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  2. They still make basic flip phones. I use one. And yes, the battery lasts and lasts (not years, but still a long time). This is a fascinating product. I'm not in the market for an AAD for a while, but I think this one would be worth considering when the time comes. How would the 'shelf life' on the batteries be? 1000 jumps would last me a long, long time (longer than current AADs last).
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    Time Left: 29 days and 23 hours

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    Less than three hundred jumps on each rig. They are almost like brand new. Icarus 365 mains, preseason reserves, Mars AAD. Everything is from end of 2013- start of 2014 10k each or 19k for the pair. If you like I will ship them with a fresh pack job.


    Rockmart, Georgia - US

  4. Agree with the advice above. :) Anxiety is unpleasant but it will keep you safeish. It's good to worry about your gear, worry about the jump plan, but it's good to keep thinking about what can go wrong. Ask questions and follow the advice of your instructors. Social anxiety can also be unhelpful. For instance - doing a proper PLF if you have to is a good thing to do. If you are worried about looking like a numpty and falling over it can lead to you trying to run out a hard landing and injuring yourself. As said above, we're a dysfunctional family, right now you likely fit in a lot more than you realise. Keep jumping, stay safe and you'll figure it out along the way.
  5. My take on where you find yourself: The tunnel is great to refine and to learn new disciplines, BUT unless one of your AFF instructors tells you that you NEED tunnel time, stop wasting that money. Get checked off and get that A license. On a side note, the other day I over heard a student tell the instructor that she didn't think it was good to look first in the direction BEFORE starting the flat turn, because I guess in her mind that caused instability. So just go into it blindly??? If your NOT a strong instructor who can be FIRM and educated people correctly, please do something else with your time. That being said Mr Wang, be a good student, if and when something doesn't sound right or safe, by all means question it. BUT also know when to listen and follow simple instructions. Excuse me while I step down off the soap box!
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  7. Stick with it. Before AFF you would jump with a static line, then 3 second freefall before pulling, then 5 second, 10, 15... Each time it would take about 10 jumps before you could progress. So to get 7 minutes freefall experience took about 50 jumps and even then you were only doing 20 seconds of stable falling before pulling. Freefalling is like nothing else your body has ever experienced, it takes time to learn it and for it to become second nature. Don't get disheartened, stick with it, it is definitely worth it.
  8. in other words, don't be complacent in this game, because your mistake could take out A LOT more than just little ole you!
  9. Well, I gave it my best shot. No one seems to be interested in such a concept anyway. Gayla says I should just give up on you guys, do maybe one or two more Cooper Campouts this year, and hang up the investigation into the case for good. Greg the Techie Guy is of the same opinion. I spent all day yesterday installing a set of Hella 500FF's onto the truck, and today I am installing canopy lights. I spend more time at Infamous Nissan dot com trying to assist Nissan truck owners than I do here on the Cooper case. I am already looking at homes in Arizona and near San Diego. One or the other. Most of my family, and Gayla's, lives between those two places on the map. Over the years, everyone left Washington state and now she and I are the last holdouts in the family still here. Meh. Time to go. Perhaps it's time to just quit trying all the Cooper stuff and move on to another phase. You can only beat your head against the wall with people for so long, and then you have to call it quits.
  10. Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

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    Here we have a UPT Vector V310 container, PDR 143 reserve, Cypres AAD combo! This was built for a male jumper who is 6'0" and 185lbs. Unknown number of jumps on this system but it is in great shape! Everything has been inspected by a rigger and will come with the rigging inspection report. Vector V310: DOM 09/2010 serial# 51501. MLW 18.5 +2. This rig has a hook knife, spacerfoam back/legs/stabilizers, skyhook, hip rings, 2 piece leg pad, magnetic riser covers, pin stripes, soft reserve handle, and a clear PVC handle. It will fit a main sized 130-170 and a reserve sized 126-150 PDR 143: DOM 11/2010 serial# 47181. This is in great shape and only has 3 packs on it in total! Cypres AAD: DOM 04/11 serial# 67059. Just had it's 8 year check done! Price includes shipping within the United States!


    Ottawa, Illinois - US

  11. Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    This is a suit made by Zute Sutes. It is in great shape! Blue and grey in color. Has arm and leg grips. The waist has an elastic band to help fit more sizes. The measurements are not exact but when laid out they are: Chest 42", waist 36", torso (neck to crotch) 31", and inseam 31". Price includes shipping to USA addresses.


    Rochelle, Illinois - US

  12. Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    This is a suit made by Zute Sutes. It is larger and will help slow your fall rate! There are 2 vents on the chest to catch air and some padding on the shoulders. Waist is elastic to help fit a few more sizes. Knees and seat are cordura and there is a inside chest pocket. The measurements are not exact but when laid out they are: Chest 48", waist 36", torso (neck to crotch) 28", and inseam 30". Price includes shipping to USA addresses.


