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    DB Cooper

    I like the money falling off the stairs into the Columbia theory as well.. if it was a single bundle it did not have to be in a container. but for the stew theory.. If one of the stews kept the packets and later discarded them into the Columbia the flight path and LZ would be consistent. Tina resided about a mile from the Columbia in the late 1970's just upstream of TBAR. Heck of a coincidence. There were 20 bills missing from one TBAR packet, they may have been removed prior to deposit, if we had the original unsorted bill list we might be able to determine the order. Proving this after almost 50 years is big ask.
  3. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    'Cooper removed at least 3 packets for the stews, 3 packets were found at TBAR, not bundles, not scrundles, not bojundles.. or even fofundles...' Assuming both these things are true, you still come back to the same problem...the one that has always hounded the Tina Bar money discovery: Tina Bar is located at least six or seven miles, and at some times more, from the actual path of the jet. I agree that the drink change money story is doubtful. Here's one practical reason. Why would Cooper...when everyone's attention is focused on a fat bag of money...suddenly decide to reach into his pockets and dig out a few measly bills to offer the stews? That would be an insult. It is much more likely he would have just reached into the money bag to do any offer. Extrapolating from that point...why would Cooper decide to put any offered money into his pockets, instead of simply dropping them back into the money bag? It wasn't long afterward when he started cutting lines from that pink parachute to bind the money bag together. The available evidence says the flight path is correct, and that Cooper jumped PRIOR to the jet crossing over the Columbia River. The only remote possibilities I can think of might be if Cooper took some of the money and put it inside the briefcase, maybe inside the non-working reserve...and then left either or both of those items on the stairs...and maybe they finally dropped off the stairs over the Columbia after he jumped. But that is a stretch, too. One of the real problems here is the lack of a body, any of the other money, either parachute, or the briefcase, the paper bag with whatever was in it...none of these things were ever found. It's like looking from A to E, but B, C, and D are non-existent. It's a tough problem that has baffled everyone who has ever researched the money find.
  4. There is no doubt that skydiving is a great way of removing stress however I'm not so sure it is a great treatment for depression. Depression isn't just about feeling down but can affect brain function impacting reaction times and decision making.
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    DB Cooper

    One slight clarification, Cooper (they claim) offered the drink tip after he received the ransom and after Tina took some and claimed to return it.. about 4 hours after he had the drink.. Stews rejected the drink tip "because it was against company policy" then he offered them the packets of ransom money.. doesn't really make sense. This is just a theory, it isn't proven but it is better than most of the theories floating around, the ransom money packets Cooper offered the stews ended up at TBAR... Tosaw speculated that the "rejected" packets went into his overcoat landed in the Columbia and ended up at TBAR. Perhaps there was another route... This theory applies to any Cooper suspect, it doesn't point to any specific suspect. Georger,, if your going steal my homework at least get it correct.. Twisting, contorting and contextually distorting it to fit a false narrative is just lying. That doesn't advance the case, it subverts it.
  7. NDfallrate

    169 Crossfire 2

    Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Crossfire 2 (169) purchased new in 2009 with about 1000 jumps, lines decent. Asking $1200.


    Bismarck, North Dakota - US

  8. terrell765

    Mirage complete rig

    Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Mirage mt container made in 2006 Harness built for someone ~5’6” 145-165 lbs hip/chest rings, soft reserve handle, free fly pilot chute handle, hook knife, leg strap bungee main:katana 107 (200-300 jumps) reserve: pd 126 (0 rides), last repack was this year May 2019 new vigil aad installed may 2019 new risers w/ rsl installed may 2019 this rig is in great condition and ready to jump. Email me for more info if you’re interested


  9. BParker

    DB Cooper

    It took a while to get approval to register, maybe this site is establishing some rules for once on the DB Cooper thread. Some comments on some of the posts. The money being planted: Why would the hijacker come back to Oregon to plant money somewhere where it likely would not even be found? Why not spread it out? He was risking a lot to come back. Unlikely. And the statute of limitations running out did not mean he was home free. No criminal would believe he was off once the statute ran out. Cooper committed so many crimes that day, that many many state/federal/city law enforcement agencies could have got him on something. Cooper held 3 packs of bills, and coincidentaly 3 packs are found in 1980???? I say those were the same bills. Cooper gets his drink, offers a tip with the 18 bucks or so he has. Then he gets $200k and is giddy and decides he will try to offer another tip/or a first tip with the $18? For real? Why is it so far out of the realm of possibility that Tina or one of the flight attendants was in on it, or was an accessory after the fact? Human beings are fallible. Basically I agree with the thought patterns of Flyjack on the money find, tip, etc.

