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  2. Faicon9493

    Introducing the JFX 2 from NZ Aerosports

    I just recently got my 104. Love it!
  3. Kevin Kelly

    Aerodyne Triathlon 160 7-Cell Canopy

    DOM? def interested
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  5. Time Left: 29 days and 22 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    All black Vector 3 container All black PD Spectre 170 main PD reserve PR-160 Vigil II AAD (date of manufacture is 2009, so at the end of its advertised life) Love this system but I haven’t been able to jump much the past couple years so it’s time to let it go. Purchased in 2011. Prior owner bought this rig for wingsuiting. I used it for fun jumping and competing in belly flying at the USPA collegiates. I put about 100 jumps on this rig and it flies beautifully. I added a pillow handle to replace the D-ring. Custom stitching on the pillow handles says “break up” on the cutaway and “rebound” on the reserve. Recommended height 5’7”-6’2” (I’m 5’7”, 150lbs and it fits great). Rig has about 300 jumps on it. Needs a repack on the reserve, then it’s all yours to make some skydiving memories! I hope this rig finds a great skydiver who will actually get to enjoy it! Willing to toss in my Alti2 digital altimeter and 2 pairs of skydiving goggles as well!


    Destin, Florida - US

  6. Bobby Smith let me jump his Strato Flyer at Perris in 1980. The opening and landing were both _Rock hard_ and we were both little guys. I had a ton of respect for him after that jump!!
  7. rmarshall234

    Shelf life on containers?

    >But remember I can think of only two.properly constructed harnesses that have failed in my 40 year career. Councilman, was it the stitching that failed or the actual webbing? If the webbing, type 7 or 8? Anything noteworthy you can recall?? Thanks!
  8. Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Complete System in Great Condition Main: PD Spectre 170 with 500 jumps (Collor is mostly black, with grey and gold cells) Reserve: PD Reserve 160 with 0 rides AAD: Vigil II with upgraded with 4 modes Container: Wings Size W 11 - Main 150-170, Articulated, cut in laterals, RSL, collapsible pilot chute with hackey, quilted back pad, stainless steel hardware. Color: Black with gold handles Fits 71-76 inch (180-193 cm) 195-250 lb (89-113 kg) Waist in (cm):41-45 (104-115) Thigh in (cm): 24-27 (61-69)


    Alexandria, Virginia - US

  9. jonesy81

    Katana 120

    Time Left: 29 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    2012 Katana 120 for sale Blue with two white cells. 625 jumps.Lower brake lines replaced. Will need a reline soon. 3 small holes patched with ripstop. One owner been a great canopy only selling as gone to cross braced. Buyer pays shipping.


    , Western Australia - AU

  10. AAAblueskyinc

    Jump Pilot C-182 Boston

    Time Left: 6 days and 20 hours

    • WANTED
    • NEW

    Need a C-182 Diver Driver.....Go Skydive Boston! Our Cessna is super clean with wing extension. You need to have a minimum of 500hrs, commercial and able to work in team with Jumpers! Free place to stay and good pay! Starting May 18th to September 30th. experience on short runway and jump pilot a big plus! Please send your resume to


    Hanson, Massachusetts - US

  11. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    It's almost sounds as if they are describing the chute inside the unopened parachute found on the plane. the letters indicate physical evidence. we see two chutes E& F. with notations under the lettered and underlined paragraphs. could the canopy be from Steinthal and they got things mixed up there? they are claiming the "integral part of of the parachute is a 24' made by Steinthal." the second paragraph seems to be in reference to the unopened chute. still could be 26' and documented wrong. They label the first chute "E" underlining everything. the next paragraph seems to be surrounding it's content. The second chute is labeled "F" and descriptions given that are also underlined. then the next paragraph states it was found on the plane but was opened and lines cut. they even got that wrong. 5 lines were cut... When looking at the canopy you will see Pioneer on the harness. they might of opened the chute and measured the length and noted the make of the canopy. Hayden's chute was repacked twice before he got it back..
  12. Harrison Carrodus

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    The solution is as simple as “straighten legs”. I think tunnel time will be the best way to fix this issue?
  13. Yesterday
  14. mark

    Youngest Swooper?

