommended.
  9. Meso


    The phoenix-fly magister is a wingsuit designed specifically for both lighter wingsuit pilots, and suitable for formation flying as well as more dynamic acrobatics. It’s gripperless design makes it ideal for more agile forms of flying. In larger flocks the Magister will enable lighter pilots to fly comfortably with others in intermediate sized suits on both belly and back. Featuring a small arm wing profile and the larger legwing sized like the Havok Carve, the Magister provides an increased forward drive, without the added drag a bigger suit usually presents for lighter users. This provided a perfect solution for those who have battled to choose between a Shadow and the Havok Carve. The Magister comes into its own with dynamic aerobatics. Featuring a slightly steeper angle of attack than the Shadow due to the larger leg wing and increase armwing sweep, it generates impressive power to support dynamic flying, and is particularly suited to freefly-inspired acrobatics. We advise a minimum of 35 wingsuit jumps for those interested in flying the Phoenix-Fly Magister.
  10. YumChaDaily

    Pilot 190

    Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Pilot 188 with around 350 jumps on it manufactured 2014. Canopy is in Dubai but only jumped in Sweden and Australia


    - AE

  11. So I've been dealing with the topic for a long time. I think you have to assess the danger on the basis of the fatalitys that you can not influence yourself. When I'm risking driving a car, I increase my chances of dying just as if I jumped risky. If you look at the skydiving only the accidents that happen through material failure and you can not influence the accident rate would have to be almost 0 while, for example, when driving is still exposed to a higher risk by the many other road users.
  12. birdynamnam

    ATC vs Freak 3?

    The statistics are based on all PPC competitions to date and so it is probably as good as it gets
  13. Only thing I can think of is the 119 crossfire packing larger than the 120 max zp main size specified by the sizing chart. Even so I would try a new pilot chute because overcoming 32lbs of pull force should be an easy task and it sounds like it is waiting until almost terminal to lift off. I replaced mine recently due to a similar situation and no longer have the problem. Edit: thing I would consider are pilot chute size, kill line length, porosity of the pilot chute
  14. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    The surface answer is, I don't know, but I would think so. I've always been fascinated by the case, but I've never done any intensive study of the details. I've seen whatever documentaries I've come across, read a number of articles, and follow this thread out of curiosity. Most of the Cooper researchers seem to think he did, and I couldn't imagine someone trying to pull this caper off without having at least some experience. The deeper answer - I suspect he may have been a very experienced, current jumper. But I'll have to PM you as to why I think that.
  15. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Yeah, I meant a military round chute. That's my no-chute-experience thing coming out again.
  16. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    possibly....a parachute was found on the banks of the river in 2001. the description was given of the chutes Cooper had to compare with the chute found.
  17. Christopherg

    Lincoln Sport Parachute Club

    Love the place.but as a student unless your already friends with the group you will get the feeling your really not wanted there. Tandem wise they are great but as a student i cant seem to shake the feeling your really not wanted there.
  18. rjklein4470


    no such size
  19. pchapman

    Aff footage? Is it frowned apon?

    True, stuff happens and the focus is on your jump, not getting the camera footage. Still, at the DZ I'm at, I'm used to the idea that on most AFF style jumps, at least one of the instructors will always plan to have video. These days one expects to have video as a training tool that greatly improves feedback for the student. It is part of the whole teaching process. All video gets uploaded to the computer system where students can review it (and bring a USB stick to download their own at their leisure). So occasionally a student doesn't get video of a particular jump, but ideally there's a copy of every jump available to the student.
  20. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    I will definitely ask them if they have some for me to try. Do you have recommendations on brands, styles, types, etc? I know literally nothing about jump suits and i would hate to spend money on the wrong thing considering I have two kids and they seem to be eating all of my money lately haha. Thanks in advance!
  21. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    It was my third jump for the day, so I was *somewhat* calm lol. What benefits do jumpsuits have? Controlling fall rate? Less prone to covering a handle, obviously. As a student, what type of jump suit should i be looking for? There are many different styles and I am not sure how to differentiate. Suggestions on Brand or manufacturer?
  22. ColoradoJones

    How long should it take to get on a load?

    Wow. No where in my post did I say that the information did not apply to me. Actually, I specifically stated that I would look for a jumpsuit. When I asked if my shirt looked to be too loose, it was a legitimate question meant to further my knowledge, not justify my error. I was simply stating what I had worn throughout the day as the weather changed. No where did I even begin to negate your advice and assume I knew better or thought it did not apply to me. I dont appreciate your snappy response, though, in which you assume I had attitude or was trying to be aloof. As an educator myself, for future reference, those type of responses to an honest question work quickly against the learning process.
  23. steveorino

    Age of active TIs

    Let me update my answer. The DZO is closing in on 50 and I'm 64 with 3000 tandems. Heck I have over a 1000 tandems on my new knee. Age is a hell of lot more than a number! STEVEMACHINE!
  24. JeffCosta

    Vigil II & 2+ Replacement Display (NEW!)

    Time Left: 29 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    Vigil II Control Unit (NEW) Flat and 15% thinner than the Vigil I controller The 26 X 96 dots display on the control unit allows a clear alphanumerical communication with the parachutist; it is protected by a scratch-proof sapphire/gorilla glass and a stainless steel cover. 2 wire technology Kevlar reinforced cabling – high traction resistance Wire-controller connection resists up to 50 kg traction Bidirectional I.R. Download LED Vigil 2+ Control Unit (NEW) 5mm shorter than Vigil II control unit LCD is protected by scratch-proof coating Other characteristics remain unchanged Buyer pays shipping! Offers accepted


    , Paraná

  25. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Yes, but only because Mucklow noted that Cooper seemed to know what he was doing when checking the parachutes and deciding which one to start putting on. I'm not going to name a suspect here, but I would also guess that Cooper had not jumped in a while. He almost certainly was the kind of guy who had barely two nickels to rub together, due to the type of clothes he wore. It was a low-budget operation all the way.
  26. Time Left: 29 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Tie Dye, Soft Handles, Adjustable Elastic Lumbar Band, BOC Freefly Handle, Articulating Harness (chest and hip rings), MLW 16/18LP +.5 Stab, Standard RSL, AAD ready. Main fit 120-150 sq ft; reserve fit 126-138 sq ft. Occasionally used as turn rig - no damage, excellent condition!


    Lompoc, California - US

  27. Time Left: 29 days and 13 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    NEW condition! Packed but never jumped. Only H/C for sale. No damage, harness just a little big for me so bought smaller replacement rig. Variable Geometry Harness ($225), MLW 17 +1, fits approx 5’7” to 5’11”, Center Flap Piping ($70), 3D Spacer Foam ($170), Freefly Mod, BOC Freefly Handle ($40), Soft Reserve Handle ($45), Skyhook RSL/MARD ($282), Semi-Stowless Deployment Bag ($70), Metal Hook Knife ($35). Main fit 120 sq ft (x-brace) -190 sq ft. Reserve fit 150-170 sq ft.


    Lompoc, California - US

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