    DB Cooper

    Tosaw's book states that Cooper tried to give the two stews tip money from his pocket as they were leaving - after the money was on board and after Tina took some ransom money. But, he also states that Cooper reached into the money bag pulled out 2 "packets" and said "here, take these, I don't want them." He confirms the timeline from Flo and Gray and confirms that ALL the stews were offered ransom money. Flo started serving drinks at Portland terminal, Cooper was first. No drink tip offered to Flo when she served Cooper and gave him change. Tina brought money on board and asked for some ransom money, took it and returned it claiming she can't accept a gratuity citing the Cooper drink tip incident. Later, Flo lifts the money bag to feel the weight. Flo and Alice are leaving, Flo claims Cooper offered the drink tip bills from his pocket. Tosaw - Cooper offers the two stews a packet of ransom money as they leave. IMO, the drink tip story is bogus. If Tosaw had the ransom offer info, there is no way Cooper offered them a few bills form the tip money as well. I suspect that the FBI used the drink tip story to cover for Cooper offering them ransom money For two reasons.. to withhold info known to Cooper and to not give future hijackers the brilliant idea which compromises witnesses. That means Tina's story is bogus. She likely heard the story from Flo and used it to embellish hers but it doesn't make any sense in the context of her interaction with Cooper. Cooper removed at least 3 packets for the stews, 3 packets were found at TBAR, not bundles, not scrundles, not bojundles.. or even fofundles.
  11. Lawyers have a high rate of misery compared to other professions. A 2-second google search revealed that attorneys have the 11th highest suicide rate by occupation. I'm sad that people immediately piled on the OP. I suspect skydiving has saved a LOT of people from depression, and I think there is HUGE value in people sharing openly about their struggles with mental health. That's undermined when people are jerks to each other when they could just as easily say nothing.
  12. This is/was a big topic on the antique tractor forum I follow. Leaded gas was used to increase librucation on engines without hardened valve seats. A lot of older tractors didn't have that so it was recommended that a lead additive be used if the antique tractor was going to actually be used heavily. This increased the tractors engine life. Aircraft engines have always had hardened valve seats and heads so a lead additive usually isn't neccesary. I run regular unleaded gas in my '48 Ford tractor with no ill effects.
  13. d4skydive


    Flying in a wind tunnel is a unique experience in a safe environment, without having to jump out of an airplane. This is a safe way to fulfill humanity’s oldest dream – to fly! The wind tunnel generates over 120miles per hour winds, so you can float and fly like a bird up to 10 feet high, with the guidance of an instructor. Anyone can fly! No previous experience needed, and you can start as young as 3 years old.
  14. JeffBarlow

    PDR 160

    Time Left: 29 days and 18 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2001 PD manufactured PDR 160 reserve canopy. Canopy history log shows only 13 pack jobs and no deployments. It is clean & mint condition. Comes with the set of soft links.


    - US

  15. Time Left: 29 days and 17 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    It is 100% FREEFLY FRIENDLY rig. This rig will come disassembled & currently not packed with either main or reserve canopies. This rig best fit 5'10" to 6'2", 170 – 210 lbs solid build individual. Owner reported 680 jumps on the container and it has been looked after. Its solid black, black harness & legpads. Turq/blue Wings pattern stripes on the main closing flap & purple binding tape throughout. Embroideries: Wings Logo (turq) – left 3 ring cover; Wings Logo (turq) – reserve closing flap********************************************Sunrise Rigging Wings W13 DOM 2001 • articulated leg straps • 16’ wide (type 8) chest strap • 21’ narrow (type 17)-risers with velcroless toggles and dive loops • red cutaway handle • D-ring reserve metal handle • mini 3 ring configuration • BOC collapsible PC with leather hackey • RSL ready (just add the lanyard) • AAD ready. All parts of the rig are included and nothing is missing from original configuration****************************************MAIN CANOPY: ‘98 PD Spectre 190 main canopy (red_orange_yellow colour combo). Just 400 jumps on the canopy & original lineset. No damage or imperfections of any kind – it’s in great condition & clean***************************************RESERVE CANOPY: 2005 Aerodyne Smart 175. Owner reported 14 pack jobs on the canopy & no deployments. It’s in great condtion******************************************AAD: Cypres 2 DOM May 2013 (all mandatory services completed) and is ready to be installed***************************************PS…..Pics available upon request. XL size gear bag is also available for extra $85.00


    - US

  16. Andres80

    Container / Contenedor/ Rigg

    Time Left: 6 days and 16 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    VORTEX II harnes for sale. In perfect conditions. Full options 2010. Looks pretty new, just clean it after 4 months in guest room. PM for more informationVortex II a la venta, en perfectas condiciones, todas las opciones. Parece nuevo, los colores brillan como el día que lo compré. lo vendo despues de 4 meses en el dormitorio de huéspedes. Mensaje Privado para mas info


    Madrid, Madrid - ES

  17. thomasrose03

    Complete system minus AAD

    Time Left: 29 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Mirage container fits my 190 custom fit to my 6'1 frame. The container is all black. The container can fit a smaller chute, but I'll have to check to see if it will go down to a 170 or 150. Main is Sabre 2 190 perfect condition. Reserve has zero jumps on it. I had a similar rig that needed the AAD so I had to take the one that was in this rig. Thia rig has about 250 jumps. I got into it for a while, but now it just sits in my closet. The main is still shiny smooth. The container is in great condition. Nothing to report. I have more photos but it limits you on 10. Please let me know if your interested.