    That's so cool. Can I be on your ash dive?
  15. SethInMI

    Youngest Swooper?

    Well the USA based people haven't seen anything. The europeans are largely sleeping by now, so you will have to wait for that region, but no idea what the rest of the world sees...
  16. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    The one document claims it was a is another company..

    DB Cooper

    7/60 is the mfr date, not the serial number.. The way the packing card reads the label is below but it appears above.. Both of these had packing cards.. 2 cards, 2 chutes packed on the same day.. the day Hayden acquired both his chutes. 1. MAKE: Pioneer TYPE: 26 ft white ripstop conical, SERIAL NO: 226, DATE OF MFR 9/57 (1957) --- packed by Cossey 5/21/71 (Hayden got this one back) 2. MAKE: Pioneer TYPE: 24 ft white ripstop conical, SERIAL NO: 260-9707, DATE OF MFR: 7/60 (1960) --- packed by Cossey 5/21/71 (This chute was left on the plane, ID'd by National Guard in Reno)
  18. kat00

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    I used a mantra of arch, legs, arms, breathe to get through my aff jumps. I failed many levels and when I started focusing on those things I started to pass. Try it on a creeper or bench so that you can build some muscle memory. Visualization is also a nice tool because you focus on seeing yourself doing it. Windtunnel is a fact of life that you might want to get used to. It's much easier to work on something for 15 mins in the tunnel while getting feedback between flights. If you ever want to learn to freefly this is a great place to do it as opposed to in the air.
  19. skydave89

    Ever been unable to find PC?

    It was beyond stupid. After he asked me what I thought he didn’t like my answer so he asked the other experienced flyer at the DZ the next weekend and that guy said the same thing. Clearly he was shopping around for somebody to tell him he’d be ok. Then he bought the Funk anyway and said “I just wanted it now, but I won’t fly it yet”. I knew that was BS, but I wasn’t as firm about it as I will be in the future for those cases. Now after all that imagine my horror when I saw him comment on a sale post about an ATC and he gave the same “I wasn’t gonna fly it yet I just wanted to buy it and hold onto it” *eye roll*. Some people are bound and determined to kill themselves it seems.
  20. mrshutter45