    Rochelle, Illinois - US

  13. Time Left: 29 days and 20 hours

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    This is a very used, and very loved RW suit made by Zute Sute. This suit will be sold as is, we are very willing to take offers on this suit just go ahead and message us with your price offer. This has seen better years but is still together enough to keep on jumping! The back is spandex, arms have thumb loops, and the grips are large. There is a pocket inside on the chest and the booties are zippered. Spandex is stretched out at a few spots, there are quite a few patches and the booties look weathered. The measurements are not exact but when laid out they are: Chest 42", waist 35", torso (neck to crotch) 29", and inseam 31". Suit is sold as is. Price includes shipping to USA addresses.


    Rochelle, Illinois - US

  14. Time Left: 29 days and 19 hours

    • FOR SALE
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    Used Dropzone Apparel suit with a Tuxedo style! Collar and all! This suit is customized to look like a tuxedo! Great formal wear! Cordura covers the knees and seat, has stirrups, mesh inner lining, and a inside left chest pocket. The measurements are not exact but when laid out they are: Chest 44", waist 40", torso (neck to crotch) 32", and inseam 31". Price includes shipping to USA addresses.


    Rochelle, Illinois - US

  15. Time Left: 29 days and 19 hours

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    We have 2 brand new and never used Apro V3 GoPro camera wrist mounts by Drazztic Action. A large and a medium in size. Manufacturer describes the mount as... "Places your GoPro Hero 3 or GoPro Hero 3+ camera securely on the back of you hand, perfectly positioned to capture the action with you at the center of it all. Includes the "Fail Safe" wrist strap and lens cover. Strong ABS plastic housing, with side impact lens protection, a low profile latch to minimize snag hazards, easy access to power/mode and record buttons, a front record indicator light, and microphone openings for improved audio quality." Price is per mount and will include shipping within the United States! Offers accepted, just shoot us a message!


    Rochelle, Illinois - US

  16. Relaxing is the key to stability, and damn it can be hard! I'd suggest learning a few relaxation techniques before your next tunnel trip, then use them prior to your tunnel sessions. Also, smile when you are flying. You're there to have fun, right? And it just might help you to relax. As for failing, you only fail if you don't try. As long as you are learning something each time, it's a win. Even if you NEVER figure out a stable body position (the likelihood of that is slim), the fact that you did it at all means you are not a failure. Keep it up!
  17. I went back and looked and saw where Bruce had posted on TDBCF a few weeks ago that it was a 4 hour show that is going to be airing on HBO. I guess I just made an assumption that it would be 4 episodes. It's too bad that they cut it down to 84 minutes. But, that's still an hour and a half and I will buy HBO for a month so that I can watch it. Robert, I really do wish that you could just answer a question without going into the whole working together thing every single time. It's get tiresome, and my guess is that once you start down that road that most people quit reading. I sure do.
  18. True. Many people who know who DB Cooper is would likely tell you the case is solved and it is Rackstraw or Reca.
  19. Thanks! I did a mini flip in the tunnel accidentally today and am worried about a similar thing happening when in the air! It is a hard balance - to be relaxed but also maintain body control.
  20. Yes they do lol. Jumpers and brand loyalty go hand in hand :) And I will admit I got a little "ruffled" by that one lol. That kind of challenge is actually good for me though, as it gives me a chance to practice addressing the concerns, (in this instance doubts) regarding the technical aspects of this AAD from a technical and marketing position which is something that I will have to be able to do on the spot and without hesitation. I am a lot better at building things then selling them lol. Keep the challenges coming!!
  21. If you pursue the sport and keep jumping you'll need to get used to that feeling a lot. You see folks doing awesome stuff, you work and train hard hoping that some day you'll be able to that and you keep trying and keep failing. But that's what makes it all fun. You manage to get better and do some stuff you used to hope you'll be able to do, but by then your appetite grew and now you want to do some even more awesome and more difficult stuff. But as I said, that's what makes it fun, it's an endless journey :) The shit happens when you can't handle the feeling of failing so you push harder and faster than you should or are able to. Most of the stuff in this sport takes time and patience to learn.
  22. I don't know if it will help you, but unless you are stupid you will find acceptance at the DZ. As long as you skydive the only thing that is not tolerated is stupidity. Other than that everyone is welcomed.
  23. Welcome to our already DYSFUNCTIONAL family. "We" come from a wide variety of backgrounds in this sport. Embrace your weird, it makes you, YOU! Just be honest with the people around you, we get it... There is a reason many call this "sky therapy"! ~Tim
  24. Time Left: 29 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    ParAAvis Ultimate 170ft (9-cell main canopy) 2015. DOM, about 250 jumps on it. Great for everything, flies like Safire 2 (flown CRW/proximity with two Safire's a lot). No holes, patches or any damage (still pretty new). Price doesn't include shipping.


    Belgrade - RS

  25. Tom Kaye found a diatom on 377's Cooper bill, Georger Id'd it as Asterionella. Asterionella is common in the Columbia River.. However, Asterionella japonoca is a spring and summer species while Asterionella formosa is a winter species... So which one is it? Coulmbia River diatoms...
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