    Kaneohe, Hawaii - US

  18. hwjl

    Javelin Rig

    Time Left: 29 days and 14 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Javelin rig from 2013. Articulated C18, J1KS. I’m 180cm, 72kg. I have had a Pulse 170 in it all the way down to Katana 120 so fits a lot of different size canopies comfortably! It’s fits 150s and 135s best though. It’s got a padded back, skyhook and is in great shape. PD Reserve 143 from 2013 (0 jumps), and Cypres 2 from the end of 2009. I want 38k sek for the rig, reserve and Cypres, but I also have two of my friends canopies that I can combine to make a full 170 rig package. - Rig + Pulse 170 (like new) = 55k sek - Rig + Silhouette 170 = 44k sek Happy to bargain, the rig and canopies are in great shape. Available from Skydive Syd or Lund/Malmö. Otherwise, buyer pays shipping.


    - SE

  19. meat.missile

    G4 mounting

    Not sure about the roller mount but the flysight mount can be attached with minimal epoxy.
  20. Misrouted 3 rings can lock together and not release even when the cutaway cable is pulled. So in your words - neglecting to check the 3 rings is part of the cause in this situation.
  21. Judtown

    Katana 97

    Time Left: 29 days and 8 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Katana 97 with PD logo. DOM: 2004 I’ve put just over 100 jumps on her but I’m not sure of the total jump numbers. The lines are still in good shape with plenty of life left in them. No holes or patches. CONUS only. Shipping included.


    Dothan, Al

  22. dgraham

    Micron V3

    Time Left: 29 days and 7 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    "Used" Micron V3 with zero jumps. I ordered it custom built with the intent to downsize but never did. Harness tag with serial # and original order form detailing sizes attached as images.


    HIDDEN, Wisconsin - US

  23. Yesterday
  24. Time Left: 29 days and 5 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Voodoo container, built for me in August 2003. Was rebuilt few years back by Voodoo. New leg straps, chest strap etc. Super comfortable rig. Reserve is PD143 with 4 rides on it. Main is Velo 96 with removable slider. Sweet openings, great swooping wing. No tears No wear. Canopy still as crispy as new. Classic PD colors - Orange, White, Grey with PD Logo. Less than a 100 jumps on a new set of lines. I'll also include an original collapsible slider(new) and an extra Pilot chute. The new Cypres 2 was installed recently, two or three jumps on it. Also included a gear bag with matching colors. Feel free to ask anything. Rig could be dropped off at Skydive The Ranch Pro Shop, NY for an inspection buy you or by Sonic. Email:


    Hewitt, New Jersey - US

  25. George211

    G4 mounting

    Hey guys, going to upgrade to a G4 shortly, and was looking for options for mounting my gopro and flysight, both the roller mount and cookie flysight mount require drilling holes, which I'm sure will effect the safety rating. Wondering if anyone had any better ideas on maybe sticking them down or other options? cheers
  26. RobertMBlevins

    DB Cooper

    Well, okay...Dropzone is the place where I sometimes just toss stuff out there to liven things up a bit. In other news slightly Cooper-related, I have taken full ownership of Adventure Books of Seattle. Some bank accounts closed, others opened, changes to Lightning Source, Ingram, and our Amazon accounts were included in this process. Gayla said she wanted to step down as the actual owner, and just be the treasurer, so I said okay to that. Took me about a week to file all the paper and make the other changes I mentioned. Frankly, some of this has to do with the contract we currently hold on the upcoming DB Cooper picture. Some, but not all of this, was done to acquire a more favorable tax position. On a side note, Gayla Prociv has been an ongoing mystery to Cooper fans, since she rarely voices any opinions on the subject. I get a kick out of some of the theories about her. 'She must be Russian,' is the most common one, because of her last name. That was her married name, folks. She has an American maiden name and was Miss Vista, CA of 1978. No big deal, though. People will talk. This is our 20th year together. I will link you to the article at Quora where I tell people why she is the way she is...and much like her mother.
  27. Jan73

    Wingsuit-specific boogies/skills camps?

    "March of the Penguins" on the island of Texel in the Netherlands in July 2020 - 1 week with 105 wingsuiters and world class ws organizers:
  28. sundevil777

    Diff between RW & Competition jumpsuits

    The important thing is to call the mfg with your measurements and let them help you decide how to get a fall rate that will allow you to easily play with others. Nobody flies best when having to fly near the upper or lower limit of what they can do.
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