    DB Cooper

    Cossey claims none of the reserves had pilot chutes. none of the back chutes were opened on the plane. serial number 7/60? I get nothing looking into that model number...
  21. Hi All, I’m the guy from Belarus living in the Netherlands. A few months ago I was bored and start reading around Reddit until I somehow ended up on the discussion about wingsuit on /r/SkyDiving/. I was totally blown away by the complexity of it, 200 jumps before even try to fly some silly squirrel suit! I start reading and watching videos about other skydiving disciplines. I didn’t notice how my whole Saturday and a good chunk of Sunday night disappeared:) Then I read the book of Brian Germain “Transcending Fear: The Doorway to Freedom. It was one of turning points when I said to myself: stop reading and watching stuff and get to the air, man! So a month later it was tandem jump: the door, first 5s of free fall, full sensory overload. I don’t remember free fall except for the surprising loud noise of the relative wind. But when canopy opened, it was pure joy, happiness, the beauty of our planet from 5000ft and the very quiet whisper of wind of pressurized canopy. When we landed, I was the happiest man on the Earth. I watch the video later and god damn it, I never saw grin like that! So I was soo happy that I forgot everything. Including my wallet at DZ. I knew that it’s not cheep sport, but I literally left all of my money after first jump! Last weekend I started and finished my AFF in 3 days, 7 jumps. Did my first solo in the last AFF day as well. It was a hell of a ride! Especially last day, 5 jumps (4 AFF and first solo). Weather was pretty “interesting”, around 0C at some time it was even snowing. Now after some rest and getting my thoughts together, I can say - guys, the sport, lifestyle, and community are awesome! I’m so looking forward to discovering skydiving: my of solo jumps, some FS, some canopy piloting. You know, just taking my time, learning the sport, not rushing to get 200 jumps to put squirrel suite My thoughts for anyone going to AFF, I wonder if experienced jumpers might agree with some of them: Try tandem, even if it’s not part of AFF. It’s the easiest change to understand if you will like it. Also, get a video of it, you will never be able to do the first jump again. So, nice to get some memories, plus your face on video, I bet it will be hilarious. Get some tunnel time. 15+ minutes was kind of OK for me, still AFF my instructors sometimes called me “flying banana”, as my body was bend and spinning like hell sometimes. Watch some videos of AFF/A progression jumps, so you are aware of what will happen. USPA A progression is great collection Try to complete AFF fast if you can, it’s not best if you return after a month of the first jump - you forget everything. Instructors often(all the time?) also jumping tandems, so priority will go to tandem all the time. Because of that - be around them on the DZ all the time and try to get on all possible loads (if you are ready for the next level). I was kind of waiting and relaxed on my first 2 days that’s why I made only 3 jumps. But on last day I was always on DZ always ready and always poking instructors when they pass by. So I finished the day with 5 jumps. If you are crazy like me and want to start as early in the season as possible - make sure you dressed well. Flying through snow is fun but hanging like icicle under canopy for 5 minutes are not. And on exit altitude, it will be colder (7C drop per 4000ft or so) Drink water, and something hot as well. Eat well but not too full. Quick cracker after landing helped me to regain energy. Always check your rig when you get it and before the jump. Always ask someone to check you, the instructor will do it anyway, but its good habit to control it yourself and not waiting/hoping someone will do the job. It’s an active sport, meaning you have to be active and in control. A most important part of the program of your jumps is always one - pull. Don’t let it happen that instructor pull for you, altitude awareness first, moves and other stuff second. Don’t flare too high, look on the horizon. When you thinking that you gonna hit the ground it’s usually too high still. Count to 3 (oh shit - oh shit - oh shit - flare!) Don’t drink alcohol night before the jump. Definitely, don’t drink with dusty round canopy paratroopers from Do your first solo jump right after graduation of AFF, same day, next load (if you ready). You worked hard for it and now it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy the sky without those instructors. Remember to pull and flare Next month I plan some trips to Austria and US(Boston), if someone knows DZs there which allow pre-A license jumper without own rig - let me know See you at 12000ft Pavel
  22. gresende007

    Youngest Swooper?

    Hey guys, I've seen some posts about youngest skydiver to complete 1000 jumps but how about the youngest swooper? I am 17 and haven't competed yet but I plan on doing so and jump a JVX 69 loaded as 2.6 and swoop 810's for 110-120m on gates. What have you guys seen?
  23. dudeman17

    DB Cooper

    Here's a thought that may clear up one of the mysteries. Is it possible that that second chute, described as "an integral part of the parachute" is the PILOT CHUTE for that rig? A pilot chute is a small, spring-loaded chute that pops out when you pull the ripcord. It anchors in the air and pulls out the primary parachute. It could be another FBI typo, perhaps it's 24 inches, not 24 feet. Don't know if the manufacturer/part number/serial number is consistent with that, but maybe Joe or 377 can find that out.
  24. johnmatrix

    Ever been unable to find PC?

    That is ridiculous. What an idiot.
  25. Cyberdan

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    I'm no coach, but leg/body position awareness could be a challenge to some new jumpers. When I did my AFF years ago I remember my instructor used the term "let your legs scream at you" by curling my toes, this kept me aware of my leg position at all times as I had to think about them and not let them relax too much that they flop or go 90 degrees, try it on your belly on the ground and see if you become more aware of where they are. Hope this helps
  26. CoolBeans

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    If you expect you will have to fork extra money to repeat further levels you might as well spend that money towards wind tunnel and not repeat some future level. 15 min tunnel was great help for me personally. And somewhere around AFF 3/4 is a good moment because you know more less what's going on and what you need to work on.
  27. Harrison Carrodus

    Stage 4 AFF repeat

    Have to repeat stage 4 AFF due to legs at 90° instead of 45°. Anyone have any tips for keeping legs at 45° during free fall. Leg position has been a problem on all my AFF jumps. Anyone recommend the wind tunnel to correct this issue.
  28. Aerodyne1

    Icon + Pilot 168 + Smart 160 + Cypres

    How is this rig ready for shipment in 2 weeks? Aerodyne does not have a rig like this ready built in stock just needing a harness. Build time for them is 8-12 weeks. ...
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