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  3. Just a comment, I’ve never encountered fat type f111 from PD, and I put hundreds of jumps on a PD210 9 cell.
  4. Interesting picture. Funny they use the word 'Digital' when everything pretty much was still solid state. Has a futuristic sound to it. I like it. BELOW: I used some image programs to try and 'fix' Flyjack's 305 crew picture. Also changed from 72 dpi up to 300, in case anybody wanted to use it for print. Results were mixed. It had a lot of flaws but I tried.
  5. I will have to experiment with a new pair vs old. A quick search did not find any reference to the filters becoming less effective with use, is this something just from your experience? Thanks for the Menard's tip,
  6. Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

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    PD Spectre 135, 500 total jumps with 150 on current lineset. Microline (Spectra) lines. Patch on tail and slider, performed at PD factory.


    Perris - US

  7. 1-35 д1-5У 36-150 230sqft-150sqft 150-180 Saffire 129 wl1.4-1.6 180-230 Odyssey 115 wl1.6-1.85 I jump mainly for piloting
  8. Hello everyone! I have been following the case for a few months. I’ve read a lot about how Cooper knew some of the specific details of the Boeing727 and that gave him an advantage. I found this picture of a Boeing727 flight simulator from the late 1960’s inside the Boeing Company.
  9. Nebraska. Because he really needs that 1 electoral vote? Or was it because Nebraska has really been lagging in COVID-19 infection rates and he wanted to give them a little bump? And once the superspreader event kicks in, a lot more will end up there.
  10. Trump holds a rally in Omaha. For security reasons, people have to park their cars about 3 miles from the event, so the campaign has buses to take people from the parking lot to the event. After the event, it took over 3 1/2 hours to get those people back. In temps right around freezing. Several people ended up in the hospital.
  11. Hi folks, Well, 'Trump Must Go' if for no other reason than his administration cannot really do anything right. “Blacks for Trump Twitter Gets Outed as Fake” Jerry Baumchen
  12. Resume updating must be going on hard over there. I wonder how they will try to make white house experience look like a plus instead of a big red flag?
  13. They'd be a really good place for a clean-sheet design though. The load alleviation they'll add would come in useful. And if they can take any shear like Elon claims his new cells could, that would be even better.
  14. I personally wouldn't consider this now if I was you. you havent even done AFF. How do you know you will really enjoy jumping ? What if you get a mal early enough in your jumping (pre 50) and realise its not for you ? Do you have the budget to complete AFF and get to your B licence ? What about the budget for tunnel ($$$$) to be proficient enough for camera ? What if you hate packing, like me ? Have you spoken to the people that work at the DZ (where you did the tandems) in your country to find out what its like to live/work at the dz ? A move like yours is to be taken seriously, unless you have a back up plan for the Netherlands in case the skydiving doesn't work out. I love the Netherlands but its expensive to live there, especially working in this industry. Fail to plan = plan to fail
  15. I wonder what they are smoking! In a statement released Tuesday afternoon the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy said that it considered “ending the COVID-19 pandemic” to be one of President Donald Trump’s major first term accomplishments. The office released a corresponding report that listed achievements of the Trump administration in the area of science and innovation.
  16. Yes, the more I think about it the less wings seem like a good place for batteries. Just opening them up to install them in between ribs and then re-skinning seems like a huge problem.
  17. I'm also aware of this, I was directly involved in several civil aircraft certification programs. Problem is the wings might have been designed for fuel rather than batteries, so it will depend on structural margins. Much of the certification effort goes into the wing loads - luckily limit load scenarios are usually calculated as wings empty - maximum upbend, whereas batteries are always there and will provide load relief in that case. However scenarios such as steep dive and landing at MLW will become the critical cases to certify for. So those will have to be checked, I'm not sure where the batteries are in the Harbour Air DHC-2s but I think conversions could be easier for those aircraft with batteries in bottom cargo like C208s or use the space in front where most of the old engine used to be.
  18. I am well aware of that, believe me. It costs about $200/hour to run a c-182. Most of that is MX and most of the MX is engine related. That is exactly what may make it worthwhile to convert. But first viable proven designs need to be developed. If that happens I can not see why a conversion for a nose heavy wide body 182 to a lighter electric motor with batteries in the wings is a far reach. That is assuming a design and power to weight ratio C-208 is viable. It should be far cheaper than putting a PT6-21 into a c-206. There are lots of engine upgrades available via STC for 100 series Cessnas. EDIT, if batteries in the wings end up not being the best place, there is room elsewhere.
  19. A $10 part for a car costs $100 for a boat and $1000 for a plane. Converting a plane to electric will be expensive and getting it certified will be really expensive. With a car, the research and development is spread across several million units, with a plane, a few thousand maybe. A Jet-A powered Cessna 182 had a base price of $515,000 in 2012. Now lets talk about a new design, what do you think a new 4 skydiver electric jump plane would cost to build and certify in 2020. You can buy a 575 HP Corvette engine for $9000. A used, overhauled Continental O-470-L engine costs $28,000. It it is for an airplane, it is expensive.
  20. The piston engine world may not have the time to wait. 100LL fuel has been targeted for elimination. Diesels have long been touted as the alternative, but despite a few semi-successes the don't seem to be going anywhere. I do believe that if battery electric can be made practical in a Caravan type aircraft it will be relatively easy to adapt it to a 206/182/172 type as well. There are thousands of these out there. Many operated by flight schools and by weekend pilots hobby pilots who don't often travel far. This will provide a tempting market for conversion companies.
  21. Well, Putin is far from dumb. And he knows how to 'work' the media and the American public. I'm going to guess that he's doing this to add credence to the "Biden/Ukraine" narrative, and to try to get people to go down the 'if Putin thinks it's ok, then it must be really bad' rabbit hole. I think he knows Trump is in trouble, but is still trying to influence the outcome and get Trump re-elected. No matter what happens, the past 4 years have been a HUGE win for him.
  22. Found a unique pic of the NORJAK crew... captures a completely different mood. This is the common one.. heads down, somber and serious. Laughing... not so serious.
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